Epic of Caterpillar - Chapter 252: [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 44/69; Vampire Noble Of Scarlet Thunder - Web Novel Full (2023)

[Day 171]

After spending time with Alice, we took a small rest of around three hours, when I woke up it was already morning and Alice, who was at my side of a large bed inside of a portable house, had changed slightly in appearance.

It seems that Alice evolved after the fights yesterday, she had finally hit the milestone of level 150, which needed a tremendous amount of EXP, perhaps because she had become Dhampir and her lineage was of high quality as it was from mine. Eating the Boss yesterday seemed to have completed some of the requirements for a different, stronger evolution.

Alice's appearance was now more dazzling. Her pure white skin had gained a small pinkish color on her cheeks, which gave her the beauty of the living combined with the charm of a Vampire. Her long white hair, which had turned this way after converting into a Dhampir, became a clear yellowish, with a beautiful golden luster.

Her eyes had turned into a deep scarlet color, her eyelashes had also become larger and beautiful, her lips were now pinkish, I could also feel on her body as she had a slight warmness. Her blood rushed with intense speed as the lighting nourished her entire body. It seemed as if lighting and thunder itself had become her blood. A powerful presence was being slowly released from her body, without Alice realizing it. Golden and Red sparks would sometimes crack if you moved too fast around her passive domain, although they were harmless on my body.

She was still seemingly sleeping, with an exhausted look, we had perhaps overdone it last night. In her sleeping beauty, I inspected her stats with my enhanced [Appraisal].

[NAME: Alice Lomanie

[CLASS: [Valkyrie of Crimson Storms]

[RACE: [Vampire Noble of Scarlet Thunder]

[LEVEL: 001/250

[STATUS: Excellent.

[ITEM BOX: 221/350

[HP: 480/480 MP: 635/635

[STAMINA: 250/250



[MAGIC: 490


[SPEED: 650


[LUCK: 15


[Lineage of Vampires; Overlord of Lust; Kireina Family Blessing (Updated!)]

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[Sin of Lust Curse] > [Sin of Lust Blessing]

[Converted Dhampir] > [Newborn Vampire Noble]

[Half Vampire Dignified Heart] + [Half Vampire Nobility] > [Dignity of the Vampire Nobles]

[Half-Vampire Super Self-Regeneration; Level 10] > [Vampire Noble Supernatural Self-Regeneration; Level 1]

[Child of the Night; Level 10] > [Noble Lady of the Night; Level 1]

[Enhanced Night Eyesight; Level 6]

[Enchanting Crimson Eyes; Level 10] > [Bewitching Illusive Glare; Level 1] (Evolved!)

[Bewitching Aura of the Half Vampire Concubine; Level 10] > [Spiritual Zapping Scarlet Aura Domain; Level 1]

[Bloodlust; Level 7] + [Deviant Fascination; Level 5] + [Zapping Blood Fascination; Level 6] + [Obsessive Nature; Level 7] + [Thundering Bloody Hunger; Level 7] > [Wicked Fascination for Bloodlust; Level 4]

[Basic Half Vampire Shapeshifting; Level 10] > [Vampire Noble Skillful Shapeshifting; Level 1]

[Thunder Blood Magic Creation and Manipulation; Level 10] > [Crimson Thunderstorm Attribute Magic; Creation and Manipulation; Level 1] (Evolved!)

[Cursed Thunder Blood; Level 10] > [Crimson Thunderstorm Flesh and Blood; Level 1]

[Familiar Summoning Magic: Thunderstorm Blood Phoenix] > [Familiar Summoning Magic; Three-Headed Crimson Crow]

[Devastating Thunder Blood Mark Awakening; Level 4]

[Thunder Blood Lance Kriemhild Cursed Techniques; Level 7]

[Greater Super Human Strength; Level 2]

[Greater Abnormal Status Resistance; Level 2]

[Greater Mana Manipulation; Level 1]

[Valkyrie of Scarlet Thunder Armor Creation; Level 1]

[New Titles]

[Vampire Noble]

Certainly, she had become stronger. Her stats seemed to be concentrated on mixed offense, combining physical and magic attacks. Her speed was very high, to the point that one could consider her a speed specialist. She also had a nice MP pool and her Charisma was abnormally high, most likely due to being a Vampire with outstanding charm. Alice was quite frail on her Defense, but with such speed and the support of her new Lighting powers, I was sure that she could evade most hits anyways.

Several of her skills seemed to have automatically fused together when she evolved, some evolved on their own as well.

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Aside from the extra stats, Skills, and Classes, her [Organic Equipment] clothes had changed, becoming a more refined a beautiful gothic dress combining red and black colors.

When Alice opened her eyes, she noticed that I was intensively inspecting her body. Her scarlet eyes released small red sparks of electricity as she gave me a cute smile.

"Good morning, Master~! I've evolved…!"

"Yeah, I was inspecting your evolution… Geh!"

Alice didn't even let me finish my sentence as she jumped over me with incredible speed and force, her strength was even greater than what her status showed! Could it be that other skill… [Greater Super Human Strength]? It was as if her strength had suddenly doubled, or at least, increased by around 70%.

She held me with her two delicate yet strong arms as she approached her lips towards mine. She was being surprisingly dominant, but because she was so beautiful, I didn't mind. She kissed me passionately with her delicious lips as her soft and sticky tongue played around inside of my mouth. After half a minute passed, she released her lips from mine as a small thread of saliva connected our tongues for some moments, until it disappeared.

"Master~! After evolving, I feel so full of love for you! Every inch of my body…! And my heart is racing so fast! It's been so long since it has beaten like this! Haah~! Haah~! P-Please…! T-Touch me… Beat me! Haah~ Haah~"

"I-I see… (It must be because of her Lineage updating? I cannot think about anything else… Perhaps every evolution she has will make her more fanatical towards me)"

Alice looked at me with a crazed, almost insane look on her eyes. However, her charm was affecting me partially, and on her craziness, I found an incredible alluringness and sexiness. I wanted to do as she wanted, as I enhanced my body with a powerful buff and overpowered her body, putting her into a passive situation. This only made her heart race even faster as she gave me an incredibly enamored yet insane glare.

Well, if she wanted to be my plaything so much, I might as well accept.

"Don't worry, I will play around with your body to my heart's content~"

"Haah~ Master! Master~! Haah~ Haah~ P-Please!"

I touched Alice's curves, from her plump thighs to her belly and then her armpits to her arms. Just by my touch, her body trembled intensively as she released "Haaahh~" sounds… Her skin had indeed become very soft, it even felt good to just touch it.

I then grabbed one of her arms as I raised it over her head, approaching my mouth to it, I felt the delicious and alluring fragrance of a perfume, seemingly of the highest quality, that exuded naturally from Alice's armpits. I gently licked it with my tongue, tasting a slight saltiness accompanied by the taste of cologne.

"Haaah~ Master, so lewd~!"

It seems that Vampire Nobles can secrete a natural perfume or cologne from their bodies, they would never smell bad, even when sweating, if they could even sweat in the first place. My body produces this fragrance as well, but I attributed it to my Fairy species, I never thought that it may be related to my Vampire part as well.

I kept on licking over Alice's right armpit, and then, raising her left arm, I did the same to her left armpit. Each of my licks made her tremble in excitement, and her vagina was already incredibly wet, releasing her nectar to the bedsheets below her.

I then licked her neck and then kissed it several times, just the contact that we had between our bodies was enough to make Alice orgasm right away. I then licked beneath her ears, even her forehead received my lustful kisses.

Afterward, I kissed her fair belly, slowly descending to her lower garments, were I gently took away her wet black panties, revealing her pink and sticky vagina, which was being constantly stimulated by my touch.

Then, I voraciously licked her vagina, putting my tongue inside, I tasted all of her sweet yet sour juices, that had a slight and delicious saltiness to them. Alice's body trembled intensively as her juices never stopped coming, flooding my mouth, I drank it all without hesitation.

I had already stimulated my own vagina as I approached it to hers, slowly but steady, we kissed each other with our lower lips, dancing around as the sticky nectar combined together into a love concoction. Alice's moans combined with my own, the stimulation and excitement were too much, as I quickly released more of my own juices. Both rivers combined together as they jumped through the air, with the lewd sounds of our lower lips touching and kissing.

Our bodies began to sweat intensively, and the room was filled with the distinct smell of Alice's natural perfume, and my floral scent and almost intoxicating sweetness created a transparent mist, making the air very dense. This made our bodies sweat even more as we bathed in each other sweat as we kissed both of our lips with each other. I made sure to use various positions I've learned in this short life, pleasuring myself and Alice beyond all our expectations.

Two hours had passed and we were now peacefully washing each other bodies in the bathroom, Alice seemed now rather tired, as I was too intense, it seems, although I had no regrets. Instead of being saddened by her tiredness, she was happy instead.

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The child on her womb was still very small, at an almost cellular level still, if my suspicion was right, Vampire children will take the same amount of time than a Human, around eight months, however, if it inherits some of my monster blood, it may grow faster, in six months, perhaps.

When we reached the outside, there was already a small camp made up by my family, the wives that liked to gather and cook in the morning were preparing various dishes for breakfast, while the ones that liked to spar were in a separate side fighting, and the others that wanted to craft or repair weapons made a small workshop with their desk, anvils, and items.

Amiphossia came flying towards me on her [Phantasmal Form], which resembled her usual appearance but semi-transparent, she also had small light purple and black ghosts flying around her.

"Good morning, mommy!"

"Good morning, Ami… Hm? Are those ghost monsters?"

"Ah! No, don't kill them! They're my Phantasmal Clones! I made them by splitting my Phantasmal Soul, they're like mommy's Slime Clones, they can go around and explore places for me! Pretty great, right?"

"Incredible! Did you managed to do that by yourself?"

"Hehehe… That���s right, by using mother's Slime Clones as a reference, it wasn't as hard~!"

"I see…"

I gently patted Amiphossia's Phantasmal Clones, they were very friendly with me, perhaps they shared memories with Amiphossia, some even caressed my arms and head, there was a lazy ghost sleeping over my head, very relaxed.

Before I could say something else, Amiphossia brought her Phantasmal Wolf, who appeared out of her own Phantasmal Soul. It surprised me a lot…

"H-How did you do that?! And it became bigger as well"

"Hm! That's right! Seishin has evolved!"

Seishin, the Mystical Eight-Limbs Wolf, or Phantasmal Wolf as I call it was already a giant species, towering over seven meters, its beautiful white fur was incredibly fluffy, its head was incredibly big and filled with fangs and its eight limbs give it the ability to run at incredible speeds. After evolving, it was affected by Amiphossia's influence, becoming a Phantasmagoric Twelve Limbs Wolf Emperor.

Its body was now over eight meters tall, its muscle son its body and limbs increased in size, while also gaining two more pairs of legs, it also had three fluffy tails that Amiphossia liked to touch and even sleep on. Seishin seemed very close to Amiphossia, so after becoming stronger I could count on him to protect Amiphossia.

Its new powers were quite interesting, as it could now "hide" on Amiphossia's Phantom Soul, making it easy to travel with her, she was also able to hide on his soul as well. Although it had the title of Emperor, it was clearly stronger than the Emperors I've fought before due to the influence of my daughter.

Geraldine had evolved yesterday, but she obtained some new strength that just developed after she tried out her new powers. She had now a more skillful use of Ice Magic and her attacks were overall greater and stronger. I considered giving her equipment or something, but a Ghost cannot really wield anything.

However, Amiphossia taught to her the Cultivation Techniques using her Phantasmal Aura, Geraldine naturally had one, and Seishin also helped her figure it out, afterward, all three of them shared each other essence while nourishing their phantasmagoric souls.

Geraldine is getting stronger quick so she can help us out in the ninth boss, where her remains are, she desires them to be destroyed, so she can gain her freedom from this Dungeon once and for all, and because of Amiphossia's request, I had to help her out.

After chatting with my daughter and her ghostly party, I went to greet the rest of my wives, they are quite a lot now, so it took some time, but I managed to give each one a little of my sincere love.

Afterward, I decided to inspect the sparring group, where Altani was once again sparring against Acelina. They had been sparring every day, learning from each other, I could feel a new strength from both of them, they have clearly leveled enough to reach a new qualitative change.



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