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Yunlin condensed the truth in the palm of her hand, and the wound on her hand healed immediately.Picking up Tianya, without even looking at Zhishui, she walked past him, passing Jiaozi.What are you doing Are you going to let them artificial sweeteners blood sugar go Cut him off soon.The little prince in Jiaozi was a little bit reluctant, and ordered loudly.Immediately, all the soldiers surrounded him, but Zhishui was still standing there, trembling.Yunlin looked inside through the hazy veil, and saw a fat man with a bloated artificial sweeteners blood sugar body and limited mobility sitting inside.You are Prince Fu s son, right You are really embarrassing your father here.Yunlin said coldly.I saw that the sword in his hand slightly opened an opening, and then slowly closed it.A sword energy flashed by quickly, and this jiaozi was split into four parts.The little prince sat in the jiaozi in horror, already numb.Tell me when grandpa comes back.I ll go and pack my things first.Come and help you, you are still young, you don t know what you need and what you don t need, if you bring too many things, we won t be able to carry them.But Tian Ya refused all the way over, with a bang, he was blocked in the out the door.But Yunlin still shouted outside the door unwillingly Young master, if you bring too many things, I don t care about you, you know Tian Ya in the artificial sweeteners blood sugar room ignored Yun Lin s shouting, no stick blood sugar testing thinking about how to take the little cutie away.Could it be that Uncle Yunlin found out, with a wicked smile on the corner of his mouth.Chapter 5 was attacked in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, the why does my blood sugar rise without eating artificial sweeteners blood sugar country was peaceful and healthy, and people lived and worked in peace and harmony.As the saying goes, national security makes the country strong.After all, he is only a child.His father insulted his father so much, he should be beaten His father is a hero, how could he be insulted like this.Yunlin said Maybe the young master doesn t think so in his heart, children always have their own way of thinking way.The more you hide it from him, maybe he thinks you are deceiving him more.Long Xin suddenly softened, whimpering and said You also said that he is a child, I just don t want him to bear the burden at such a young age.There is too much pressure, let him grow up healthily like this is what I want to see In a corner under the eaves, a thin and small figure kept twitching in the dark, even though he had covered his mouth , artificial sweeteners blood sugar but the crying sound was still so clear.Just like that, what was supposed to be the last night of saying goodbye, passed away quietly under such circumstances.After hearing Long s words, there was a lot of discussion below.How is it possible Since someone can hurt Hades, blood sugar focus shaking when blood sugar is low it is absolutely impossible.Yunlin must be careless.There are very few people in this world who can hurt him.Hades is injured, we must not let them go At this moment, a clansman came over from the outside, leaned into Long s ear and said The captain of the first artificial sweeteners blood sugar team seems to have some private matters to deal with at home, so he can t come over for the time being.Long Asked The news has been notified to him The tribe nodded and said The news has been passed on to him, and he may arrive a day or two later.It doesn t matter if you come here in time, this child should be living a happy life, it s really infuriating and enviable.Long said.Long ordered the clansmen to go down, and said to the clansmen in front of him You should have already understood the general situation.Tianya said sadly What does this taste like My whole body is like being burned Hahaha Looking at Tianya s expression, Yunlin laughed haha, and then said effect of bitter leaf on blood sugar level Now I know why you are not allowed to drink it.Right, but you are really good, you were fooled by the first bite.The storekeeper stood aside and explained with a smile This is the daughter s red that has been preserved for hundreds artificial sweeteners blood sugar is 800 blood sugar level dangerous of years in our store.Of course it tastes delicious, but, This wine is not for drinking like that, it is for tasting slowly, so it can be seen that the two guests are really good drinkers Hearing the shopkeeper s praise, Tian Ya sat up straight quickly, pretending to be calm and said Isn t it just a drink Is it just a bowl of wine It s like a bowl of water to me.Yunlin said helplessly Okay, young master, let s have something to eat first.In the dark night, Tian Ya was running alone on the streets of the village.At this moment, all the residents in the village had turned off their lights.Night, is so quiet, so artificial sweeteners blood sugar dark.Suddenly hearing noisy footsteps from somewhere, Tian Ya mistook it for an illusion, ignored it, ran out of the village along the street, and ran towards the woods on the way he came.Chapter 11 Bandits reduce blood sugar naturally The dark night slowly enveloped this small village.Outside the village, there were waves of noisy footsteps approaching the village gently.In the inn, Yunlin had already fallen into a deep sleep, but Tianya s room sugar and high blood pressure artificial sweeteners blood sugar was indeed empty at the moment, and Tianya disappeared to nowhere.Downstairs, the shopkeeper and the waiter were whispering.Are they all asleep asked the shopkeeper.I guess they ve all fallen asleep.I artificial sweeteners blood sugar just went to see that there was no movement in the room.He took out two throwing knives from his waist, put on a fighting posture, and said In my heart, I only obey the orders of our clansmen.I don t belong to anyone.I only belong to our Nangong family.Anyone who hurts my young master must not be let go Since you want to die, I will make it happen.You The little prince said mockingly.Immediately, dozens of soldiers and strong men laughed and approached the tribe step by step, with wretched smiles on their faces.Chapter 20 Teasing In a grove walking tens of miles in the western suburbs of Chang an City, there are more than a dozen members of the Nangong family lying on the ground Above the heads of the clansmen, a mysterious black clothed man in a black cloak sat on a branch, letting his legs swing back and forth in the air.Although I am very concerned about who the person who just peeped is, the most important thing right now is to deal with the members of the Nangong family of the second team first, so as to buy more time for the brothers.Long looked up at the sky that was getting darker, and said with a melancholy expression Whenever the night of the full moon on the 15th is the time when the yin energy is the most exuberant in a month, and Chang an City is the most important place for the imperial palace, the place where the ancestors lived, the yang energy is the most exuberant.They must be waiting for that thing.However, what is their purpose What is it Time passed bit by bit, and the sky gradually darkened, how does turmeric lower blood sugar what will happen to Chang an City What will be its natural supplements to lower blood sugar fate What is the ultimate goal of the man in black Chapter 23 Soaring Pillar of Light Near a stage in Chang an City, Dabu s body lay quietly there, so peaceful.Tian Ya was close to losing his mind, no matter what the tribe persuaded, he confronted the tribe with all his teeth and claws.At this moment, somewhere in Chang an City, a man in black suddenly stopped, the sword behind his back was swinging vigorously in the sheath, as if he wanted to break free and fly to the sky.Second Brother, why did you stop But Tianlei Sword seems to have some reaction Did something happen Another artificial sweeteners blood sugar black clothed man behind him asked suspiciously about the constantly swinging Tianlei Sword.The second elder brother held his hand on the hilt of the sword, and the Tianlei sword stopped beating immediately, and said with a serious face It s nothing, I think you don t care here, if you don t want to be with me, just leave now, don t let me go Make trouble for me The third brother felt uncomfortable with the sudden spout of saliva on his face, and said angrily Second brother, what do you mean I m concerned about you There s no need to do such nonsense The second brother resolutely refused.Okay, then I ll go I want to see, when you are so cool, the dragon will be handed over to you alone, and we will see how capable you are The third brother said angrily, and immediately disappeared beside.The man in black continued to move forward blankly, as artificial sweeteners blood sugar if nothing happened at all.In Nangong Mansion, Long looked up at the beam of light in the sky, his brows were tightly knit together, and he felt inexplicably worried.Didn t Ya er go out to practice with Yunlin Why did this phenomenon appear in Chang an City Jie Weiling didn t give any hints, I hope Ya er and the others don t have any trouble Master Did the young master appear What s the matter the butler asked with concern.I hope Boletín Digital artificial sweeteners blood sugar I don t think too much, this familiar smell makes me feel very scared.Sweat beads appeared on Long s forehead, his expression was in a trance.The clansman lay in the arms of the strong man, hesitatingly said Go Get out of here He is no longer the former Tianya, blood sugar focus shaking when blood sugar is low he will kill us The strong man carried his tribe on his shoulders and turned to leave this dangerous place, but was caught by a group of stone men and a group of crows.blocked the way.What to do Surrounded The soldiers said in horror.Don t worry about it so much, rush out The strong man led the soldiers to rush towards these monsters.However, the strength was too disparate, and the soldiers were knocked down by the monsters one after another.Fortunately, with them as cover, the strong man and a few soldiers broke through the monsters defense and ran out.Finally escaped, it s a pity our soldiers, when we go back to call people, we will definitely avenge you After speaking, the strong man was about to leave with his tribe on his shoulders, but was persuaded to stop by his tribe.At this time, the sudden strong explosion brought the people of Chang an City into despair again, countless buildings were destroyed, and countless people were involved in the explosion.The people howled in pain and shed tears of true affection one by one.Chapter 25 Puppet Brother, what happened A man in black flew over from a distance riding on a giant crow, and asked another man in black.I just saw a laser beam fired from here, sweeping across a large area of the street, my puppets were also involved, and suffered heavy casualties.It s not that easy to deal with, it seems that you have thought of a way to upgrade the puppets said the elder brother to the fourth younger sister beside him.The mushroom cloud gradually dissipated, and curious people crept in.In front of my eyes, a long burnt mark on the ground extended hot blooded brown sugar to a huge pothole.Yes, master Prince Fu replied with his head bowed.It s so strong It s really powerful Tiangang Zhenqi, it s worthy of being the strongest puppet body, wow The man in black carefully observed Prince Fu, and praised with a satisfied face.The sinister laughter of the man in black resounded in the wilderness, echoing in the sky sugar and high blood pressure artificial sweeteners blood sugar for a long time.Next to him, Prince Fu stood quietly, his body swaying unsteadily, his body exuded a pale yellow light, the Tiangang True Qi was stronger than it seemed just now, quietly waiting for the master s order.Chapter 30 The ancestors rushed to the frontline city, the captains and the members of the Nangong family arrived one after another, and instantly subdued the crows and stone men that were raging everywhere in the city, leaving only the incomplete monsters wandering around , the common people seemed to see hope again, and helped the Nangong family and the imperial guards clean up the ruined and messy Chang an City.I saw that in the air, a group of artificial sweeteners blood sugar white objects surrounded the woman in black without any damage.The white object slowly spread out, and a woman in black appeared inside, saying viciously You hateful humans, since you have stained my hair, it is unforgivable Scattered, the Chao clan people attacked.The white hairs passed through the bodies of the clansmen, sugar and high blood pressure artificial sweeteners blood sugar and all of them were strung together one by one, suspended in mid air, and the clansmen cried out in pain.Hee hee hee hee, this is called big skewers, ignorant human beings.The woman in black smiled sinisterly It s really a spectacular sight, and the sound is so beautiful.Monster, let go of my people Gao Song jumped up from the ground waving a big knife, and slashed at the woman in black with all his strength.The woman in black looked at Gao Song who was rushing over with a smile, and said coquettishly, Do you like candied haws May I give them to you Gao Song roared angrily, I want your dog s life Oh, You are so ungentlemanly, how can you treat girls like this.Even if Hades rushed over suddenly, he would It will definitely not break through my cage, don t you feel very excited, since Tang Tang Da Tang Chang an has been completely destroyed by a few unknown people.Wow, this way we will be celebrities in the future.After listening to Hei The ancestor was not too angry at what the clothed man said.Instead, he always had many questions in his heart, so 30 day average blood sugar he might as well untie them at this moment.You said you want to be famous, but I don t think your purpose is that simple.Also, you just mentioned Wentian, is that the one holding the Heavenly Thunder Sword really him The ancestor stared at the man in black and said seriously.You guessed right, he is the master of Tianlei Sword himself.However, as for our purpose, you can finish this show slowly, wow.In an instant, the man in black laughed loudly.Besides, most of the clansmen in the first team have their own families.Yunlin shaking when blood sugar is low how to regulate blood sugar quickly can t bear to see their families broken up, Yin and Yang After a while, I still couldn t help asking Brothers, are you sure you want to go to Chang an City with me If you make a mistake on the way, you may disappear from this world forever, and you will never see your lover and children again.We have already decided , since you are a member of the Nangong family by birth, you will also be a ghost of the Nangong family when you die.A few angry youths in the crowd said passionately, which instantly led the entire team to shout loudly.However, hearing what Yunlin said was so terrifying, there were still a few clan members in the crowd who secretly wanted to change their minds, but they didn t want to affect everyone s atmosphere because of themselves, so they chose to join the big team.Seeing clearly the identity of the boss of the man in black, Yunlin instantly lost his artificial sweeteners blood sugar mind, and suddenly felt that everything that happened seemed to be fake and did not exist.Shen Gongbao, the predator of Tiangang s ability, was killed by Nangong Long, the head of the Nangong family twenty four years ago.However, why this person appeared here, Yunlin really couldn t figure it out, looked up at the setting sun that was about to set, and felt anxious.The sky over Nangong Mansion was covered with dark clouds, thunder and lightning flashed, and bolts of lightning kept falling down.On the ground, there was a strong wind, and a man in black was walking into the lobby holding the Tianlei Sword.The sword was stained red with blood, and the corpses of the tribesmen around were lying beside it.In front, a row of clansmen surrounded the man in black, and followed his pace slowly, no one dared to step forward rashly.Watching them go away gradually, Tian Ya hugged Xiao Bu from the ground, and Xiao Bu rubbed hard in his arms, licking his face.Uncle Yunlin, why did you suddenly agree to bring Xiaobu with me Tian Ya turned his head and asked curiously.Because you like it.Yunlin responded to him with a smile.Although Xiao Bu is a monster, it is still small and harmless, and Tian Ya loves it so much.It is precisely because it is a monster that it saved its life and did not become a puppet of the man in black.Maybe this is the fate between Tianya and it.Then Uncle Yunlin, let s start training and teach me all your martial arts.Tianya said excitedly, and Xiaobu also freestyle libre blood sugar machine cried twice happily.No hurry, we have to go to Huoyan Mountain now to get what your father left you, and now it s in your hands.After Yunlin and Tianya left, dozens of clan members crawled out from the grave behind them , sugar and high blood pressure artificial sweeteners blood sugar staggeringly followed behind them.Ten Blades Slash Yunlin rushed out, raised the knife in his hand and dropped it, dozens of zombie heads fell to the ground immediately, and their eyeballs were still rolling.Tianya s right foot was severely bitten by the captured zombie, a mass of black blood was throbbing in it, and Xiao Bu screamed distressedly and was at a loss.Yunlin came over to check Tianya s wound, frowning.Tianya s face was already pale, and he said artificial sweeteners blood sugar weakly Uncle Yunlin, it s so hard, will I die You have been poisoned by the corpse, I must help you to force out the poison first, otherwise you will also become a zombie, I lost my mind.After helping Tianya force out the corpse poison, he simply bandaged it, Tianya s complexion turned a little bit, looking at the body of the zombie that was still jumping around on the ground, thinking that he would become like this, he felt a chill in his heart.Why hide it, we didn t do anything bad.Tian Ya contradicted.At this time, dozens of villagers holding sticks walked in from the door, each of them was tall and mighty, and it should be the most powerful artificial sweeteners blood sugar people in this town.The leader was a thick, muscular man.As soon as he came in, he saw Xiaobu on Yunlin s shoulder and ordered, Hurry up, catch that puppy rushed over.How could Tianya watch helplessly as Xiaobu was taken away by them, blocked in front of Yunlin, and knocked down the nearby villagers one by one.Xiao Bu is mine, none of you can touch a single hair of it.Pointing at the desolate villagers on the ground, Tian Ya shouted angrily.Seeing the disparity in strength between the two sides, the villagers ran out of the inn, and the thick man threatened from behind Just wait and see, you will never artificial sweeteners blood sugar get out of this town Looking at the smashed tables and chairs, The shopkeeper said distressedly Leave here quickly, you have also seen their attitude just now, I am also a small business, and I don t want to be implicated because of you.Looking smoking and high blood sugar around the inn, Xiaobu and the shopkeeper didn t speak at all.Where did this voice come from, Tianya s heart trembled.It s me, Chilong, I m talking to you.When you bit Yunlin s arm just now, blood splashed into the eyeballs, so I was activated.Chilong said.Tianya was in a hurry, hid in a corner, and asked suspiciously Since the seal has weakened, why don t you control my body and help me Do you have any conspiracy Tianya learned from Yunlin, Chilong was sealed in his body.Once it encounters blood, it will weaken the seal in the body, so that Chilong can take advantage of it, control his body, and do evil everywhere.I just don t want you to die, so it will be very troublesome for me to find a host sugar and high blood pressure artificial sweeteners blood sugar again.Although your true energy is weak and pitiful, since Wentian handed me over to you, I can only try to accept you because I feel unlucky.Climbing up the mountainside.Suddenly, a red glowing thing jumped up in why does my blood sugar rise without eating artificial sweeteners blood sugar the creek, splashed water and hit what are the signs of high blood sugar levels Tianya s face, and then swam into it along the stream.Tian Ya was startled, his arm went limp, and he slid down from above.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tian Ya screamed loudly, his nails had been inserted deeply into it, but his body was still slipping down at an extremely high speed.Halfway through the slide, Tianya grabbed a hole in the rock wall, and took advantage of this opportunity to grab the edge.Slowly waking up from the nervousness just now, Tian Ya carefully studied the small hole.Gently pressing the surrounding rock walls with both hands, since the rock walls collapsed like tofu, a string of tiny water jets flowed out.There is water flowing out here, is it empty inside Tian Ya quickly hollowed out the surrounding rock walls as if he had discovered a treasure, and a clear stream of water poured out directly from the inside, emitting hot air.The strong man was vicious, pinching Tian Ya s neck, Tian Ya s complexion was pale, and he struggled vigorously.Who are you I have no grievances with you.Why did you kill me Sensing the artificial sweeteners blood sugar why is my blood sugar high in the evening strong man s malice, Tian Ya resisted vigorously.The burly man didn t answer Tianya, he gritted his teeth tightly, and used even more strength with his hands, pressing Tianya firmly, Chi Yan led the two of them down extremely fast, and they were about to touch the ground.Sword control, return the sheath.In the air, Chi Yan immediately became smaller, hit a perfect parabola and landed in Tian Ya s hand.Suddenly losing support, Tian Ya s body also tilted at an angle, and the strong man s hand also changed its position due to the force.Taking advantage of the opportunity, Tianya used his inertia to flip over the strong man s head, holding a small fireball in his hand.Fly down Tian Ya ruthlessly hit the small fireball directly on the strong man s back, the strong man was directly hit on the back, and quickly fell to the ground.However, the blow didn t seem to have caused much damage to him.The strong man swayed over and landed firmly on the grass.After that, Tianya landed safely on the grass.Next to the strong man s sugar and high blood pressure artificial sweeteners blood sugar legs, two huge footprints were printed on the grass.Although the strong man was not injured, it blood sugar focus shaking when blood sugar is low can be seen that Tian Ya s blow just now had quite a strong impact.The strong man in front of him is not an ordinary person, and his body has a particularly strong ability to bear it.Landing on the grass not far from the strong man, Tianya was still very upset, and shouted to the strong man What is your purpose, why are you blocking me here The strong man turned around and stabbed Ma Bu, with one palm on the ground, said viciously Leave the Chi Yan in your hand, or this will be your grave.Wrap the true energy around the red flame, and the red flame immediately burns, and a little golden dragon wraps it.Wow, that s amazing.Excited, Tian Ya held the red flame and chopped it down.The grass burned up, leaving a long trace, and Tian Ya waved left and right excitedly, enjoying himself.It s ridiculous, Chi Yan has been ruined in your hands, you should give it to me The strong man smiled coldly, and grabbed the blow from Tianya directly, and the flames on Chi Yan s body Disappeared in an instant.So much strength, I can t move The strong man held artificial sweeteners blood sugar Chi Yan so tightly that Tian Ya couldn t move at all.Suddenly, with a strong force from the strong man, Chi Yan was snatched away by him.Then he hit Tian Ya s chest with a palm, sending him flying several meters away and falling Boletín Digital artificial sweeteners blood sugar to the ground.Yes, Senior Yunlin, quickly kill this sugar and high blood pressure artificial sweeteners blood sugar sissy, and lead us to defeat the Blood Dragon Sect.People in the rivers and lakes complained passionately, not simply because they wanted Yunlin To help them kill Murong Su, the most important thing is that an evil sect like the Blood Dragon Cult artificial sweeteners blood sugar really shouldn t be left in this world.Under the banner of saving the common people, they killed all those who disobeyed them.Now it is unknown how many people have been brutally murdered by them.Shut up Murong Su shouted angrily, ordering the snake demon to strangle them all.It s over, this snake demon must have been transformed by him, it has such a powerful evil spirit.The people in the Jianghu struggled to break free, but the snake demon tightened its grip.Yunlin, you have to think about it.If you kill me, our Blood Dragon Cult will not let the three of you go.Although I am willing to help you this time, I hate taking the artificial sweeteners blood sugar initiative, I hope I can see To a stronger you Tianya opened his eyes, his deep black eyes had an incomprehensible heart, his forehead was covered with beads of sweat and his slightly damp hair, making him look a bit mature.Turning her head to look at Yunlin, Boletín Digital artificial sweeteners blood sugar a smile appeared on her plain face I m fine This half smile smile and the somewhat strange tone made Yunlin feel that the distance between them was gradually drifting apart.I m sorry, I was wrong, maybe the times have changed, I shouldn t use my principles to connive wicked people to hurt you, especially Xiaobu, I m very sorry.Yunlin bowed her head and confessed, everyone was stunned.Yunlin, who was always aloof, was so close at the moment, since she bowed her head and apologized.After everyone left, Yuan Feng paced aimlessly back and forth on the grass for a few laps, saw Tian Ya sitting on the grass playing with Xiao Bu, and said, Hey Where are you going Tian Ya held Xiao Bu in his arms, and stared fiercely at Yuan Feng I ll warn you again.My name is Tianya, Nangong Tianya, don t call artificial sweeteners blood sugar me Hongmao again rushed over.Fortunately, Yuan Feng was sensitive, took out a machete from his waist, and met the red flames at the end of the world without giving in to each other.My patience has a limit, be careful I ll scratch you off I m just telling the truth, don t you want me to tell lies Xiao Bu didn t know what to do and was anxious.Over there, Yunlin didn t pay attention to the situation here, and was still thinking about what Master Liao Kong said just now.Xiaobu ran to Yunlin artificial sweeteners blood sugar s side and pulled Yunlin s clothes vigorously.Look, is it this one People just like this kind of weird dress.Since you put all their tables Overturned Tian Ya came over and observed carefully, the man in black pushed Tian Ya away, picked up the bamboo hat on the ground, and quickly ran out of the inn.I m sorry, Uncle Yunlin, maybe I miss Grandpa too much Tian Ya said and squatted down.The shopkeeper kept nagging at the side What do you say You knocked over my things and scared away my customers.Do you know how much it will cost He took out a piece of gold, handed it to the shopkeeper, and said, We have booked this inn tonight, and this gold should be enough to repay the losses.I have too many tables in this store, not enough for my backyard The store owner took the gold, it seems that the inn met a rich man today, and chatted in Yuan Feng s ear non stop.Although you appear calm on the surface, you are really anxious inside.If we tell you, you It will definitely be more tense.We won t be here in three days, maybe a week.The death of the dragon will definitely be very hard for you.Tian Ya fell blood sugar 112 3 hours after eating silent after Yuan Feng s preaching, in fact, he has been deceiving himself for the past few days.Whether it s Grandpa or Wuqing, he hasn t really jumped over this hurdle yet.Sighing deeply, Yuanfeng Chen Ken promised Tianya, trust me and senior Yunlin, and even more trust in you, we will definitely find the witch clan and get rid of your brother s corpse poison.Yunlin also stood up and encouraged Trust us, we are the best As a fighting nation, as long as we dare to think and act, there is nothing we can t do.Come on Looking at Yunlin and Yuanfeng, Tianya stretched out his hand and gently placed it on top of them.Suddenly, the desert below seemed to be shot in by a ray of sunlight, filling it with light.The moment the bright light appeared, Yunlin saw Wuqing directly opposite.His body was rotted in many places, two fangs were leaking out, his light green eyes were wide open, bloodshot inside, and he was about to pounce on Yunlin viciously.In the blink of an eye, Wuqing disappeared in front of Yunlin.Yunlin was also taken aback by Wuqing s terrifying appearance, panting.King Yan, really consumes too much qi, you will be played in the residual image by me like this.If you pass it out, then I can be regarded as a face and face person Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , let s continue, ah ah ah Under the desert, the voice of the night killer came.As Ye said, Yunlin had indeed consumed too much qi.After Xiao Bu was thrown on the ground, he bumped his head and woke up with a scream.Opening his eyes, the picture in front of him from time to time makes him have the idea of staying here for a lifetime.This is a wide cave, and there is a cave in the cave.On the wall, various concave and convex designs highlight the magic of nature, and there are all kinds of food on it.In mid air, countless vines connected from one side to the other, criss crossing, but not connected to each other.There is a small pool in the middle, and there is a trickle flowing into it from the wall, but it is very clear, and there is no sense of disobedience to this clean environment.Inside the cave, countless monkeys are dangling on the vines, very pleasant.On the ground, there are many animals and they have a great time playing.Tianya came to his senses, his palm waved, Chi Yan flew into his hand, walked towards the group of monkeys, and said Give me back Ruthless, we keep our word, and I can take him away if I artificial sweeteners blood sugar win sarcasm, saying It seems impossible now, he hurt my brother, so he must stay here to atone for my dead brother Do you know what kind of poison he has Corpse poison No If you treat him quickly, his strength will become stronger artificial sweeteners blood sugar is 800 blood sugar level dangerous and stronger, and he will not be able to cure him if you try to treat him Also, the monkeys bitten by him must be treated together, otherwise they will all become like him, you know I know Tianya suddenly erupted, unprecedentedly excited, his voice was extremely loud, his eyeballs were about to pop out, and every blood vessel was clearly visible, which shocked Xiaobu and everyone else Isis it so serious Brother Monkey asked in disbelief.Monster, spit out our monkey brother The group of monkeys surrounded Su Ge, and they took turns to deliberately provoke this huge monster.This battle and momentum could really scare the group of believers to death just now.However, Su Ge didn t appreciate it, and felt that he didn t have much interest in these monkeys.Looking at them blankly, he sat down directly.There was a gap in the ground, and many peach trees collapsed on the ground.This monster is really interesting, 181 blood sugar after eating hehe.A monkey was amused and laughed.Interesting about your size, hurry artificial sweeteners blood sugar up and force him to spit out Brother Monkey Xiao Zhuang couldn t understand Su Ge s way of ignoring people, so he shouted, picked up the guy and threw it at Su Ge s head.Kang Dang With a sound, the sturdy wooden stick was broken, and Su Ge was fine.Scratching the head that was hit by Xiao Zhuang just now, he let out a breath, Xiao Zhuang flew tens of meters away, artificial sweeteners blood sugar his body s skeleton was about to fall apart, and he passed out.Oye Outside Water Curtain Peak, Tian Ya and Xiao Bu sat on a coffin and flew out from it.With the strength just now, they wanted to cross the wide stream and fly to the opposite bank.On the shore, Tianya s cry attracted the attention of all the monkeys who came out to fight.The monkeys didn t understand this unexpected incident for a while.Such absurd approach, the monkeys also broke into a cold sweat for Tianya.This wide and torrential stream is almost a hundred meters wide, and there is a strong wind blowing in the sky.In the stream, there is even a giant piranha.However, with the appearance of Tianya, Su Ge seemed to smell the prey.He suddenly woke up from his sleep, pushed away the monkey group, and ran towards Tianya, drooling from his mouth.Chapter 81 Air Escape As soon as he flew out of Water Curtain Peak, Tian Ya saw the huge monster on the shore, first got up from the ground, squeezed away the group of monkeys, and rushed towards Tian Ya in a menacing manner.Becomes high.Will you let us go out Tian Ya pressed Murong Su from the side.No way No way No way Even though Murong Su s face was very uncomfortable, he still uttered such a sentence, and the speed of speaking was getting faster and faster.Good guy Your mouth is so tough, I want to see if it s the monster s skin or my golden cudgel Brother Hou couldn t bear Murong Su s unyielding look, and the speed of the golden cudgel s change artificial sweeteners blood sugar was also slow.Doubled the speed.Murong Su s entire face has been deformed, but these two words are still in his mouth, which makes Tian Ya and the others very angry.Suddenly, the surrounding fleshy walls began to move, Brother Hou stopped the change of the golden cudgel, Murong Su s complexion improved a little, and he said in a dying voice Nono wayit s a secret word.This mountain is Shuilian Peak, and that monkey is Monkey King.That day, in Shuilian Peak, a golden Buddha s light shot straight into the sky, and Monkey King jumped out of it, turned a hundred and eight thousand miles, and got the golden cudgel.This abnormal phenomenon is a fierce light to the demon master, but it is an auspicious light what causes high and low blood sugar to the animals.They called him a savior sent by God.After that, Sun Wukong single handedly drove all the demon masters out of the polar world with a golden cudgel in his hand.And those orcs were all driven to the polar swamp, and since then it has been divided Boletín Digital artificial sweeteners blood sugar into two parts.The orcs are not allowed to step into the Polar Paradise for life.Once they enter, they will be beaten into blood by the golden cudgel.Now, on the gravel ground in artificial sweeteners blood sugar front of the Water Curtain Peak, the orcs in the polar swamp and the animals in the polar paradise once again staged the scene three years ago, and the root of this conflict is still the demon master.Catch up with them.Xiao Zhuang, who was in the melee, saw that Tianya and the others were about to leave, broke out from the siege, and chased Tianya and the others, intending to quietly follow them to the polar snowfield.In the sky, a bolt of lightning struck Xiao Zhuang just on top of his head, passed through his body, and hit the ground.A long gap immediately opened on the ground, and the monkeys and orcs threw away their weapons and ran for their lives.However, the cracking speed of the why does my blood sugar rise without eating artificial sweeteners blood sugar ground was too fast, and many monkeys and orcs all fell into this dark gap.Now, the entire ground seemed to be divided into two halves, and everyone s fighting stopped temporarily, looking up at the sky.This aura, could it be This familiar aura suddenly made Yunlin s nerves extremely tense, and she suddenly raised her head to look into the sky.Since he wanted to rape Linger just now, he was subdued by these two puppet of mine.You, alive and kicking all day long Yes.It s been more than a year since you came to the temple, and your cultivation level hasn t improved much.You will dehydration raise blood sugar can also make unqualified dolls like this.If he defiled you just now, then your whole body will be destroyed.It s over, this is a big taboo of our witch clan The aunt tapped Ling er s nose and reprimanded her a little.This is the place where the witches live the Ice Palace Temple, which is an ice palace world carved out of snow, and they call it the Temple for short.The girl in front of me is called Huan Ling er, everyone calls her Ling er, she was entrusted by a person from the fairy world and sent her here to learn the way of cultivating immortals.The aunt Ling er was talking about was the oldest elder in the temple and the most influential, even the princess dared not go against her wishes.Looking up, Yuan Feng was standing in front of it.Yuan Feng lifted Xiao Bu up, and Xiao Bu bit Yuan Feng s arm, blood flowed down from his arm, and he did not let go.Huan Ling er and Bing Ji rushed over, and Bing Ji artificial sweeteners blood sugar snatched Xiao Bu from Yuan Feng.Are you also that red haired partner, you quickly find a way to save him, he will be killed.Huan Ling er said to Yuan Feng.Yuan Feng replied with a flat expression I m sorry, I don t know him.However, I heard that there is a man named Hades who is with him, he should be able to save him, so you can do it yourself.Yuan Feng turned and left after speaking Ling er suddenly remembered that there was indeed a man with a sword who was brought back with Tian Ya.Princess, is there a human being and a coffin brought back with him, where did you hide them Linger asked anxiously.Now there is no need to worry at all, Wuqing s body was frozen, and the ice prison froze him again, making him unable to move at all.Princess, won t Ruqing break out of the ice Tian Ya said worriedly.The ice prison is so hard that even a polar snow mouse can t pierce it, so let him stay in it first Bing Ji replied calmly, leaning on the ice bed and sitting down.Tianya also leaned over, opened his mouth and said Then you can see now shaking when blood sugar is low how to regulate blood sugar quickly that we didn t lie to you, right, so are you willing to combine with Wuqing to help him get rid of the corpse poison Yunlin covered her face at Tianya s direct question and answer, and blushed a little.up to the neck.Unexpectedly, since this kid said it so easily, anyone with Wuqing s appearance would choose to stay away, not to mention the fairy like princess and him.He originally put Xueqing to sleep because he wanted to help A favor for Yunlin, now it seems that this legend should be false.Oh, it s absurd, you can predict the future, what a fool.Yuan Feng couldn t help cursing.Walking in a narrow cave tunnel, some footsteps came from the opposite side, Yuan Feng hurriedly hid nervously.Uncle Yunlin, do you think that kid Yuanfeng is really fascinated by that witch named Xueqing, or is he pretending on purpose It depends on what you think, but at that time he wanted to save us I m a little surprised to be able to escape so many polar snow rats by myself, and to be able to appear here unharmed.On the opposite side of Tianya, Xiaobu and Yunlin walked over and stopped.Why did you stop suddenly, Tianya Yunlin asked.Tianya was silent for a while, then said Uncle Yunlin, I think we will find him later and I must teach him a good lesson Shouldn t we thank him, why should he teach him a lesson after he saved us Yunlin was a little puzzled.Immortal art, bright ice.Suddenly, all the ice cubes on the snow floated up and surrounded my aunt s body, and then, each piece was huge.The ice cubes fly towards the heartless.It was too late to say it, and then he raised his legs ruthlessly, kicking all the ice cubes that flew over one by one.Iron Feet Ruthless , the reason why Ruthless can be appreciated by the Longhe people is not because of this title.His strength must be outstanding among the crowd.The reason why everyone calls him that is because his legs can kick a mountain.Not only his legs are strong, but also his speed is invincible.Among the Nangong family, no one can catch up to his speed.Of shaking when blood sugar is low how to regulate blood sugar quickly course, this is just speed, not light work.Speed is related to brute force, and the speed of light work depends on the amount of true energy you use on your legs.These ice sculptures are the puppets and dolls frozen by my aunt s thousand miles of ice , as well as the billowing avalanche.These ice sculptures are tall, or short, or weird, or perfect, and the rows of tall avalanches are very high.This picture seems to be like a shipwreck in the ocean, being attacked by big waves and surrounded by waves.Then, when the shutter artificial sweeteners blood sugar was pressed at this moment, a shocking picture of ocean escape emerged, and then the artificial sweeteners blood sugar temperature dropped below zero, and everything in the picture was covered with a thick layer Artificial Sweeteners Blood Sugar | Diagnosis And Treatment - Boletín Digital (1) of ice, a perfect picture.The ice sculpture feast is displayed.Quick, princess, let s hide inside that ice sculpture.Ling er and Bingji ran into the ice sculpture one after the other and disappeared.The group of witches chased after them, but Linger and Bingji could no longer be seen.After four relentless attempts, only five of her tails remained in the air.At this time, Wuqing had no physical strength, and was hung in the air by her aunt, at her mercy.Wuqing couldn t help smiling contemptuously, and said mockingly Hehe, I didn t artificial sweeteners blood sugar expect you to be an old artificial sweeteners blood sugar monster .

does tylenol make your blood sugar go up?

who relied on his tail to win.You really won glory.The aunt stared at Wuqing, and said in a low voice artificial sweeteners blood sugar Human, don t make trouble for me Ji, I will not pity you.You have also discovered now that the reason why I can persist until now is not only because I have nine lives.The most important thing is that I have a belief in my heart, the desire to return to the master Strong belief.I never thought that you are a mere human being.Since I have used up four tails, it will take at least a thousand years for them to grow back.He once assisted the ancestors in killing monsters and enemies, and helped the people of the Central Plains escape from the nightmare of war.Since then, he has disappeared from everyone s sight.Eighteen years later, he suddenly appeared, turned Chang an City upside down with several mysterious men in black, and even killed his own father, Nangong Long, the patriarch of the Nangong family, the four major families in the Central Plains.Now Wentian is standing here, stretching out a hand to Wuqing, as if to pull him up.Ruthless was startled, his mind was very confused, all this was artificial sweeteners blood sugar so sudden and incomprehensible, he was still wary in his heart.Are you hypocritical If so, I m sorry, I don t need it.He said ruthlessly and contemptuously.He didn t dare to confirm the real identity of the man in black holding the Tianlei sword in front of artificial sweeteners blood sugar him.Uncle Yunlin, do you think she is helping the man in black Everyone was terrified, kept silent, and asked ruthlessly.Yunlin rubbed his nose and replied meaningfully artificial sweeteners blood sugar is 800 blood sugar level dangerous Probably foods for diabetics with high blood sugar not, I think the man in black is saving us.I suspect that we should have been targeted a long time ago.At this moment, Yunlin suddenly remembered to instigate him to come Here is Master Liaokong, that old monk who looks a bit lewd.No Everyone hurry up and get out of here Yunlin suddenly yelled, as if realizing is 126 normal blood sugar something terrible, everyone was startled by him for Boletín Digital artificial sweeteners blood sugar no apparent reason.Chapter 115 Endurance Why are you so busy all of a sudden, Uncle Yunlin.Tian Ya was so frightened by Yunlin s shout that he came back to his senses, and looked at him suspiciously.Everyone didn t understand why Yunlin was so flustered all of a sudden, it didn t look like him at all, and the secret of the polar world had already been revealed, so it was enough for everyone to leave safely, there was no need to mess up.What s going on artificial sweeteners blood sugar Where did this earthquake come from The sudden earthquake made everyone even more panicky and nervous, not knowing what was wrong.Quick, everyone, hide Yunlin shouted, and everyone quickly found a hidden ice sculpture and hid in it.In the air, a golden beam of light was cast down, followed by two people stepping on a cloud, floating over like clouds and fog.Sun Wukong And Master Liaokong Why blood sugar focus shaking when blood sugar is low are the two of them together Tian Ya recognized the two people on the cloud at a glance, and his eyes showed disbelief.That s right, the two people floating over the clouds are exactly the Master Liaokong that Monkey King and Huoyan Mountain met in the Polar Paradise.They stopped in mid air, and Monkey King jumped down from the clouds and pulled out the golden cudgel stuck in the snow.The surrounding snow was so badly damaged, and my aunt s nine tails were also lying on it, jumping up and down from time to artificial sweeteners blood sugar time.The two of us take a mandarin duck bath He ruthlessly teased Bing Ji, smiling lewdly.Then Tianya and I will follow your arrangement.Seeing Tianya s silence, Yuan Feng put his arm on his shoulder.Tianya was silent for a while, broke away from Yuanfeng s arm, walked to the side of the floe, raised Chi Yan high, looked at the sunset on the sea level, and said passionately No, I want to become stronger, I must Cultivate hard, become a hero of the generation, blood sugar focus shaking when blood sugar is low prove yourself to everyone, and avenge grandpa with your own ability Seeing Tian Ya s fighting spirit so high, Yuan Feng also ran over, raised his hand in the air, and shouted loudly I, Yuanfeng, will definitely not be inferior to Tianya.I will definitely reach the peak of the demon master and become the supreme demon master.The two couldn t help looking at each other and laughed.Tianya and Yuanfeng stared at artificial sweeteners blood sugar it immediately, rushed over quickly, and both of them caught the chicken leg at the same time.What are you doing, I discovered this first.Tian Ya s imposing manner was threatening.I got it first, and you ve eaten much better, so I can t leave this to you.Yuan Feng didn t back down either.The two are evenly matched, and neither of them wants to give up the last drumstick to the other.From the side, Xiao Bu bared his fangs and rushed towards him.The two quickly let go of their hands, and the chicken leg alsoAfter being eaten by Xiao blood sugar focus shaking when blood sugar is low Bu, there were no bones left.Tianya and Yuanfeng had fierce eyes, they grabbed Xiaobu and played with it vigorously.Xiao Bu was upset at being tormented by them, a flash of artificial sweeteners blood sugar true energy shook the two of them away.Okay, stop arguing, and go to the inn when you re full.Yunlin was in a dilemma, but Yuanfeng was smart, Tianya was more innocent, and Linger also ran over.Princess, please watch carefully here.I m going to see Tianya and the others.I m not at ease.Yunlin was still a little worried about them, left a word, and then chased after them, disappearing into the alley.Now there are only two people left artificial sweeteners blood sugar on the street, Bing Ji and Wu Qing, it s pitch what is considered a high blood sugar black here, Bing Ji is nervously looking around, holding Wu Qing s arm tightly.Ruthlessly held Bing Ji s hand, comforted her and said Bing Bing, don t worry, I m here, Linger and the others will be fine.Ruthless comfort warmed her a lot, and her mood calmed down a little.In the inn, Yuan Feng broke in, but it was pitch black and nothing could be seen.Yuan Feng took out a scimitar from his waist and shouted loudly Who is playing tricks here, come out quickly, or don t blame me for smashing this shop.Tian Ya didn t know what Yuan Feng was doing up there, so he yelled at Yuan Feng Yuanfeng, did you kill the lady boss You should give me an explanation Yuanfeng was also nervous, and slowly approached Xiaoer, comforting him Brother, don t get excited, Xueji is on top , unscathed, you can put out the fire first, okay Don t come over Xiaoer brought the torch closer to the ground, threatening You don t want to lie to me, I heard the scream of the proprietress just now, You Suddenly, a basin of cold water poured down on Xiao Er s head, the torch was instantly extinguished, and Xiao Er also shivered from a shot.Xue Ji stood upstairs, holding a footbath in her hand, and yelled at Xiaoer What are you yelling about, I just hope that my mother will artificial sweeteners blood sugar die soon, get out of here, don t embarrass me here Xue Ji stood there safe and sound, and Xiao Er laughed happily.Everyone, don t relax.I sensed two auras from them.The strong evil aura is mixed with a trace of true energy.Yuanfeng reminded everyone, and everyone looked very flustered.Suddenly, one of the clothed men leaned over, with one hand gently touching the ground, and something on the ground quickly came towards Tianya and them.Touch In the blink of an eye, a fist came out from the ground and hit Yunlin s chin directly.There was no warning, she didn t see any movement at all, and Yunlin didn t have time to dodge, she was hit by the fist directly, and fell to the ground, a trace of blood slipped from the corner of her mouth.It was so close, and before everyone could react, Yunlin was hit, and her mood was very complicated.Uncle Yunlin.Tian Ya quickly squatted on the ground, supporting Yunlin, he never thought that since even Uncle Yunlin was hit, the man in clothes who was clearly vulnerable just now would be completely transformed at this moment.Although those spells fell on him, they did not explode.With a roar, Han Tianba rushed over quickly, swung his iron fist and hit Yuan Feng s right arm directly.In an instant, it seemed that he heard the sound of bones dislocating, and accompanied by a heart piercing cry, Yuan Feng knelt on the ground with his arms folded.Hmph, just a mid level demon master, if you want to fight me, go to hell Han Tianba didn t hesitate at all, and the iron fist was about to hit Yuan Feng s head again.At this time Ling er rushed over, shot out a frost arrow, brushed past him, and quickly stepped back a few steps.Han Tianba took a deep breath, looked at Ling er, couldn t help feeling a little scared, and said silently in Boletín Digital artificial sweeteners blood sugar his heart It blood sugar focus shaking when blood sugar is low s so dangerous.That arrow looks artificial sweeteners blood sugar is 800 blood sugar level dangerous ordinary, but it does feel like there is a magical power inside, as if it can penetrate my strengthened body.Facing the powerful strength of the Fairy Tail Society, Tianya and the others had no power to fight blood sugar focus shaking when blood sugar is low back at all, the whole team was knocked down to the bottom of the artificial sweeteners blood sugar valley, Wuqing and Xueji were also taken away by them.Fortunately, he survived the catastrophe, and was saved by Xiao Bu at a critical moment.Now everyone is following the stream, looking for the figures of their partners.On the Nether Sword, Yuan Feng stood behind Yun Lin, sneezing all the time.Think about falling from such a high cliff just now, drank several sips of water, and then passed out without feeling clear.Fortunately, Yunlin rescued him.Now Yunlin was driving the Nether Sword, and the two looked down, looking for Tianya and the others in a wide range, but they didn t see anything for a long time.Senior Yunlin, they won t be killed, right Yuan Feng said suddenly, even though he didn t want this to happen, blood sugar 74 after eating he still felt that something was at work in his heart.Where do these people come from The Lu family dares to break into the Lu family.Are you going to die I m so tired of working.I dare to take the idea of the Lu family.The Lu family s palm skills are well known in the city.Master Lu, Teach these savages a lesson Facing everyone s discussion and Lu Zheng s threat, Tian Ya looked at Lu Zheng with a trace of irony in his eyes, and said, I can let him go, but it depends on the situation.Do you have that ability Tian Ya also responded perfectly to Lu Zheng, but Lu Zheng did not get angry.He thought to himself, the person in front of him must be the Tian Ya that the girl said, they what foods do not raise blood sugar must have come to take her away, seeing kyolic blood sugar balance reviews how barbaric they are, they must be good people, and they must not hand over the girl to them.So he said These heroes, our Lu family has always valued peace, and we have offended you somehow.The attic is tall and magnificent, very imposing.It looks like it was prepared for some powerful people.However, apart from a seat in the middle, there is an empty corridor along the way.Perhaps the person who will be sitting here today is the organizer of this conference.Ling er cheered happily.For her who had never seen such a huge scene, this was the happiest moment compared to staying in the polar world.And Xiao Bu was also standing by the side.From that day on, Ling er knew that Xiao Bu was a woman, so she forcibly snatched her from Tian Ya, and must drag her to sleep with him.For Linger s rude request, Tianya will definitely not agree, after all Xiaobu has slept with him for so long.Although he has also seen Xiao Bu in human form, with a sweet face and a perfect figure, when Tian Ya saw her for the first time, he was also a little deer.Linger said while watching the game above.What everyone said, Yuanfeng couldn t figure out why what blood sugar levels for non diabetics everyone saw was completely different from what he experienced.Moreover, he feels that he has passed several lifetimes, why is he still like this now, and his parents, what is going on with all this Could it be because I saw the guardian s eyes just now Yuan Feng s heart was filled with endless confusion and fear.He found that many of the people around him were standing there motionless, which was exactly the same as the situation he had just now.Could it be that they also looked into the eyes of the guardian, and now they have become the same as me What exactly is this ability Since it was so terrifying, he couldn t help but thank Tian Ya for waking him up.On the attic, the guardian sat there, watching the game below.When Lu Zheng left, he would not forget to turn his head and look at Ling er affectionately.Angrily, Tian Ya and Yuan Feng couldn t help rushing up to beat him up.After he left, the two couldn t help hugging each other again, whispering.Yuanfeng, do you believe what that kid said just now Of course not, am I that kind of person I suddenly discovered something interesting.Hehehehe The two of them held each other tightly Hug together, showing a sinister smile.Chapter 148 Creating Riots Now, seeing that this martial arts artificial sweeteners blood sugar tournament is about to enter a feverish stage, the winners from various regions have been competed out one by one.The finals are about to start, and there is a discussion below.Hey, I don t know how many people will be selected from these people this year No matter how many people are selected, we still hope that this town will no longer be the only way of the Lu artificial sweeteners blood sugar is 800 blood sugar level dangerous family, otherwise our boss will suffer for his surname.Most of them have some grudges against the Blood Dragon Cult.Among them, there must have been some petty thieves who slipped away from the venue early when the chaos started.Its purpose is to take advantage of the does brown rice affect blood sugar chaos every year, sneak into the homes of the artificial sweeteners blood sugar common people, and get a sum of money and treasures, so as to reap the benefits of the fisherman.On Ling er s side, she was still a little afraid in the face of so many vicious believers who killed people without blinking an eye.However, with some moves she learned from her aunt, she still easily knocked down some believers.However, the Blood Dragon Sect has many people, and after one side fell, the other side came over again.She couldn t take care of that much all of a sudden, she seemed a little flustered during the fight, and the flaw was quickly leaked.Seeing the big stone fist swung by King Weili, he was so scared that he peed his pants.However, how could it be so easy to take back this punch.The stone fist hit the stand in s face directly, and his feet also bent up, half kneeling on the ground.In an instant, the stand in s head was smashed into the ground, and blood spattered, staining his upper body red.Who are you Why are you hindering me The ninja asked from behind, and before he knew it, a handful of kunai was already on his neck.Following Kun Wu slowly lifted up, King Weili also stood up slowly.Don t move around, don t try to play any tricks, and be careful of your head.The ninja sensed a trace of strange behavior from the strange force king, and threatened.The King of Weili was also shocked.He originally wanted to give him a heavy blow with speed, but he didn t expect that such a little bit of his thoughts would be calculated by him.The moment the handprint was just formed, a dazzling light instantly illuminated the entire space Boom The energy ball was burning inside the captain s body, and the raging fire was about to overwhelm this The small space eventually exploded.Seen from a height, in this town, there seem to be two kinds of red and blue artificial sweeteners blood sugar is 800 blood sugar level dangerous light, centered here, quickly sweeping into the town, short lived.Inside the inn, Yunlin, Yuanfeng and some people from the Jianghu stayed here.Suddenly, a red light passed quickly over their bodies, as if an infrared scan had been carried out.Everyone couldn t help but walked out of the inn, only to see that the light of two colors was slowly dissipating on the other side of the competition arena.Yunlin frowned and said, What s the matter, that Daoguang, what happened over there Senior Yunlin, nothing happened to Tianya and the others, I always feel that something is wrong in my heart.In order to realize its dominance of the Central Plains, it wants to strengthen its own troops at all costs, control their souls, and let them do things for them willingly.And the source of all this is these swarms of black bees flying in the air.These black bees were developed by Murong Su.After the yin and yang protection method, they have the terrifying ability to directly transform the human body, and they only obey the orders of the Blood Dragon Cult.Once entangled by the black bee, the body will be instantly paralyzed and unable to move.The toxins in their bodies will detoxify their bodies bit by bit, remodel them, and finally form a modified body that is half human and half demon.At this moment, Guardian Yin Yang rushed over, searched around, and finally fell on Brother Toad.In a flash, the protector came to Brother Ha and helped him up, only to see that his face and body were covered with scars.Chironjutsu is the first one I wrote.It doesn t have a lot of upgrade systems like most of them.What s the name for each upgrade It doesn t exist here.In the human world, the cultivators here all have their own abilities.Elemental abilities, evolutionary abilities, physical abilities of the body itself, and various special abilities.In addition to practitioners, there are demon masters, ninjas, and people with different abilities that will appear later.Of course, there is also a special ability user, that is, the Tiangang ability user.Most of the Tiangang ability users have their own illusions.These phantoms, which live in the host, not only have thoughts and feelings, but most importantly, they can help the host to obtain more powerful abilities.Like these ability users, the move they first cultivated is just a secret technique, and then they continue to study and practice the move, and finally comprehend the profound meaning in it.This familiar feeling came to his mind Her back is so cold, she looks the same as Tianya before.Could it be that the phantom in her body is about to be awakened because of Chilong s roar just now The guardian in the center of the square suddenly laughed Get up, so crazy, so thorough, glaring at the crowd I think blood sugar focus shaking when blood sugar is low you don t know my ability, I can not only disturb the soul, but also control your soul.Floating around him, a small black circle on the ground wrapped what should my blood sugar be after a meal around him, spinning continuously.His face was ferocious, and his eyes were about to burst out.Yuan Feng felt familiar with the appearance of the protector at this moment, as if seeing a piece of confusion, he exclaimed loudly Turn around, everyone, don t look into his eyes Saying this, best time of day to check blood sugar he quickly threw Tian Ya to the ground.Hehehe, between black and white, I am the Lord, and the Lord is me.Between black and white, all souls surround me.Accept my control, my souls The guardian shouted loudly, and both eyes released a light wave.In just a split second, there was no time to blink, and everyone looked into his eyes.After that, he stood there blankly, his eyes were empty, his body was motionless, as if he had no soul.Feeling the silence, Tian Ya and Yuan Feng quickly stood up, looking at the group of people who had lost their souls, as if they saw a human stake, which made them terrified.Yuan Feng recalled that when he planted the magic protection move, his body couldn t help but tremble Their souls must have been disturbed, and there may be nightmares playing out in the depths of their hearts.Nightmare What is it like A nightmare Tian Ya was also shocked.This kind of scene was too terrifying, even though there were so many people around, they could only feel two people, and their hearts were terrified.The captain of this team also came over.Although he has a handsome face, he is unscrupulous.He is the youngest captain of the Blood Dragon Cult.After he came over, he lifted the head of the believer, shook it in front of everyone, and shouted loudly See, those who want to fight timidly, this is the end.After speaking, a big mouth appeared in his hand, After biting that head a few times, the brain water inside flew out, and then swallowed it.This person is really disgusting Linger saw it, and a feeling of nausea rose up.With this demonstration, none of the believers dared to have the idea of fighting again.Even if you die, you have to die completely.Looking at all this, Yuan Feng couldn t help muttering a few words These people are really cruel, and their own people are so cruel, it s too inhuman.Behind, the layers of stairs are rapidly healing, stacked one by one, and will soon catch up with him.Zuzhuzhu This subtle voice was ringing, Yuan Feng heard it, looked around and found nothing, but this voice was right beside his ears, and it was getting stronger and stronger.The bottom of his feet suddenly trembled, and he lowered his head subconsciously.This was so frightening that he ran up.At the foot, the stone steps are overlapping to form a wall, the road below is directly blocked, and it is still developing at a very fast speed.If it goes on like this, it won t be long before the road above will be blocked, and it will be very difficult to help Tianya, so Yuanfeng ran desperately.However, the speed at which the stones were piled up was too fast, and after climbing for so long, Yuanfeng also consumed too much physical strength, so he was quickly caught up.Seeing that it was about to be crushed by the stones and become one with it, Yuan Feng jumped onto the flat ground next to him in a thrilling moment.I saw that the stones quickly overlapped to form a wall, and the stairs leading to it disappeared.Yuan Feng cursed out Master, now I can t go up, and I can t go down, and Tianya, Ling er is lost.He stood up and observed this floor.It s like a maze here.In close contact with the shaking when blood sugar is low how to regulate blood sugar quickly bottom of the layer, there are several trails leading to it.Here, there is shaking when blood sugar is low nothing else but these.However, it seemed that it was specially prepared for him.Right now, this place is the only way to go.It seems that we can only look for news about Xiaobu here, and pray that Tianya and Linger will be safe.After making up his mind, Yuan Feng came to one of the intersections, and a cool wind came from inside, which made him shiver.Afterwards, the remaining seven followed, and the ten stood neatly from high to low.Looking at the ten people in front of him, Yuan Feng began to panic.They seemed to be strong enough not to be underestimated.He was flustered for a while, since he was obviously hiding so secretly and speaking so softly just now, since he was heard by that person.There was also the shortest one, although he looked short, but he heard from them that he was still their eldest brother, and since he was so strong, a light punch at his feet would make him half death in pain.Especially the tall one, not only is he big, but the pressure is also terrible.Once that body is crushed, his intestines will probably be blood sugar 149 after meal spit out.There are seven others, all of different heights, and they probably all have some skills.However, Yuan Feng also guessed a little about their identities.Dream, it must be a dream Yuan Feng s whole body was trembling, and he punched himself directly in the face, which was very painful, and blood spurted out of his mouth immediately.Suddenly, there was a lot of noise around, and ten people with full body hair like him squeezed out from the grass.The ten brothers Yuanfeng panicked.The ten people in front of him were the ten brothers who fought with him just now.Why did they appear here The ten brothers yelled, and lifted Yuanfeng up without any explanation.He wanted to resist, but found that his attack had no effect on them at all, it was purely to tickle them again.After subduing Yuanfeng, the eldest brother came over, looked at Yuanfeng with a calm face, and said Hello, welcome to the age of human evolution.Our master wants us to carry you back for today s dinner.These children were really not that simple, and Yunlin in front of them made them feel that the end of the Blood Dragon Cult was coming.The veins on Yin Yang s neck popped up, and he stretched out his hand to grab the believer s neck, and roared, You really deserve to die, if you disturb our morale, then you will go to hell with you Just listening to the crisp sound of Kacha , the believer s neck was broken, his throat was directly crushed, his eyes were white, his limbs were stiff, and he died in the hands of the guardian.The protector glanced at the believers and said loudly All of you are the elites of the Blood Dragon Sect, and will soon be the heroes of the new dynasty of the Central Plains.Anyone who dares to escape now artificial sweeteners blood sugar will be violating the order of the Blood Dragon Sect, and don t blame me for not being merciful to you.The whole scene was like when a typhoon blew past, it was chaotic, the vision was blurred, and Tian Ya began to panic.Is this the real power of Fengpo after eating what is the normal blood sugar Claw In front of him, Xuesha escaped from the flame tornado , to be precise, he cracked this move.He, with traces of being cut all over his body, was extremely embarrassed.The flame tornado has also disappeared, and all the surrounding winds have been sucked into the wind claw.It exudes a pure white light, as if it is full of energy.With a ferocious face, Xue Sha glared at Tianya angrily, and said Little ghost, originally I just wanted the red flame in your hand, and didn t want to hurt you.But now you have angered me, so I can t help it The sharp blade flew out and rushed towards Tianya.Chapter 184 The artifact confronts the opposite side, and the wind blades cut across the road in a rampage.Seeing Tianya floating in the air, Xuesha yelled loudly at him Little ghost, experience your last life well.As I said, artificial sweeteners blood sugar you forced me, so don t blame me At this time, Xuesha While talking, he poured all the true energy into the tornado continuously.Its speed became faster and faster, and the wind speed became stronger, and the stones and branches floating in the air were quickly drawn into it.Of course, Tianya was no exception.He kept spinning in the air, his head was turned dizzily, and the strength of his palms became much weaker.Chi Yan gradually separated from him, and quickly flew towards the tornado as he rotated Tianya almost felt hopeless, and various scenarios appeared in his mind.His grandfather was killed, his family was can low blood sugar cause drowsiness destroyed, he practiced with Uncle Yunlin, made his first partner Yuanfeng, broke into the polar world to save his elder brother, and met the most important person in his life Suddenly, a cute and cute face appeared, she was extremely delicate and delicate, very charming.His facial features are exquisite, with a bit of majesty on them, holding a long gun in his hand, standing on the ground, smiling, and the arc of the corner of his mouth seems to reveal a stevia blood sugar levels sexy breath.Seeing that the man didn t respond, a sense of disgust rose from his heart.Ling er was artificial sweeteners blood sugar used to seeing the obscene faces of the members of the Blood Dragon Cult, so she naturally thought about it.Although this man looks quite temperamental, Ling er doesn t like the uncle.Hey, let me ask you, who are you Why are you looking at me like this, be careful that I m rude to you.The man didn t respond, Linger continued to ask.The man also maintained a Boletín Digital artificial sweeteners blood sugar smile, lifted the long gun with one hand, twirled it in his hand, and pointed the gun at Ling er.Ling er became vigilant, and the shyness on her face became angry, carefully watching the man s movements.The man didn t know how to pity the fragrance and cherish the jade, and that arm was even more vigorous.You let me go, it hurts me so much In front of him, there was a huge disparity in strength between the two of them.Facing such a strong opponent, Ling er had nothing to do, and the man also had an iceberg mercy.Although Ling er is the host of the Ice God, and the Ice God has awakened once, her cultivation is far from enough to wake it up.Moreover, he has been living in the fairyland all these years, and he only cares about playing, and has not practiced too much, so his cultivation is far from enough.In the current situation, Ling er suddenly thought of the sound transmission talisman Yuanfeng gave her.Remember, if you are in danger, you can burn this sound transmission talisman, it can save your life.When the woman saw Ling er, she burst out laughing, walked up to Ling er, and said hello Hi, I m Yuan Feng s friend Mei Fengling, you were the one who summoned me here just now Linger Er er scattered Boletín Digital artificial sweeteners blood sugar the dust on her body, looked up at the woman, and now she saw her face clearly, her eyes were stunned.The woman in front of her was dressed in white, with a small golden bead hanging down from her head, covering her face.Although she couldn t see her face clearly, Ling er could still feel the beautiful face inside through the gap.She, from top to bottom, exuded the aura of a fairy.Linger was stunned by such a beauty.Seeing Ling er staring at her stupidly, Feng Ling spoke again and asked with concern Hello, are you okay He said I m just fascinated by your beauty, my sister is simply a big beauty, even I am attracted by you.Uncle Yunlin, what s wrong Behind the rock, Tian Ya asked nervously.Now we are the Tujia people in the west.The people in black should have arrived here long ago.They are going to destroy the Tujia people.You will expose our position by making such a noise.First, we need to figure out our current situation.Let s go.Yunlin was very angry about their quarrel, he couldn t understand such a reckless approach, and it made him feel that they didn t take such an important matter seriously.If he had known this, he shouldn t have gone out at the beginning, but just let the wind chime send him over by himself, so as not to worry about their safety and make him move inconveniently.Everyone knew about Yunlin s scolding, so they quickly admitted their mistakes to him, and Yunlin stopped fussing with them.A war to determine the fate of the Central Plains began.Looking at the chaos below, Yuan Feng couldn t help asking Senior Yunlin, do we need to go down and help Don t worry, just observe the situation, we will play by ear, and don t leave without my order.Yunlin said seriously , Turning his head to look at Tianya from time to time, the last sentence was actually to tell him that Tianya s situation made him feel a little panicked for no reason.Looking at Tian Ya s eyes full of murderous intent, and his hands constantly grabbing the soil, his fingers have sunk deeply.Yunlin regretted it very much.She knew that she shouldn t have such an idea, so that everyone would not come to this place, and the secret would be hidden for a longer time.Now, Tian Ya s heart has been severely traumatized, and the dream in his heart has also been shattered, and at the moment he can only swallow his anger and not let the men in black discover their existence.When Wentian and the three of them saw General Skeleton for the first time, they were very displeased with his words and deeds, and even had a big fight with him.However, Wuqing was eavesdropping on the sidelines at the time, and after he found out, the battle did not start.But Wentian and the others could only make do with it and recognize General Skeleton as their zero hour boss.After the task assigned by the boss is completed, all their resentment towards the skeleton general for blood sugar at night many days will be vented.However, General Skeleton s ridicule this time, I don t know whether it was intentional or he had already guessed what Wentian and the other three were thinking.The third child couldn t bear it anymore, and vented out, wanting to fight against the skeleton general, and let him see what real power is.After Wentian left, the fourth sister was heartbroken and sat limply on the ground.On the contrary, the third brother was very optimistic and helped the fourth sister to get up.said Fourth sister, I know you like second brother, right Fourth sister couldn t help but nodded, listlessly.That s fine.If you like it, go after it.It just so happens that the two of us go together.The third brother narrowed his eyes under the veil and laughed.Really But he s gone far away Fourth Sister was ecstatic, but thinking of this disadvantage, her thin eyebrows revealed a look of melancholy.Don t worry, Fourth Sister, Second Brother is definitely not as fast as I am.I ll take you away, and we ll catch up soon The third brother said excitedly, turning into a white light, leading Fourth Sister, blinking After a while, he disappeared on the cliff, chasing after Wentian.The girl ran ahead, teasing Tian Ya.Tian Ya was so teased by the girl, how could Tian Ya let her escape with such a beautiful woman, so he chased after her.Among the flowers, the girl is running in front, and the why does my blood sugar rise without eating artificial sweeteners blood sugar boy is chasing after, which outlines a happy love history between flowers.Finally, Tian Ya caught up to the girl, hugged her directly, threw her into his arms, and pressed her to the ground.The girl closed her eyes, waiting for the punishment to come.Underneath, the young girl s body is so soft, she is simply a beauty in the world, which can be seen from a distance but not to be played with.However, Tian Ya not only pushed her to the ground, but also kissed her.As the process progressed, the two couldn t help rolling and fighting among the flowers.Suddenly, it was filled with happiness.Tian Ya was unmoved, with a flustered expression, muttering This is the world of the dead, so grandpa and mother should be here too No, I m going to find them, grandpa and mother After Tianya finished speaking, he ran to a deeper place.Ling er was furious, but worried about Tianya s safety, said Yuanfeng, take care of Xiaobu and sister, I ll go after that red hair.After finishing speaking, she followed Tianya s footsteps and left.Hey, leave them alone.Yuan Feng was really helpless, the surrounding chill was even more bitter, and he couldn t care about them anymore.The two fingers joined together quickly, and quickly wrote a spell on the spell, and then the two fingers were entwined with golden light.Psychic eyes Yuan Feng s two fingers slowly passed over his eyes.Through this movement, those eyes seemed to be able to see something that ordinary naked eyes could not see.At the very end, stood a tall building, because it was too far away to see its structure clearly.This scene was so spectacular that Tianya couldn t help admiring its magnificence It s amazing that there is such a huge space in the mountains.But where did the crying sound he heard come from What about At this time, a few groups of light blue flames floated over in the air, fighting with each other, and let out a burst of hee hee laughter.Tian Ya followed the sound and found that these groups of flames were different from ordinary ones, their colors were different, and their bodies were swollen, and there seemed to be some inexplicable things wrapped in them.Hee hee hee It seems that there is a new guest here.He is still a swordsman.He seems to be a bit capable.Sisters, let s go and greet him.The purple sphere was beating, seemingly enjoying Tianya as its prey, it was slowly digesting him, and artificial sweeteners blood sugar its body began to shrink little by little.Although it s a waste, it can improve my cultivation to some extent.Although the ghost fire mouth is reluctant to suck Tianya, it still enjoys it extremely, and can t help but let out a sound of joy, intoxicated in it.A steady stream of power passed through this sphere and passed into the body of the ghost fire.It seems that I still misjudged him.I didn t expect that there is still some material in this waste.After inhaling him, my cultivation base may be upgraded to a higher level.The ghost fire is looking forward to that moment.Why can ghost fire suck Tianya to improve cultivation For things in the underworld, the fastest way to improve one s cultivation is to feed on each other, stronger ghosts feed on weaker ghosts.Afterwards, it flew around in the air like a deflated balloon, floating around, and when all the air was deflated, it rolled down to the ground like a shriveled basketball.At this moment, the trash in the will o the wisp s mouth was standing at its feet.After Tianya was spit out, his whole body was red and hot, his fiery red eyes stared straight at the will o the wisp, his face blood sugar focus shaking when blood sugar is low was ferocious, and his red hair swayed in the wind.Tian Ya held Chi Yan tightly, and a dense flame wrapped around him.Behind him, the phantom of the how to use one touch blood sugar tester red dragon rose from the ground, entwined around it, and its ferocious pupils exuded a strong killing intent.The ghost fire looked up at the end of the world, and the terror that had never been seen before was revealed.He faltered and said, Aren t you a thing from the underworld He came out, staring covetously at the dying ghost fire lying on the ground.At such a close distance, their running speed could not match the speed of the ghost s claws, and it was completely impossible for those ghosts to stop this scene.Ling er fell on the petals, fell into a coma, ignorant of the surrounding situation, seeing her life in danger.Those ghosts ran without giving up the last bit of hope.If Linger was sucked by it, they would all be sucked away, and the end would be exactly the same as Linger, or even worse.Swish, swish, swish Suddenly, a strange sound came from around.The ghosts were attracted by the sound, and couldn t help but stop their movements.In the air, countless petals floated from the depths of the flower forest.They were of different sizes and colors, interspersed with each other row by row, looking very messy, but very rhythmic, as if they were dancing cheerfully.

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