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Where am I going Zhuang Hui asked subconsciously.The place you are going to is another world that exists in parallel, but in this cbd gummies with thc colorado baypark cbd gummies for ed era where you are going, various natural disasters are happening, and in the end, it will go to destruction Zhuang Hui was stunned Why did you send me there This is fate The voice was indifferent and misty, which chilled him even more, You have only one chance to escape this ultimate destruction, and that is to find the car that traveled with you.Police car, that is your only chance, find it, and you can leave the world that is about to be destroyed.Police car Zhuang Hui thought of the police car that rolled and fell on the isolation green belt, and seemed to follow him into the whirlpool.But he looked around, but couldn t see the shadow of the police car, and asked anxiously, Where is the police car, how can I find it That depends on your luck Zhuang Hui wanted to ask again, suddenly feeling His body descended rapidly, and the colorful swirls around him were stretched into deformed ribbons, speeding past him.The man who secretly wiped off the blood on the hoe just now is his husband Wu Yougen, the son in law of the Mo family.Zhuang Hui glanced over and saw that Mo Huaixiang was wearing a dark red blouse, the same dark red knickerbockers, and a pair of buckskin boots under his legs.Looking at the face, there is a pink and oval face, clean and charming, the eyebrows near the eyebrows are slightly lighter, but the back is thick and dark, making her look like a majestic woman.The nose that is greasy like jade fat is very straight, and the ruddy lips are a little thin.It seems that he is a fast talking person.Mo Huaixiang put her hands on her hips, and said angrily Why did I do it first I was working in the field, and I heard how much are green health cbd gummies that there was a fight on your side.Hitting and kicking, I just rushed over.Gu Yezhou smiled 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg Lie down I m very bored, I tried to get up and walk around, but I didn t feel too dizzy, so I came down to have a look.Is there anything to see, I ll help you go upstairs and lie down.No, I m fine, I m downstairs Sit and accompany you.Ning Sanmei couldn t resist, so she had to help him sit on the stairs first, then ran upstairs, took a stool down, put it on the ground, helped him sit down, and then continued to Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública buy cbd gummies 50mg cut pigweed.Gu Yezhou said You, you haven t married yet, have you Ning Sanmei blushed pretty, and gave him a somewhat resentful look Who would look up to us for a poor family like us Gu Ye Zhou immediately felt her warmth.It seems that this woman fell in love with the scholar who had resurrected her body.However, judging from the current situation, the scholar had no intention of marrying her.Mo Huaixiang pouted, and gave more than half of her own bowl of rice to Gu Yezhou Here, I ll share with you No need Eat quickly I can make you look at me alone Human food Can I eat it Gu Yezhou smiled shyly, Thank you very much.Thank you, Mo Huaixiang gave him a dissatisfied look, It s your own rice.I don t bother to give it to whoever you like Gu Yezhou couldn t say anything, so he could only bury his head in his meal.Time passed slowly, and both of them were only half full at noon, so in the afternoon, they were both a little hungry.However, Mo Huaixiang didn t cook, and he didn t wash the bowls for lunch, he just put them there and continued spinning cotton in the main room.Gu Yezhou read the book hungrily, and looked at Mo Huaixiang from time to time, wondering why he didn t cook yet.But Mo Huaixiang was not in a hurry.Do you really want to starve to death Luo Jiacai s daughter in law In a hurry, he took out a dirty cake from the cupboard and handed it to Luo Jiacai.Luo Jiacai took a hard bite, slapped his daughter in law on the face, and cursed Your mother is so hard, you want to choke on it Why don t you heat it up The daughter in law covered her face, but didn t go to pick up the papa, and said in a low voice Father, there is no water in the house, so it can t be heated Let Luocao go to line up to fetch water Now Let s go Luocao is the half grown girl who led the child to Gu Yezhou s house to beg for food, and is pure cbd oil gummies 3960 howard hughes parkway the eldest daughter of Luo Jiacai.The daughter in law hurriedly asked her daughter to carry a bucket to line up to fetch water.Luo Jiacai yelled again Pig head, you Roast the cake on the fire for me Oh The daughter in law quickly took the cake and put it on the fire to bake.He had a dream, but he didn t know if buy cbd gummies 50mg it was a dream or a nightmare.He dreamed that a beautiful woman was taking off his pants and kissing him.He groped for the woman with his hands, but the woman turned into a skeleton, holding his stalwart with hands with bare fingers.Looking up at him and smiling.Gu Yezhou woke up suddenly.He opened his eyes, but felt that there was indeed a person lying on top of him, and a skinny hand just caught the words standing upright in his dream.He was so scared that he almost cried out, but fortunately he heard the rapid breathing of the other party, and only then did he know that it was not a ghost but a human.Who Gu Yezhou how long does it take for cbd gummies to activate asked anxiously.The man didn t answer.With the moonlight coming in from the back window, Gu Yezhou could clearly see that the person lying on top of him was a woman.His alertness and reflexes are far beyond ordinary people.This woman even got into his quilt.Before that, he would have been alerted immediately when the other party touched him, but now , He is a soul traveler, and changed another person s body, the most important thing is that his head was seriously injured, he lost blood and fell into a coma, so his reaction was naturally slow, and he didn t wake up until someone got into buy cbd gummies 50mg his quilt and grabbed buy cbd gummies 50mg cbd lion gummies him.The rich daughter in law giggled, Your door wasn t closed.I just walked in quietly.What are you doing at my house in the middle of cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado the night Eight Zero eBook TXT 8 0.The daughter in law of LA Jiacai leaned out of the quilt, her naked body looked very white in the moonlight, but she was too thin.She said in a low voice Sir, I like you, really, I have always liked you, and I feel distressed when I think of you alone and without a warm quilt.So life is getting more and more difficult.Looking at this year s harvest, I m afraid that by the end of the year, the price of rice will double.Alas Then it smashed again.After smashing the straw, Ning Sanmei began to weave straw sandals.Gu Yezhou asked How many pairs of shoes can you weave in a day Thirty to forty pairs.That is to buy cbd gummies 50mg calming cbd gummies say, if you sell all the straw sandals you weave in a day, you can only earn ten yuan.Money Not enough to buy three liang of white rice Ning Sanmei nodded and sighed How can we sell all of them Thank God if we can sell ten pairs.There are too many people selling straw sandals, and now there are a few farmers who are willing to pay for them.Straw sandals If you have that money, don t you want to buy bran cakes Rice bran cakes are made of rice bran, and they have nothing to do with grain after all.According to Ning Sanmei, after they left, some of the children took out the shepherd s purse and ate it, and some didn t eat it yet.Gu Yezhou went into the study hard heartedly, closed the door, waited for a while, and then took The rice balls came out and ate quietly.In the evening, the child who had been waiting for a whole day seemed to know that there buy cbd gummies 50mg calming cbd gummies was no hope, so buy cbd gummies 50mg buy cbd gummies 50mg he left for more than half, and the old man also left.Mo Huaixiang is here, and Gu Yezhou is ready.Follow Mo Huaixiang out, and come to the Diaojiao downstairs of Mo buy cbd gummies 50mg Huaixiang s house.After entering the yard, instead of going organic cbd gummies reviews upstairs, they went straight to the stable downstairs.After entering, I found that some shacks raised cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc., and there were a few shacks, but the long term workers and servants of Mori s main family lived there.

Gu Yezhou hurriedly told him to sit down, and after asking him about his illness, he found that the parts he was holding on to his hands were on both sides, and he pondered for a moment, thinking that he should It is a disease of the gallbladder meridian, the previous acupoint selection was not correct, and the Qiuxu acupoint should be acupunctured on both sides.Gu Yezhou then gave him acupuncture at the Qiuxu acupoint, and the pain was greatly reduced after the acupuncture.He was very happy.Gu Yezhou said that recurrence can be treated for free, so this time he didn t give any more money, so he left happily.Gu Yezhou and Ning Sanmei took over the stall, returned the tables, chairs and teapot to the shopkeeper Wang of the calligraphy and painting shop, and thanked them repeatedly.Shopkeeper Wang said with a smile Sir, you only charge two yuan for acupuncture treatment.Let you recover soon.Daddy agreed.Chapter 23 Pretty Girl I ve almost recovered.Gu Yezhou said.Mo Huaixiang glanced at him with her elegant phoenix eyes My father said that you have to give you a month s worth of meat before we are cbd gummies it counts.So, I made it myself and brought it to you.If you don t like my cooking skills If you want to cook and eat by yourself, then I will give you three taels of pork every day, and you go back and cook it yourself Gu Yezhou hurriedly said How can I dislike it I don t know how to do it myself.Don t you have a capable Is it the pretty girl Pretty girl Who is it Don t pretend to be stupid Of course it s the girl Ning Sanmei.Her cooking tastes better than mine, right full spectrum cbd gummy edibles for sale Mo Huaixiang squinted at him, with a little bit of a tinge in her voice.jealousy.I haven t eaten it before.In just one morning, I have already earned more than 20 yuan.And more people knew about this young scholar using gold needles to treat diseases.When he came, Mo Huaixiang prepared some cooked beef for him, so he didn t have to worry about eating cold rice balls at noon.Gu Yezhou gave some to Ning Sanmei, but Ning Sanmei didn t want it at first, but she couldn t stand Gu Yezhou s persuasion, so she finally took it and ate it herself.In fact, when he came here, Mo Huaixiang told Gu Yezhou that the cooked beef was for Gu Yezhou to eat alone, and that the maid Ning Sanmei was not allowed to eat it.But Gu Yezhou still gave it to him, and he couldn t do the thing of eating alone.After eating, Gu Yezhou was buy cbd gummies 50mg about to continue yelling, when suddenly, he saw Niu Fu, the labor worker who had gone to the acupuncture treatment last time, passing by the street, do cbd gummies stay in your system buy cbd gummies 50mg and quickly called out Niu Fu Niu Fu stopped Turning around and seeing him, he was slightly taken aback, then a grateful smile appeared on his face, and he bowed to salute Mister, do you remember my name It is easy for patients to remember the doctor s name, but with so many patients, if the doctor can t Remember, it is basically impossible, but the patient especially hopes that he can be remembered by the doctor, especially Chinese medicine.Ning Sanmei was about to cry I persuaded, but Mr.refused to listen and scolded me buy cbd gummies 50mg What s wrong with Mr.Has he committed some evil I don t know, Mister asked you to help him harvest.He said he begged you. Ask me to help him harvest Mo Huaixiang He said anxiously, How can we harvest now I can t persuade him, he has already persuaded my two elder brothers to help him harvest, but he said that there are not enough manpower, so he asked you to help.I cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado beg you.Mo Huaixiang sighed He breathed a sigh of relief Well, sir, he never asks for help.Now that he has spoken, it is his own land.He can do whatever he likes.Just help if he asks for help.Anyway, my parents and workers are also idle.Mo Huai Xiang turned around and went to the Changgong shack downstairs Dubber You guys come out The long term worker Du Bo and three other long term workers came out soon What s the matter Go to Mr.This is the first time they have seen migratory locusts that can fly such a long distance in the air.Everyone was stunned.It wasn t until the children were so frightened that they cried loudly that the villagers panicked and ran to their homes.But after running buy cbd gummies 50mg for a few steps, a villager exclaimed Oh, the grasshoppers are eating the crops Suddenly, all the villagers seemed to be struck by a thunderbolt.Immediately turned around and looked at the rice fields on buy cbd gummies 50mg both sides.Sure enough, the sparse rice in the dry rice field was already covered with migratory locusts, gnawing on the rice ears and leaves At the same time, more migratory locusts descended densely from the sky, and their feet were soon covered with migratory locusts If you just take a step, you can trample many people to death.The sound of piles of grasshoppers being trampled underfoot is chilling.He stood up and looked around, and saw a pile of firewood in the yard.He ran over naked and thin, grabbed one, and rushed When he came back, he raised Long Biao s concubine s thigh and was about to stab her in the butt, the woman was so frightened that she screamed and begged for mercy repeatedly.Seeing that the firewood was already against her body, when she was about to poke it in, the burly and tall young bandit next to the bandit leader grabbed her and scolded Damn it You stab it with firewood.It buy cbd gummies 50mg s broken, how can the other brothers use it I heard that this concubine is the daughter of a wealthy family in the city, but it s rare to meet her, and the brothers are all waiting to have sex The bandits around him showed their obscene expressions one by one.Smiling, he unscrupulously stared at Long Biao s concubine s tender body up and down.I wish all book lovers can read the novels that you are satisfied with every day, and wish you all get rich in the new year, your wishes come true and everything goes well Chapter 32 The Grace of Saving Life Let go What are you doing The burly young bandit yelled angrily, reached out and grabbed Long Biao s concubine s hair, and pulled it back violently, the concubine s head finally left the three pillars His crotch, but San Zhuzi s bloody crotch was already empty The words, together with the two testicles, are gone Only the gurgling blood flowed out like a spring.It flowed down his thigh, dripping on the ground.Bah Long Biao s concubine spat out San Zhuzi s words and balls on the ground.Grinning, looking up to the sky and laughing loudly, the blood on Bai Sensen s teeth was shocking Your mother is a prostitute, you want to fuck me, come on, come on Come on and fuck me Hahaha The young burly bandit let go of her hair and said with a wry smile You bitch, you re really wild, but it s delicious I like it When I get back to the village, I ll play with you See how wild you are At this moment , with a plop, the three pillars fell straight to the ground.After all, these bandits were some rabble, and they were finally frightened, and ran out of the village one after another.Although the leader of the bandits hadn t finished grabbing the food, he could only order to retreat.Gu Yezhou knocked the five bandits unconscious, and then went on to ambush.He saw the bandit leader leading them down and ran out of the village.He attacked the last three.Originally, he didn t intend to make a move, because he was afraid of disturbing the other party.However, when he saw the woman Mizusawa who was snatched away by the other party, he was still struggling and crying and cursing desperately.Not only did he have some admiration in his heart, he decided to act impromptu, killed the three bandits in one fell swoop, and saved Mizusawa.This is his first kill A medical student is not afraid of death, he has a good heart, and his martial arts all round champion skills allow him to shoot very neatly, but after killing people, he still feels that his whole body seems to be exhausted.

Fortunately, he snatched back two sacks of white rice that had already been pounded.In terms of value, it was almost worth his own money.The Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública buy cbd gummies 50mg loss can be regarded as making up for it.He first inspected the situation in the mountain village in the corridor, and saw that the torches had almost run out of the village, and the voices in the village shouting the officers and soldiers are here, fight with them became louder, and he also saw many villagers holding hoes , Chadao stood on the bluestone road and yelled, knowing that the bandit would never come back, he called out to Ning Sanmei who was hiding under the eaves Sanmei, come down, the bandit has escaped.Chapter 33 Carry me to the straw pile Ning Sanmei slowly and carefully climbed over from the beam and asked, How are my parents However, the bandits picked up all the rice.Thinking that Gu Yezhou brought back two bags of food, it should be enough, even if I told him With his kind personality, the rice hidden in the vegetable cellar should not be returned.Simply do not say.That s right Ning s mother got up, wiped her tears, and said to her two sons, Quick Hurry up and beat down the rice while no one is paying attention to the mess They were busy going to the vegetable cellar, and Ning Sanmei turned to Mo Lizheng s house to find Gu Yezhou.Gu Yezhou has already run to Mo Huaixiang s house.Before he reached the gate of the courtyard, he saw a woman running out of the gate in a panic, and almost bumped into him, so he quickly grabbed her and took a closer look, it was Mo Huaixiang.Gu Yezhou helped her up Huaixiang, are you alright Where are you going Mo Huaixiang yelled platinum cbd gummy in Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública buy cbd gummies 50mg shock, and after carefully seeing that it was Gu Yezhou, he suddenly jumped into him In his arms, wept.The situation sc labs cbd gummy tests of Ma Mazi s house seems to be better, because it was Mo Lizheng and Mrs.Long s house that were robbed first, and when they started to rob Ma Mazi s house, under the instigation of Gu Yezhou, the villagers broke out, and finally the bandits had to escape.the village.Therefore, Ma Mazi s family was only robbed of a small amount of food, not even his wives, concubines and daughters, because they hid in the cesspit of the latrine, and the bandits snatched away two maids before they left.Therefore, it seems that Ma Mazi s spirit is much better than that of Mr.Long.Seeing Mori coming, Ma Mazi went up to meet him and said, How is it Has your house been robbed Yes, more than half of the food has been robbed Sigh I m fine, thanks to the villagers in the village.The villagers all got up and fought with them, and the bandits were afraid, so they ran away.In addition, the son of the mountain god is also here.Where do you hide our food and people I don t knowwe often change places, and we pass by here, and we don t plan to stay here for a long time.So there is no real place to stay Please, forgive me Mori was interrogating several others, and the answers were similar, so he ordered the accountant to record all their confessions.I also wrote a personal letter to the county magistrate to call the police, and sent two villagers to report to the buy cbd gummies 50mg county seat overnight with their cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado confessions.A villager said to Mori, What about these bandits Mori said sadly, The rules of the ancestors, if you catch bandits, burn them alive Let them know the fate of being bandits The surrounding villagers all made a fuss together, carrying firewood and piled it beside the five bandits, who were so frightened that they peed their pants, and shouted We are just trying to make money, we don t kill people casually, yesterday We didn t kill the non resisting people in the village at night, you can t treat us like this, it s not kind But no one paid any attention to him.Gu Yezhou has already learned about Ning Sanmei s family, so it is not surprising that he can do such a thing, so he smiled and said Forget it, since this is the case, this is the only way.Then he asked Mo Huaixiang Where are you staying Where We live in my uncle s house, it s very safe there, you don t have to worry.It s good to have a place to stay, what happens in the future, I can only take one step at a time.Gu Yezhou turned to Ning Sanmei What about us Where do we live Ning Sanmei said Many people in the village temporarily live in the Town God s Temple.Apart from our village, there are many people who escaped famine from other places.My parents are also there.Do you want to live there It s in the main hall. We don t want to live on the streets, do we Gu Yezhou touched the purse in his arms I still have more than a hundred coins here, is it enough to live in a rented house Ning Sanmei smiled wryly This A little money, I m afraid it s only enough to rent a simple fir house.Gu Yezhou was surprised to see a piece of stinky tofu in the bowl, and asked Where did this stinky tofu come from Ning Sanmei pouted her mouth outside somewhat proudly, and said, The two brothers and sisters who live on the opposite side are playing tricks, and they gave you this stinky tofu.You go out When borrowing money, I went to visit.In addition buy cbd gummies 50mg calming cbd gummies to the landlord s family, there are three other families living in our yard.One family is the two brothers and sisters who run the world, and the other family is an old doctor who walks the streets and alleys alone.Selling pills.There are five people in another family.The mother in law starches, washes, sews and mends.His man is a shop assistant.The latter two don t pay much attention to me, only the brothers and sisters in the rivers and lakes are very enthusiastic , I heard buy cbd gummies 50mg that we were ransacked by bandits, nothing was brought down, and everything was burned up, they were also very sympathetic, and took the initiative to give me two small pieces of stinky tofu for dinner.Gu Yezhou had no choice but to sit there, watching Sanmei Ning busy.The rice was ready, but the two pieces of stinky tofu for lunch had already been eaten, and there was no more food, so the two had no choice but to eat plain rice like this.Just after eating, Sanmei Ning was about chill gummies cbd per gummy to shovel out the rice from the cauldron when she heard someone coming in from the yard talking and laughing.When Ning Sanmei heard it, she said happily The brothers and sisters who ran the rivers and lakes are back.Hurry up and say hello Brother and sister Our sir is back.Come and sit down.The people in the yard agreed Come here as soon as you put the things in Gu Yezhou hurriedly got up and went out to meet him.At the door, he saw a man and a woman walking out of the room of the other party.The man was short, but very strong.Pass on the name, let them all say I am good, pass on the name, and come to see me doing tricks, won t I make money That s just for this purpose, otherwise who will sell the things left by the ancestors for money Huh Isn t that slapping me in the face Zeng Feisong talked one after another, talking endlessly, and Gu Yezhou couldn t get in his mouth at all, just smiled dryly and nodded.Zeng Feisong went on to say Today we are destined to meet thousands of miles away, but we have no chance to meet each other face to face.We all live in the same yard, and we are good neighbors who can t see you when you look up.You are a scholar again, and I respect the scholar most.Watching you work hard Sad, I can t sleep peacefully, I m worried, more worried than my own brother, buy cbd gummies 50mg so I ll take the 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg liberty to give it to you, you must accept it, I don t want a penny from you, if I take your money , Isn t that asking for my brother s money How can a family do such a thing So, you put your heart in your stomach, take my medicine, it doesn t cost you a penny, and keep your food Xiang, I can sleep I slept until dawn After saying that, he stuffed the pill into Gu Yezhou s palm.

All of them are sallow and emaciated, with dull eyes, and there is nothing in the empty bowls in front of them.The child was crying from hunger, but the adults could do nothing about it.He saw a few children with grass marks stuck in their hair, and he knew that it was a sign of selling people.The victims who fled the famine had already reached the point of buy cbd gummies 50mg selling their children and selling their daughters.In the future, I am afraid that there will be even greater suffering.waiting for them.Gu Yezhou felt heavy in his heart.Walking down a few streets, many restaurants he saw were closed, and the number of food stalls on the roadside also decreased significantly.However, the number of people squatting on the side of the road with vegetable baskets has increased significantly.In those baskets, there are some cakes made of bracken, that is, fern cake, kudzu root, shepherd s purse cake and so on.Luo Jiacai shuddered, and took the prescription But I don t have money to buy medicine, sir, you can take pity on me and lend me some money, okay I really You are penniless, and all your money has been used up.You can only figure out your own way.Gu Yezhou got up, took Ning Sanmei and left without looking back.Watching Gu Yezhou go away, Luo Jiacai gritted his teeth and cursed in a low voice It s so cruel No wonder Sanzhuzi s wife wants to sue him to the bandits Those who suffer ten thousand knives will be hacked to death by bandits sooner or later The eldest daughter who has been silent Luocao suddenly spoke up Mr.is a good man You shouldn t say that about him What are you talking about You bastard You eat what I say and wear what I say, and don t help your family and outsiders See if I don t beat you to death Then he hit Luocao hard on the head with a wooden stick next to him.At this moment, a man carrying a bag tripped over the high threshold, yelled, and fell down on the steps inside 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg the gate with a bang, and the bag on his shoulder smashed to pieces.Yes, snow white rice is scattered all over the ground rice It s the most eye catching thing for her It turned out that the bags that these people brought out turned out to be rice Her heart began to pound wildly, and she whispered to her younger brother Squat here, don t run away After that, the cat stooped up the steps, lay on the threshold, and desperately scratched the floor with his hands.The rice on the ground was stuffed into his mouth while do cbd gummies stay in your system buy cbd gummies 50mg being filled with clothes.At this moment, a victim who rushed in saw her, kicked her thin buttocks, and kicked her thin body into the yard.The man was still cursing Damn it, don t get in the way Holding back the pain, Luocao hurriedly crawled behind the flowers in the yard and hid.Now, the situation became one sided, the mountain god attacked frantically, and Zeng Lingmei kept dodging, without even a chance to fight back.Finally, a crisp sound was anne phung cbd gummy bears heard, and the long sword in Zeng Lingmei s hand was smashed into two pieces by the mountain god s axe The body staggered and fell to the ground.Immediately afterwards, the big ax covered Zeng Lingmei s whole body in the shadow of the big axe Zeng Lingmei was terrified, unable to dodge, she could only close her eyes and wait for death.boom A crisp gunshot pierced the night sky, and blood splattered The mountain god screamed, staggered back, and at the same time, blocked his face with a refined iron shield.His left ear was gone, leaving a deep blood groove on his left cheek Gu Yezhou s shot was originally aimed at his head, but because the mountain god was moving fast, and Gu Yezhou s marksmanship was not very good, because the shot was a little bit off, and it slashed across his cheek , tore off one of his ears.Gu Yezhou had already guessed what they were talking about, and sighed with a wry smile.Hu Wanghai finally got rid of his wives and concubines, walked over, looked at Gu Yezhou with some fear, and then said to the head of the escort You heard it too, the bandit said that they will come to find Mr.Gu again, if Mr.Gu is still with me, and our family is very worried Before the head of escort Zeng could answer, Gu Yezhou had already cupped his fists and said, Don t worry, Mr.Hu, I won t stay in your mansion again.Chapter 58 I will find you Hu Wanghai hurriedly apologized and said with a smile Mr.Gu, please forgive me.I also want to protect the safety of the whole family.I know this is not benevolent, but there is nothing I can do I am very grateful, sir, for our family.I must show my heart. Come on Hurry up and bring the money There is still a bag of rice Hurry up The servants rushed to prepare.Gu Yezhou clasped his fists and cupped his hands Thank you Escort Zeng patted him on the shoulder You have the skills, you don t have to worry about not being able to find a job, if your hands are tight for a while, just hesitate, we don t have anything else, we still have food Yes.You re welcome Gu Yezhou nodded.Zeng Duanqing looked at Sanmei Ning reluctantly, but Sanmei Ning kept looking at Gu Yezhou.Zeng Duanqing looked gloomy, and said to Gu Yezhou I hope you can take good care of the third sister Gu Yezhou glanced at him and said nothing.Ning Sanmei took a step closer to Gu Yezhou and looked at him Mr.has always taken good care of me.It s different now, Zeng Duanqing said to Ning Sanmei There are bandits who want to deal with him, so you stay with him It s very dangerous, if you want, you can stay and work in our bodyguard, it s safe here Hong Weiqiang and other bodyguards buy cbd gummies 50mg nodded and looked eagerly at Sanmei Ning.No need Third buy cbd gummies 50mg calming cbd gummies Sister Ning said decisively, I am Mr.s girl, and I will follow Mr.wherever I go.Zeng Duanqing and the others looked at each other, speechless.Zeng Lingmei came over with fluttering clothes, her eyes were red, and she asked Gu Yezhou in a low voice Where do you live Gu Yezhou smiled, but didn t answer.Holding the half bag of rice in one hand, he walked out the door.Wait Zeng Lingmei chased him out, stood in front of him, and bravely looked into his eyes with tearful eyes You hurt the mountain god to save me.You saved my life.The mountain god wants to kill me.Kill you, 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg I will definitely help you Don t worry Gu Yezhou shook his head slightly It s really not necessary, I can deal with it myself.Your bodyguards should stop wading through this muddy water After saying that, he walked around her , took Ning Sanmei and walked down the steps.Gu Yezhou nodded and walked down the steps.Just as he was about to go outside, he suddenly heard someone say Gu Shenzhen, my wife is sick, can you show me Then other buy cbd gummies 50mg people also said that their relatives were sick, and wanted to invite Gu cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado Yezhou to see a doctor.Gu Yezhou looked up at the sky, and said It looks like it s going to rain, so I won t go to the doctor for now.When the rain clears, I ll ring the bell again for treatment.When you hear me ring the bell, come out and call me That s enough.After saying that, he went out, ignoring the magic doctor Wang who kept saying that he was willing to pay a high price for the method of bringing him back to life.After going out, Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública buy cbd gummies 50mg Gu Yezhou walked quickly, looking up at the sky from time to time.Zeng Feixia is not interested in looking at the sky at the moment, her mind is all on Gu Yezhou, she never thought that this scholar is so capable, if she follows him in the future, she will not worry about food and clothing However, after thinking about it all the way, she didn t have any good idea to let Gu Yezhou keep her by her side in the future.

Put it here, and you can One hundred rest assured Gu buy cbd gummies 50mg calming cbd gummies Yezhou glanced at her and saw that she was smiling sweetly, she was indeed a beauty, going out with her these two days immediately opened up the situation, maybe this woman has the appearance of a prosperous husband.Thinking of this, Gu Yezhou felt a little funny again.He only said that he would be a bell doctor with him, but he didn t say that he would marry him.What did he think of it.Seeing his uncertain face, Zeng Feixia thought he was hesitating, and hurriedly said You and I will never be a burden to you, and I won t ask you much money, as long as you eat three meals a day and have twenty meals a day.Text is fine.Is it okay ps Although the time came and I got off the Sanjiang list and the newcomer list, but the historical hits list still entered, ranking sixth, I am very happy.Luocao didn t know what happened, she just hugged the child tightly in her arms, and looked at the big grandmother at the fish tank in the yard in horror.Another fist sized hailstone hit her body, with a bang, the body lying beside the fish tank shook violently, then stopped moving again.On the steps not far from her, lying there was the bloody body of the big grandmother s close servant girl who had been smashed to pieces.As the hailstones that continued to hit the body fell, the victim kept bouncing slightly.Clap clap The terrifying noises sounded one after another from overhead, because Luocao understood that it was the sound of hailstones hitting the roof Then, a hailstone bigger than a sea bowl pierced through the tiles on the roof of the corridor in front of her, and hit her one step away.Gu Yezhou s heart sank, and he said, Why didn t she follow She must have been injured Otherwise, brother Ling wouldn t have tried to fight me.How is the third sister Tell the truth Frightened by the sound of her voice, buy cbd gummies 50mg she hurriedly said She just fainted, she hasn t woken up yet, we just came to find you to go back and have a look.Limp back.Zeng Lingmei hurried forward to help Zeng Duanqing.Zeng Duanqing was frustrated just now, and he already knew very clearly that his martial arts were completely different from others, so he was very frustrated, 7 out 10 cbd gummies and he didn t dare to provoke again.Zeng Lingmei saw that Gu Yezhou was limping, so she let go of her brother, walked quickly to Gu Yezhou s side, and reached out to support his arm.Gu Yezhou wanted to say no, but the leg injury was indeed not serious, and the sudden attack just now , and pulled the injured leg again, and now it hurts even more.You will do it as soon as we leave Buy the rice back, Then you dig a cellar, just dig it in the house we live in, don t let anyone know, put a rice urn under it, and put all the rice you bought in the rice urn.Gu Yezhou got up do cbd gummies stay in your system buy cbd gummies 50mg and tried After walking a few steps, I felt that my injured leg was still a bit strenuous, but it was already much better than yesterday.At least I can walk without crutches.Ning Sanmei blinked her big eyes and didn t ask any more questions.Since it was a matter decided by her husband, she naturally had to follow it.Breakfast is already ready, without Third Sister Ning calling, Zeng Feixia came over just smelling the aroma of the rice.Seeing Gu Yezhou get up, he smiled and said, How is it I see that you are more energetic than yesterday.Much better.Let s eat We still have things to do after dinner.The tears that Zeng Feixia originally had in her eyes finally couldn t help but flow down.She quickly squatted down and placed the two babies in her arms between her two arms.The woman hugged her tightly and cried, which broke her heart.Looking at them, Zeng Feixia finally shed tears, and said to Gu Yezhou I still have some money, which I earned from practicing medicine with you these days.I ll take it out to buy medicine, and you can help her treat it Is that okay In the past, cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado she whispered in her ear Her illness is basically hopeless.You are wasting money However, they are so pitiful.I really can t bear to watch her die like this.Qian saved her, even if I couldn t save her, I feel at ease, and I am worthy of this pair of children.Otherwise, they will ask me when they grow up, and I will have an explanation.In addition, his pronunciation was already vague, which made it even more difficult to understand.Miracle Doctor Wang listened, feeling confused, and didn t know what to say after listening.Gu Yezhou slowly taught him sentence by sentence, but he revised the original lyrics with vague sentences, so that the doctor Wang couldn t understand even if he spoke slowly.However, 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg since it is a spell, it must not be plain language, and it must be very difficult to pronounce, so this miracle doctor Wang did not doubt it at all, but felt that it must be a good thing because it is unpredictable.It took a lot of effort to remember.Dr.Wang is old and has a bad memory.It took him about an hour to memorize this awkward and vague lyrics.But it is still far from the requirements of rap hip hop songs.Gu Yezhou patted Miracle Doctor Wang on the shoulder Don t worry, practice slowly.Five hundred strings Gu Yezhou smiled wryly, this is not a small number.Mo Huaixiang said Even if there were no bandits, it would not be easy for our family to spend 500 guan.What s more, when the bandits besieged the village, they had already robbed all of our family wealth, and we had no money.The house was also burnt down, and there was really no money for it.After the family discussed it, they could only sell the land and food.However, the price of the land is so low that it is not enough to sell all our family s land.I need to sell jewelry, clothes and food.Gu Yezhou nodded It s really hard for you.Then do you want me to help you Chapter 82 Youyou Feelings If I have land and can sit and eat rent, why do I have to go to the rivers and lakes Even if I have nothing to do, I will spend my whole life in the rivers and lakes.He once cleverly set up a name to increase the taxes of the people, and the people were fish and meat.After his palm print, there has been no movement on the matter of disposing of the dead body It means he doesn t want to care about it at all If we don t human cbd gummies review care and the plague really becomes popular, then everyone will have to wait to die Doctor Wang was dumbfounded when he heard that the magistrate had been crushed to death by the hailstorm, and stammered, Is what you said true yes For fear of turmoil, the yamen kept the matter secret.Doctor Wang nodded, thought for a while, and said, What do you mean, sir The miraculous doctor is a famous doctor in the county.He has a pivotal position and has contacts with many big families in the county.In particular, the miracle doctor has absolute authority on whether the plague will happen, buy cbd gummies 50mg so I suggest that the miracle doctor go and tell these big families in the county about the danger of the plague and the danger of the plague that our county is facing now.

Qi Zhi nodded vigorously Thank you, brother After finishing speaking, tears fell down again.On this day, Gu Yezhou and Dr.Zeng Feixia had a good intention, but in half a day, they earned more than 300 yuan.Although they were very tired, they were in a good mood.At night, Shuning Sanmei was the busiest.Because from time to time she has to get up at night to urinate the two babies, and the babies cry, and she has to hold them to sleep.Although Qi Zhi has regained consciousness, she cannot take care of her children due to her serious illness, so she has to rely on Ning Sanmei buy cbd gummies 50mg to take care of them all.In the middle of the night, when Third Sister Ning got up again to take care of the two children changing diapers, she are cbd gummies legal for teenagers suddenly found that the window panes were colorful and constantly changing.Seeing that he was sleeping soundly, she didn t wake up, gently pulled the latch, opened the door and came out.I buy cbd gummies 50mg quickly stretched my head out of the quilt and took a look.At this time, the sky was already dark, and I could already see what was in my hand.It turned out to be a handful of snowflakes Snowing Is it finally snowing this scorching winter how could be It was still too hot to cover the quilt yesterday, but it started snowing in a blink of an eye.This is really strange.The weather changes so fast.But Gu Yezhou didn t understand why there were snowflakes in the house.When he looked up, it turned out that there was a hole in the roof, just above his head.The snowflakes fell from there, just landing on the pillow above his head.He got up quickly and shook the snowflakes off the pillow.I also saw two snowflakes on the silk quilt, of different sizes.On the corresponding roof of the upper house, there are also two holes made by hailstones, one large and one small.Gu Yezhou smiled, glanced at the two of them, and wrote the prescription with cbd gummies made me feel weird a pen.Handed it over to Zeng Feisong. After this heavy snowfall, it really is a few joys and a few sorrows.Of course, the happiest ones are Mr.Long and Ma Mazi.Seeing the heavy snowfall, Mrs.Long danced happily Auspicious snow heralds a good year Auspicious snow heralds a good year Next year will definitely be a good year, with a bumper harvest God really has eyes, God has eyes His wife, Weng Shi, twisted her fat waist, and looked at the heavy snow with a smile on her face Our family sold grain and bought so many fields from Mo s family, but we made a lot of money This heavy snowfall is so big.Quack, that grain price must have plummeted That land production must have skyrocketed The old man Long said with a smile, That s right, that s right It buy cbd gummies india s ridiculous that that sour scholar, Gu Yezhou, used his money to buy grain.And all moved to the eaves on the side of the street.After asking, I found out that because of the heavy snowfall, many victims had gone to temples, ancestral halls and other places where they could escape from the wind and snow, and there were a lot fewer people on the street.Moreover, the corpse was no longer visible, presumably the action of exchanging the corpse for steamed buns had achieved results.At least Rengu Yezhou was a little relieved.Since there were few people on the street, healthergize cbd gummies reviews the two discussed it and decided to go to the Chenghuang Temple for a free clinic.When they came to the Town God s Temple, they saw that the disaster victims who had been scattered all over the ground hid in the main hall, and there were no people in the square.On the contrary, the hall was crowded with people, and there was no place to stay.Ergui and I will go to see if there is any opportunity to work.Let s find a way together so we can survive Trembling, Tian Po stepped forward to pull the two children.The two little do cbd gummies stay in your system buy cbd gummies 50mg guys had just been warmed by the quilt, and they were about to come out again, with expressions of fear on their faces, but, unable to withstand the urging of their hungry stomachs, they decided to find something to eat to fill their stomachs first.Then he got out, took grandma s hand, and walked into the wind and snow.However, on this day, the three of them, grandparents and grandchildren, almost traveled all over the city in the snowstorm, but they didn t even get half of the wild vegetables.Because the ground was covered by the heavy snow, there was no way to dig wild vegetables, so they all went to the streets to beg, so there were begging victims everywhere, and those residents in the city didn t have enough food to eat, so they couldn t afford to help these victims, so a They all closed the door, even if they knocked, they would not open it.This thin quilt can t resist the wind and cold at all, and the whole family is as frozen as a brood of quail.In the middle of the night, Ergui was in a daze when he suddenly heard his daughter buy cbd gummies 50mg in law exclaiming in panic, Why are dog eggs so hot Like burning coals, he hurriedly whispered Goddam What s wrong with you Are you sick In the second half of the night, Goudan trembled more and more, just like sifting chaff.At this moment, he closed his eyes tightly and pressed against the Holding his mother s arms, he muttered It s cold, it s so cold, I buy cbd gummies 50mg need to warm myself Tian Ergui said anxiously It must be during the daytime, that old man took his son to beg for food.Now What should we do He looked around frantically, seeing Luo Jiacai s father in law, buy cbd gummies 50mg Uncle Shang, and his family were still burning, so he carried his son and went there, wanting to discuss with Uncle Shang about a place for his son to warm up, but Uncle Shang decided against it.Li Dongzi s daughter in law hugged his leg and cried, Father, you can t If we give it all, how can our family live Li Dongzi looked at the family and looked at him pitifully, then kicked him again.After marrying his daughter in law, he said with a smile to You Cai Tell Brother Ergui that I am sorry for him.I have given you all my chaff and cakes, but there are no more.You Cai used her skirt Swinging around these cakes, her heart was full of joy, and she turned her head to look at her husband, Tian Ergui, and saw that he had his eyes closed and his head tilted, not looking this way.Obviously not confident.Then her heart thumped wildly, she carried her poop in her pocket, and said, Give me the bag too Li Dongzi quickly took the empty pocket and helped her put all the poop in it.Only then did You Cai carry the cake, and walked quickly behind the clay statue, blocking Tian Ergui s view, cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado then took out a cake, and swallowed it indiscriminately.The doctor said it would cost a lot of money to heal.I can t help it, so I just came out to do this business, and after waiting for a day, no one came to see me, sir, you should pity me and take me As he spoke, his knees softened and he was about to kneel down.But he was stopped by the man.The woman next to him said crisply Do you know a doctor named Gu Yezhou He often does not need money to treat the poor, so you can ask him to show it to your man.His medical skills are very good, I can take you there You Cai blinked desperately gratefully, trying to squeeze out a few tears of emotion, but the severe cold seemed to have frozen her lacrimal glands, so there was no way to squeeze out tears.With a crying voice, he said Thank you, woman, so you also know Mr.Gu Great, he is from our village.He even treated my son and didn t ask for money, but I asked him to give it to my husband.

Seeing a doctor, but he disliked that we had no money, and he was unwilling to treat my man.The doctor I said asked for a lot of money was him, and I sold it because I earned money for his consultation.Female hero Master If you two 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg I am familiar with Mr.Gu, can you tell me, beg him, save my husband s life, don t cut off his hands and feet, please After finishing speaking, he wanted to kneel down again.The man buy cbd gummies 50mg held her back, and said in a deep voice, Why did he cut off your husband s hands and feet It s so disgusting He, he said he couldn t afford the money, so he could only cut off his hands and feet Dog thief How shameless I I have to find him to settle the score The buy cbd gummies 50mg woman s originally fair face became even more bloodless, and Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública buy cbd gummies 50mg she whispered Brother, Mr.Gu is not that kind of person The matter is still unclear.Chop it up, grind it with a roller, push it with a fine mill, cook it, pick up the sedimented slag, and knead it into a ball of cake.The straw is similar, the difference is only Straw is used.This thing hurts the throat after eating, and it is harder to swallow than elm bark, so it is relatively cheap.Is there not much Yucai asked.We re talking about the selling price There s nothing less than a penny.You Cai thought for buy cbd gummies 50mg a while, if he bought such a straw cake with eight pennies, there would be only nineteen pennies left, and I m afraid that Mr.Gu would not want it.Now, let s take care of it first Yucai stood up with difficulty, and slowly walked forward.Because her stomach was empty, she began to have burning pains, her whole body was sluggish, and her eyes were full of stars, but she still insisted on walking to the buy cbd gummies 50mg gate of Gu Yezhou s courtyard.If you really want to live, stand aside He stared at Zeng Duanqing again, he was still a little bit Those who are afraid of the Escort, now only want to kill Gu Yezhou as soon as possible, so that they can withdraw from the city in time, and they can t make too many powerful enemies, so they said Except for this surnamed Gu, today I will not hurt anyone else, but if you dare to attack, I won t be polite either.Zeng Duanqing blocked the door and said coldly I don t care about others, as long as they don t hurt the third sister, I won t make a move.Yes The mountain god looked at Zeng Feixia and Gu Yezhou who were standing behind Gu Yezhou.Zeng Feisong, Where are you two Are you watching the fun, or do you want to come up and suffer your death Zeng Feisong said with a smile He and I are just neighbors and have nothing to do with him.Zeng Feixia took out a firework from her bosom, and took out a scythe to ignite it.The mountain god roared Stop her, don t let her call for rescue Picking up the giant axe, roaring and slashing at Gu Yezhou, at the same time, a strong man in armor next to him also attacked Gu Yezhou.But the dragon head grabbed the front ghost knife and slashed at Zeng Feixia.Zeng Feixia had no way to ignite the fire, and it was too late to launch the fireworks, so she had to parry the opponent s attack first.The remaining one, a strong man in armor, watched Zeng Duanqing and the few of them who hadn t made a move, to prevent them from making a sudden move.Gu Yezhou flew single handedly, one against two, but did not lose the wind.This was mainly because the two mountain gods were afraid of the hidden weapon in Gu Yezhou s hand, so they did not dare to attack excessively, but only attacked tentatively.The boiling water that entered from the seams, especially the eyes, caused the faucet to scream and back again and again.Zeng Lingmei took a few breaths.Since Ning Sanmei has hot water, it means there is fire in the house Zeng Lingmei remembered that when she entered the house earlier, hot water was indeed burning on the stove.Then she threw the fireworks in her hand to Ning Sanmei Hurry up Light the fireworks Our people will find officers and soldiers Ning Sanmei quickly grabbed the fireworks and was about to run back to the house, but at the door, she was caught by a full body armor It was the armored man who attacked Gu Yezhou together with the mountain god.Give me 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg the fireworks The armored man roared, the spear in his hand flashed, and stabbed Ning Sanmei like a poisonous snake.Third Sister Ning backed away in fright.Ning San The younger sister obediently made it to his right side, looking at him timidly.Gu Yezhou smiled slightly, stretched out his hand, and wrapped his arms around her small waist.Looking at her petal like delicate face, he was so excited that he couldn t help but leaned over and kissed her gently on the cheek.This kiss came from the heart.She has been with Ning Sanmei since time travel.She takes care of him in every possible way, is as careful as a hair, and thinks of him in everything.Gu Yezhou himself is used to this kind of care.Happiness is like this But in today s battle, Gu Yezhou suddenly discovered that he cared so much about this handsome and stubborn peasant girl in his heart.Thousands of pieces were shattered, but fortunately God has eyes and gods protected Sanmei Ning so that she could take care of herself.I cbd vegan gummies new york wronged you earlier, please look after the child.For the sake of this, leave our mother and son behind, please Tian Dagui also heard what Miracle Doctor Wang said loudly cbd gummies with thc colorado baypark cbd gummies for ed earlier.He sneered at the moment Admit your mistake now Is it too late Knowing that your husband s hands and feet are failing, Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública buy cbd gummies 50mg you came to me Ask me to feed you Dreaming What did you do earlier Go away.Your life and death have nothing to do with me You Cai looked back and saw that Li Dongzi had let go of the immobile Tian Ergui, stood up, and was searching around ferociously, suddenly trembling with fright, prostrated himself on the ground, trying to avoid the other party s sight, but when he climbed down, In an instant, she had seen Li Dongzi approaching viciously.The situation is extremely buy cbd gummies 50mg calming cbd gummies urgent and there is no other way.But I really ate them all If you eat it all, go ask for it Anyway, if you bring twenty three rice cakes, I ll keep you.Otherwise, I ll leave you alone.If Li Dongzi troubles you again, even if you strangle you to death on the spot, I won t care buy cbd gummies 50mg Listen Have you arrived yet Youcai originally wanted to keep these poops to save lives later, but now it seems that she can t hide it anymore, so she can only cry and say Goudan and I have already eaten a few, and there are more than a dozen leftovers.One, buried in the snow outside the city.If you don t believe me, Big Brother will go get it with me, and give Big Brother whatever you have.Tian Dagui s eyes were already green with hunger, and when he heard that there were more than a dozen chaff, his eyes immediately widened.Green light, said Okay, I ll go with you cbd gummies 600 mg right away The two stood up and were about to leave when Miracle Doctor Wang came over and said loudly, Ma am, do you want to saw your husband s leg You Cai Looking pitifully at Tian Dagui.

However, after being excited, he immediately fell into terror and helplessness.He felt that his body no longer had the strength to support his yelling due to the lack of physical strength, so he stopped talking, and after panting, he thought about what to do.However, if he didn t even care buy cbd gummies 50mg about his own wife and elder brother, he might just starve to death.When it was getting dark, Tian Dagui and You Cai came back.Tian Dagui was carrying a cloth bag on his shoulders.Li Dongzi in the distance immediately saw that it was his own.However, he didn t have the courage to challenge the already taller than him.Tian Dagui, unable to get his food back, pulled his hair and groaned in pain.Tian Ergui also saw his daughter in law coming back, and yelled with difficulty You son of a bitch, come here.You Cai didn t seem to hear, and sat stimulant cbd gummies review beside Tian Po, hugging her son.The porter is an old man.Come out and open the door.He looked at them suspiciously.Zeng Feixia hurriedly smiled sweetly.Fuli said Master, we were sent by Master Long Biaolong from the Gong e Village.Earlier, our Young Master made a deal with someone and entrusted your carriage to deliver ten bags of grain.We have something to ask the driver.I wonder if the handlebars are back The concierge hurriedly put on a smiling face, nodded and bowed his head and said, It turns out they are from Young Master Long s family.I m sorry.Our handlebars have returned.Please come in, both of you.Sit in the flower hall for a while, and I ll go find the handlebars for you.Gu Yezhou and the others followed the concierge into the flower hall, where there was a fire, very hot and warm.After only sitting for a while, the concierge came in with a few handlebars and bowed to salute.Zeng Duanqing looked at her intently, only to see that she was wearing a rough white linen filial piety dress with a knot tied around her waist.White silk, with a white cloth wrapped around her head, her little face was rosy from the cold, standing in front of her charmingly, like a lily blooming away, her eyes gleamed, the corners of her mouth twitched, and she said, Third sister, you, just now, you cried for me Ning Sanmei blushed, lowered her head and said softly, Master Zeng was seriously injured to save him.I am very grateful, so , Master Zeng is recovering from his injuries Don t talk too much, so as not to bother your mind.After finishing speaking, he stood up and turned around to go back to Gu Yezhou.Zeng Duanqing suddenly raised his voice Sanmei Don t go Don t go Mrs.Zeng at the side hurriedly comforted Don t go, don t go, we have already taken over Sanmei, and she will live in our yard.She didn t look at him, just lowered her head.For a while, Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública buy cbd gummies 50mg the room was silent.Outside, Gu Yezhou and Zeng Biaotou sat on chairs, and the servants served tea.Gu Yezhou said It s like this.I want to ask the head of the security guard about someone.The cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado head of the security guard has a lot of experience and knowledge.Maybe he knows him.Oh Who is it There is a deep and deep line on the left cheekbone.A man with a scar.He s probably in his thirties.He s about the same size as me. A man with a scar Zeng Biaotou lowered his head and murmured, Is he from the Jianghu It should be.Zeng Biaotou thought for a long time , said There are so few famous quacks with scars on their faces, and the old man knows them all, but the scar on the left cheekbone.And it s so long and so deep, it s only Scar Wolf.Scarred Wolf Gu Yezhou was overjoyed, finally got a clue Well This man is also in his thirties, and his build is about the same as Mr.When he got close, he was dumbfounded, and saw that their courtyard had been burnt to ruins, the landlord s family, the traveling doctor and the store clerk s family were all injured, but luckily no one died.After asking, I found out that not long after they escaped, bandits best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression came like a flood, led by three tall and strong men in iron armor, and brought a lot of archers.They surrounded the yard with three floors inside and three floors outside.They how to make cbd gummies from flower caught them and forced them to ask the whereabouts of Gu Yezhou and others.How could the landlord know about it, so the bandits set fire to the house and then withdrew.Everyone felt scared for a while after hearing this.Gu Yezhou said The bandits instigated the victims to attack the Yamen to grab food.In this way, the officers and soldiers all gathered in the Yamen to put down the rebellion, and they were able to calmly concentrate their forces against us.It turned out that after Father Ning cbd gummies with thc colorado saw his son shot to death with an arrow by the officers do captain cbd gummies get you high and soldiers guarding the bank, he escaped and finally hid in the snowdrift.He didn t climb out until the shouts of killing all around stopped, and the officers and soldiers had controlled the county seat, but he was almost frozen to death by the freezing for several hours.When he came out trembling, he went to the yamen to find his son.When he arrived at the yamen, the gate of the yamen had already been handled by officers and soldiers, and corpses were being carried out of it cbd with turmeric gummies one by one and thrown into the dam in front of the yamen.These are the victims sunshine cbd gummies who broke into the county office to rob food and money and were killed.Father Ning hurried to identify, and found the body of his second son among the dead, and his clothes had been scattered, as if he 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg had been thoroughly searched, he couldn t help feeling tense, because half of their land deeds were deposited The one on his son quickly searched again carefully, but he did not find a piece of land deed, which made him stamp his foot buy cbd gummies 50mg calming cbd gummies and cry loudly.It s safe.Fan Mingzhi stared and said Wait My grandfather is almost dead, and we rushed back to see each other.The relationship is not your relatives, it doesn t matter.Zeng Lingmei hurriedly helped Gu Yezhou speak Master, don t say that, Mr.Gu is kind hearted and willing to Helping others, he used to pay out of his own pocket to give free consultations to victims of disasters.He is not a heartless person.He is worried that there may be disasters.Then what is the disaster Where is the disaster Let me buy cbd gummies 50mg see it Mo Mingzhi still laughed Fan Jian glared at Gu Yezhou with eyebrows, and said to his father, Father Let s go quickly If we delay any longer, I m afraid we won t see Grandpa.Master Fan nodded repeatedly, and looked at Biaotou Zeng.Escort Zeng looked up at the sky again, but it was still cloudless.But Zeng Lingmei was originally weak, and Mrs.Fan couldn t run fast, so she fell behind.She was so frightened that her face turned pale.Seeing that Zeng Lingmei was about to be overtaken by the overwhelming ice, Gu Yezhou finally gritted his teeth, let go of the servant girl s hand, braked to a sudden stop, turned back, grabbed Zeng Lingmei s hand, and pulled her to run.His speed was the fastest among these people, and he quickly caught up with the little maid, grabbed the little maid, and ran wildly with her.Fan Mingzhi, who fell at the back, was flustered, fell several times, and struggled to get up, but when he fell again, the icicle had already passed the top of his everyday optional cbd gummies head, and he heard the melodious clang of Ding Ling colliding with the icicle The sound, as well as the crackling sound of tearing space, hit the whole body.

His black gray body shattered like powder and scattered all over the ground with the wind.Together with his soft silk satin, they were all shattered and scattered with the wind Wu Kuntie, who was about to come back to pull him, was terrified when he saw this scene.He saw that his hands were also turning black and gray, and he turned around and ran forward.He found that his vision began to blur, as if a layer of ice had formed You can only see a vast expanse of whiteness, and you can t tell the difference between the sky and the earth.He can no longer think, because his mind has been frozen into a blank, all he can do is run forward mechanically.After running more than ten steps, the crackling ice caught up to him.The soft clothes he was wearing immediately turned into solid ice.Click His hind foot was broken, and one foot was still firmly frozen on the ice, but the broken leg was still running forward.If you fall on it, you will be turned into a meatloaf Unexpectedly, I traveled to such a troubled world that was about to be destroyed, and fell to my death under the cliff before the final day of destruction.Click Gu Yezhou felt that he was hit heavily on the back, and at this moment, the speed of his falling body suddenly slowed down.Kachacha It was as if a series of sticks were hitting the back, and there was a series of sounds of branches being broken by them.It turned out that they happened to land on a towering tree, and after breaking countless branches in succession, the last one was too thick.It failed to break it, but bounced him up, turned over, and fell heavily on the ice.Immediately, both of them passed out.I don t know how long it took for Gu Yezhou to wake up , he slowly opened his eyes and saw this silvery white buy cbd gummies 50mg world again, he was overjoyed, it was great that he was not dead yet, but he immediately felt pain all over his body, especially his back, and he didn t know Was the spine broken by the branch He couldn t help moaning in pain, and immediately, he heard a deep roar, the sound was shocking and menacing, it was the roar of some kind of animal, but he He couldn t think of what it was for a while.When he was intoxicated, Zeng Lingmei hugged him and shook the wound on his back, causing him to groan in pain.Zeng Lingmei was in sorrow and anxiety with tears in her eyes, when she heard this sound, it was like a thunderbolt from the blue sky, she quickly held his face and looked at it, and saw that his brows were frowning, and his eyes were staring straight at her plump twin peaks.Surprised, happy cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado and ashamed, she blushed and said anxiously, Youyou re not dead Feel everything Shamed and embarrassed, she pushed him away You really are Pretend to be dead and lie This push touched Gu Yezhou s wound again, causing him to scream in cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado pain.Zeng Lingmei was shocked, and quickly hugged him again How are you Where is the injury It seems to be injured in the back, I don t know cbd gummies to lower a1c if it is broken Then, what should I do Gu Ye Zhou put the pistol in his arms, glanced at the tree hole, and said, My injury will not heal in a while, I 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg need to find buy cbd gummies 50mg a place to rest.She shivered again, and forced a smile Master Just as she yelled, suddenly, an extremely strong and icy wind swept past, sweeping her petite body into the air Bo Lian screamed, waving her hands and feet in the air, and then fell heavily down the rockery and landed on the solid ice of the garden.Mrs.Long was stunned, watching the gust of wind blowing Bo Lian into the air and hitting the ground again.The tube top on her chest had been ripped off, revealing two cute breasts like big white rabbits.In such a spring, Mrs.Long no longer had the slightest mood of appreciating him.He was already stunned by what happened before, and he grabbed the door frame tightly, not knowing what to do.Bo Lian struggled to prop up her naked delicate body, looked at Mrs.Long, and said sadly Master, help me The words fell slightly, and another stronger gust of wind came out, mixed with whirlwind, and waved Bo Lian s body.You bring benefits.Carp was a little curious, and asked, What s the matter Scar Wolf once had a thumb sized mirror, which was very clear, and could see human hair clearly.Listen to Scar The wolf said, you gave him that thing, and what I 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg want to ask is, where did you get it from Why do you ask 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg this You don t need to know that, you just need to explain how it is Come.I let Scar Wolf go, slapped his ass and left.How Is that true Of course, I didn t come to save her.I just came to ask about this matter.The scarred wolf beside him said anxiously Then you let me go before I tell you Since this matter is not important It doesn t matter, if you let me go, he will definitely tell you.Gu Yezhou smiled lightly, and said, Do you really think I m so easy to deceive Li Yu said, I don t care what I want to do, but I can.Don t worry, of course I will keep my word.Who is it I m sorry, I can t say it.Okay.Then I won t ask, goodbye After finishing speaking, he buy cbd gummies 50mg let go of Scar Wolf s arm, drifted away, and disappeared into the night.Carp and Scar Wolf didn t expect Gu Yezhou to leave as soon as he said it.Among them, Scar Wolf was the most excited.He felt like he had escaped from death.He hurried into the cave and said fiercely to Carp, You What the hell did you just say Regardless do cbd gummies stay in your system buy cbd gummies 50mg of my life or death Li Yu glanced at his injured hands coldly, and cbd gummies noblesville said coldly, You are still fighting with me now You probably don t want your life Rin, just now he was so angry that he didn t think about his injury, so he yelled at the carp, but after the carp reminded him, he suddenly remembered that his hands were all crippled by Gu Yezhou.Gu Yezhou had already supported the sky with one pillar, and when Fan Jianmei showed his plain hand to touch his steaming pillar, he still broke her hand away at once.He is not a saint, but he will not take advantage of others.Besides, he buy cbd gummies 50mg calming cbd gummies was still with a woman he hated very much.He was afraid that if the words were held by her, he would not be able to hold back.Fan Jianmei s hand was held tightly by Gu Yezhou, unable to move, she was so anxious that she kept twisting her body, and whispered intoxicatingly coquettishly.Gu Yezhou s instinctive desire was high, but he couldn t.So he turned Fan Jianmei over and hugged her tightly from behind.He originally thought this position was safer, but the position of his hands was right on her smooth, soft and round breasts.What s more terrible is that when facing each other, you can arch your body to avoid her private parts, but when you hug her from behind, you have the same round buttocks that are just clinging to her, and your words just naturally hit the most wanted Places to go.If we go out now, we will get lost and freeze to death.So we wait here until the blizzard stops before we go.I will block buy cbd gummies 50mg the entrance first, so as to keep warm.Oh Fan Jian Eyebrow twitched and agreed.Gu Yezhou used the snow blown in before closing the entrance of the cave to seal the passage again.Then leaning against the cave wall, he deliberately asked, Miss Fan, where are those bandits Didn t you get caught by them Although there were corpses piled up at the entrance of the cave, because it was late 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg at night, Fan Jianmei couldn t see them at all.So no idea they were actually next to a bunch buy cbd gummies 50mg of dead people.Fan Jianmei sobbed and said, I don t know either.I was, um, beaten and passed out by bandits.I woke up just now, and I heard you calling me outside.I agreed, and I don t know either.Where did the bandits who caught me go, and why did they leave me here alone Fan Jianmei naturally knew the truth about family scandals, so she didn t tell the truth and wanted to cover up the fact that she was raped by bandits.

You go.So you go by yourself I, I don t have the strength to walk Then you have to go Otherwise, you will freeze to death here Or wait for the bandits to catch you and die Fan Jianmei shuddered, and timidly asked What is reincarnation Gu Yezhou couldn t laugh or cry, and pulled her up I can only carry you away You have to rely You Just like that, Gu Yezhou kept dragging her up the hillside.After walking for less than half an hour, Fan Jianmei collapsed on the ground I, I really don t have the strength to go I would rather die here Gu Yezhou said I warn you, don t you I won t be soft hearted if you come to this kind of thing.Fan Jianmei cried My family spent money to hire your bodyguards, so you should carry me When she said this again, Gu Yezhou was so angry that he thought about it.The foot was kicked by her, and she said sharply You understand, your family is a hired bodyguard, not your servant, why should I go cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado behind your back Can you go If you don t go, I will go by myself I, I have no strength, please, help me Gu Yezhou turned around and walked away.Daughter Zeng Lingmei and other bodyguards and martial artists invited by Chongjin were led to a valley by the blood.The blood disappeared.They searched for a long time but did not find any traces of people.Fireworks signal, they did not see.They felt that they had been fooled, and hurried back to the small bridge, waiting there anxiously.As a result, Escort Zeng waited.Because he has already torn his face with the bandits who took the hostages, so at this time, he must mobilize people to search the mountain as soon as possible to find Gu Yezhou or the bandits.Escort Zeng immediately decided to let the two escorts rush back to the county seat, find Master Fan, tell the story, and let Master Fan use the people from the yamen.Master Fan has 75 mg cbd gummies buy cbd gummies 50mg worked in the county for more than 30 years, and the popularity of the yamen is very good.To be continued Chapter 158 Buy at a high price and sell at a low price Long Xiaohe s wives and concubines began nagging in his ears, asking him to find a way to get rid of Mrs.Long s live green cbd gummies family.Looking at the nearly empty granary, Long Xiaohe couldn t sit still, so he found Mr.Long.Mrs.Long had just finished the funeral of his wife and son, and buy cbd gummies 50mg calming cbd gummies was sitting listlessly in the room in a daze.His younger brother came in and called him twice before he reacted and hurriedly gave up his seat.Long Xiaohe sat down, first said a few gossips, then forced a smile and said Brother, these days you are busy with the funeral of your sister in law and nephew, there are some things you don t know yet, but you have to tell brother, Because if I don t talk about it, I m afraid someone will die.Old Master Long was taken aback, and said, What s so serious Food.Are you afraid that I will repay the debt Old Master Long handed over the scroll in his hand and said, This painting is a masterpiece by a famous artist.The tables and banquets are all worth it The shopkeeper didn t answer, and said with a smile I m sorry, old man, I m not good at antiques, so I don t know if this thing is worth money.This is the real thing I specially asked someone to inspect it Even if it s genuine, we won t exchange it.Why Because our boss said that when we eat in a small shop, we only accept gold, silver and buy cbd gummies 50mg copper coins, and no antiques.Because, hehe, antiques are worthless now.Why is it worthless Let me tell you, I used three bags of grain in exchange for this picture scroll It is definitely the real thing Why is it worthless If it was before the famine, this thing is very valuable, and I m afraid that thirty bags of rice can t be exchanged for it.Seeing that the calligraphy and paintings of celebrities that were exchanged for three bags of rice back then were only worth so much, Mr.Long was so angry that he almost fainted.He regards these antiques as treasures very much, so he is naturally reluctant to make such a bloody deal with them.Holding the scroll, he got into the carriage and royal cbd gummy led the officials back.Halfway there, he didn t give up and didn t believe what the shopkeeper said, so he asked the buy cbd gummies 50mg calming cbd gummies coachman to go to the second hand goods market.When he came to the second hand goods market, he was immediately stunned, and saw that the market was crowded with people, much more than the last time he visited here.However, most of them are selling things, and the things they bring out are also dazzling, including many kinds of antiques.Because Mrs.We know that you are rescuing Master Fan.When I was a daughter, I killed Scar do cbd gummies stay in your system buy cbd gummies 50mg Wolf and Carp.I don t care about your murders, as long as you return the very heavy blue cloth package that you took away.As for the contents inside, I don t need to say Yes, of course it must be returned to us in the same order.Escort Zeng didn t even look do cbd gummies stay in your system buy cbd gummies 50mg at Gu Yezhou next to him, and said indifferently I m sorry, when we rescued the hostages, we didn t take anything away.The mountain god stared at Gu Yezhou, and said word by word Gu, you don t know who you provoked, right Let me tell you the truth, if you don t hand over that thing, no one will be able to protect you, including you.You intercede fairy.We will catch you and use all kinds of punishments to extract a confession.At that time, you will really have to live or die You have to weigh it I ll say it again, I didn t take your What kind of bullshit package I don t fear your threats, I ll come if I can.Gu buy cbd gummies 50mg Yezhou persuaded Cai again.Then he said Didn t Lizheng say that you have something to discuss with me Please tell me.Mo Lizheng sighed and said, Although I am locked in a big prison, I also know that there is a catastrophe outside.The first is hail, Then came the heavy snow, then the extreme cold, then the strong wind, and now the continuous blizzard.This is not to make people live.Alas After I got out of prison, I thought that my family was ruined and no one would pay attention to me anymore.Unexpectedly, besides you, sir, many people in the village cared about me very much, and came to see me after they learned that I was released Mo Huaixiang muttered softly, They mainly came to see if you could help me.order something to eat.Mori smiled and said, They mainly came to visit me, and of course, they also let me know their hard life.The mountains and fields are covered with thick snow, and we can t find wild vegetables and grass roots.Xue, it would be great if you could find something to eat Hearing this, Gu Yezhou couldn t help but feel his heart move, and said, Ah, the sea The sea doesn t freeze.There are a lot of fish in the sea, and they can t be caught.Why Why don t you go to the seaside and try Mori was looking at Gu Yezhou in surprise Really Gu Yezhou didn t know if the fishermen on the seaside would starve to death, but most of the sea is full of water.Icing, except near the poles.And there are many fish and shrimp in the sea, and I have never heard of any disaster that can wipe out all the fish and shrimp in the sea.But in the end, he was just guessing, so he smiled and said I don t know if it can be done.But the tree is moved to die, and the people are buy cbd gummies 50mg moved to live.

The shopkeeper nodded, took down the jade plaque, and respectfully returned it to Gu Yezhou, and said in a low voice, What is Mr.Gu s order Still need to pay The shopkeeper was a little panicked, bowed even lower, and said with a smile Mr.You are joking.Since you have a jade card, you will naturally pay for all food and lodging in the shop, and you will not buy cbd gummies 50mg be charged a penny.If the master has other orders, as long cbd gummies 500mg jar justcbd as the shop can do it, it will be done.Gu Yezhou was happy, and Zi Xi really didn t deceive himself, this thing really works.Putting the jade token in his arms, he said, Prepare one or two roast ducks, wrap them up, and I ll take them away later.Okay Let the kitchen prepare the small ones.Gu Yezhou went upstairs contentedly, thinking Who the hell is this kid There is such a skill It can not only order bandits like mountain gods, but also make restaurants provide free food and free accommodation.Tan, for dispatching soldiers to go Rescue Gu.Tan Xianwei looked ashamed, shook his head and waved his hands and said Don t mention this, they have already told me, they are late, sir has escaped from the bandit s clutches by himself.These useless things , what else can you expect them to do Fortunately, sir, good luck and good luck, death is auspicious.Otherwise, I would be ashamed to death.Mr.Tan is serious.Please Let s talk in the flower hall.County captain Tan followed Gu Yezhou to the place In the flower hall, guests and hosts are seated separately.Tan Xianwei said I haven t thanked you in person for saving my life last time.After finishing speaking, he stood up and bowed to the ground.Gu Yezhou hurriedly stood up to return the salute.Tan Xianwei said If it wasn t for my husband s rescue that time, I m afraid I would have died among the rioters.To be continued Chapter 166 Concubine and Antique After all, Ma Mazi had a thicker skin, and said in a low voice with a blushing face, I m not afraid that you will laugh at me, sir, the food for our two families has almost been eaten.I m afraid we have just reached the seaside of the south of the Yangtze River.So, if you don t go, just sit and eat.I m afraid the whole family will starve to death in the end.Gu Yezhou was stunned Besides the two members, you are a big family in the village, with a mountain of food, how can you starve to death Ma Mazi laughed and said We didn t expect this snow disaster It will last for such a long time, I sold all the grain and bought the land, not to .

are fun drops cbd gummies legit?

mention that a strong wind swept away most of the grain of the rice merchants, and all the rice merchants neither sold nor lent grain.So we set off together.They said they would come to thank you, so they came together.I heard that you went to the Yamen, and we are waiting here, just want to say goodbye to you.In addition, there is one more thing that I would like to trouble you with.Is it okay Morrie, please tell me.Morrie glanced at his daughter and said in a low voice, It s a long way to go.I don t know if I can do it.I can t go there.My three sons and I have nothing to do.The key is my daughter and granddaughter.They are women.I m afraid they can t bear such hardships and hardships.I m worried that something will happen to them on the way.Therefore, I have an unfeeling request, I wonder if sir can agree Gu Yezhou had roughly thought of what he would say, nodded, and said, It s okay to say it.I think, I want to keep my daughter and granddaughter with Mr.At this time, the people in the village could hardly walk anymore, Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Estatal de Seguridad Pública buy cbd gummies 50mg so Mori ordered to rest in place and continue walking the next day.To be continued Chapter 171 Do you eat human flesh Youcai yelled on purpose, pretending to have a sore foot, but Tian Dagui didn t know if it was true or not.At this time, he no longer dared to utter insults like he used to.I can only hope that my sister in law s legs will recover the next day and continue cbd gummy mg .

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to help me walk.Their last food had been taken away by their daughter in law, and there was nothing left to eat.Tian Dagui was dizzy with hunger, and grabbed the snow on the ground to satisfy his hunger.He begged Youcai to help him find something to eat, but Youcai pretended not to hear, and curled up with his son to sleep.Only Tian Dagui s son, Niu Du, stood by his father s side, his eyes turned green from hunger, clamoring for food, Tian Dagui himself was already so hungry, how could there be any food for his son Can only listen to him cry.It caused intestinal obstruction, and finally died in the arms of Jiacai s daughter in law.The wealthy daughter in law has already experienced the pain of bereavement twice, and watching her last son die in her arms, she has no more tears.Holding her son, she just sat in a daze in the snow, until finally, relatives forcibly snatched the body of the son from her arms and buried it cbd anxiety gummies cbd gummies with thc colorado in the snow by the side of the road.gone.Luo Jiacai s father in law, Shang Bo, and his family followed, and saw Luo Jiacai s youngest son die because he couldn t poop.Both families are a little bit desolate with the death of a rabbit and a fox.Because the only food they have is wild vegetable cakes exchanged for the grain picked up during the strong wind.They don t know if there will be a day.Like this child, they were dying because they couldn t digest it.He saw people in the village start eating human flesh, and he also saw his own father start eating human flesh, but he couldn t eat it, so he persisted.And this night, two more people who ate human flesh died of vomiting and diarrhea, including his father.He was really scared.If he couldn t survive eating dead human flesh, what hope was there At this time, people in the village began to spread a saying that the meat of dead people is poisonous and should not be eaten.If you want to eat, you can only eat the meat of living people, or the meat of people who have just died.But no one in the village dared to kill and eat meat.Li Dongzi was almost dying of hunger, he didn t want to die like this, he wanted to live, no matter what method he used.But at this time, he saw Ma Dazi, who was also dying of hunger, staring at his own son in a daze, and thought of an idea.Their sled boats also became bumpy.Fortunately, this possibility had been fully estimated when the boat was built, so the supporting frames of the sleds were very strong, and they could withstand the violent bumps without piercing the bottom of the boat.Just when everyone was anxious, the old boatman finally shouted Here we are It s just ahead And at this moment, there was a bang, and a horse fell into the ice hole Originally, the Yangtze River was already covered with a thick layer of ice, and it was impossible to penetrate the entire ice layer at once, but the high temperature melted the surface ice, turning the surface ice into ice caves of various sizes, and the melted snow water gathered in the These places formed puddles on the ice.The horse fell into a relatively deep puddle, its leg was broken, and it let out a wail.

He hugged Yumei s mouth and kissed him, but Yumei avoided him and murmured weakly Don tdon t do thisSecond Young MasterII am buy cbd gummies 50mg your aunt I don t care, I want you I like you.Today I want to fuck you Long Bao said Talking nonsense, he raised his hand to grab her milk, but found that her hands were already wrapped around her chest, and she couldn t touch it.He was so anxious that he quickly reached out to untie her trouser belt, but found that she couldn t untie it no matter what, he was so anxious that he was going crazy.So he let go of Yumei and began to untie his clothes.Yumei got rid of his embrace, climbed onto the kang, and was about to get out of the window, but Long Bao grabbed one leg and pulled her back.She lay on the kang and cried, her hands still tightly protecting her chest.Longbao only took off his shirt, fearing that Yumei would take off his clothes and run out again, so he pressed her down and stroked her whole body, coaxing her non stop.The blizzards in the following months covered such solid ice under thick snow.However, the sudden rise in temperature since noon yesterday only melted the thick snow on the surface and the outer layer of the hard ice below.into the flood.Because it was hidden underwater, the people who were steering and guarding on the deck did not realize that this danger was approaching quietly.Gu Yezhou only took one look and knew that the hole couldn t be plugged.Fortunately, when the ship was built, the bilge had been partitioned, that is, the entire bilge was divided into several small rooms, so that if one of the rooms was flooded, the whole ship would not sink as long as the hatch was closed tightly.Gu Yezhou said anxiously Hurry up, we can t block it anymore, all get out and close the hatch Then he pulled Ning Sanmei out of the hatch.Immediately, the people on the boat screamed, because the side of their boat was close to the water level Escort Zeng was also taken aback, and hurriedly ordered several bags of grain to be thrown away.Only then did he rise a little, but it was still much lower than Gu Yezhou and his boat from the water s edge.When the boatman who put down the boat went down to the boat along the sling, most of the big boat had sunk into the water.The boatmen quickly untied the slings and rowed desperately.The vortex formed by the sinking of the big ship seems to suck the small boat into the middle of the vortex like a long siphon of water.The boatmen rowed desperately, finally rowed the boat out of the whirlpool, and then breathed a sigh of relief.Looking back, the magnificent three story ship had completely disappeared in the torrent.

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