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[Day 232]

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Today, an egg that I was not expecting to hatch, hatched. It was not Nephiana neither Mady's egg, but it was… Megusan's egg.

Yes, the egg laid by Megusan's physical vessel, which contained a small part of its soul. I had thought about eating it, but I also had thought about using it as a test subject for Redgaria's experiments.

Redgaria had been quite merciless with it and experimented a lot. Even extracting its blood and some of its flesh as well, however, the fetus seemed to possess a strong vitality and survived everything, it quickly developed and had just hatched.

The first people that it saw were Redgaria, Yiksukesh, and Vajrara. These last two were weirdly excited about the birth of this little Megusan. Perhaps they wanted more snake friends that were not Nesiphae and Amiphossia?

I also wanted to see the baby, so I quickly went towards Redgaria's laboratory.

The white egg had been completely cracked, and from the inside, a baby Lamia had emerged. It resembled a young version of Megusan's physical vessel, it even had six arms and the tip of its tail had the head of a snake as well. Its skin was pale purple, with dark purple hair, crimson red eyes, and long black horns on its forehead, its scales were purple as well, and it covered her tail, shoulders, and hands, which had long nails.

The last piece of Megusan's soul had been reincarnated as the baby of what seemed to be a new species of Lamia. As much as I checked its entire soul and brain, there were no memories at all of Megusan's past life.

As I glanced at her scarlet eyes, I noticed a dim connection between the two of us. Perhaps because I ate Megusan's soul, her soul has some type of connection with me.

"Mama!" she said.

The little Lamia ignored Redgaria, Yiksukesh, and Vajrara, and moved towards me, hugging my leg.


Similar to Amiphossia, baby Lamias are developed inside their eggs and are usually capable of talking some words when they hatch from their eggs.

"I'm not your mother, little Lamia," I said, grabbing her with my slime tentacles.

"Mama!" she said.

"So what name do we give to her?" I asked.

"Kireina-sama, how about Megusan, your previous name? If she is really the reincarnation of a part of your soul, then it should be given the honor of wielding such a wonderful name!" said Vajrara.

"Vajrara, you suck at names. Megusan sounds awful" said Yiksukesh.

"Y-Yiksukesh-chan?! T-Then what name do you recommend?!" shouted Vajrara, bewildered.

"Jormungandr! Like my grandpa, of course!" she said.

"But it's a girl!" said Vajrara.

"Was Megusan a girl? I think he was a man before Kiriena ate him" said Yiksukesh.

"Well, yes, Megusan-sama was a man before he became Kireina-sama…" muttered Vajrara.

Redgaria, who had stayed silent for the majority of the time decided to speak.

"Let's name it SN1!" he said.

"SN1?! That an even worst name! And what does it even mean, Redgaria-san?" asked Vajrara.

"It means Subject Number One! Obviously! Nothing better than giving my subject a subject's name!" said Redgaria.

"Redgaria, you lack a lot of touches, don't you?" said Yiksukesh.

"Hm? What do you mean?! I am not out of touch! You're wrong in here" said Redgaria.

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"Anyways, I have decided on her name. Megusan is an awful name, he had been devoured by me, and the small soul piece that reincarnated does not even have his memories or identity. It is better to give her a name for her new self" I said.

"Self!" said the little lamia, raising her six tiny arms.

"I fear that if I were to show her to Nesiphae, she would want to adopt her, so let's pretend that she is Vajrara's daughter or little sister," I said.

"R-Really, Kireina-sama?! My daughter! W-With you?! Oh Gods!" shouted Vajrara, excited.

"Okay, but what name will you give it then?" asked Yiksukesh.

"Name!" said the little lamia.

"Hmm… how about Nirah? It was a Serpent Goddess, a messenger of a God of Mesopotamia in Earth named Istaran…"

"Hoh? Is that part of the mythology of your original world? I think I remember you saying that Gods were worshiped, but that it was never proven that they existed… So in a different world, gods are just mere existences created by mortals, instead of the contrary, where gods created mortals like in here" analyzed Redgaria.

"Hm, it is good. I haven't heard of a Goddess ever named Nirah before." Said Yiksukesh.

"Nirah sounds wonderful, Kireina-sama!" said Vajrara.

"Mama!" said Nirah.

"Your new name is Nirah, hopefully, you won't grow as a horrible fiend like the one you once were," I said, looking at her crimson eyes, and kissing her forehead.

Suddenly, Nirah's entire body began to glow for a moment.

"Hm?! What's going on?!"

"It's nothing, I just blessed her. Now that she is below my authority through my blessing, she cannot try anything funny" I said.

By giving a kiss on her forehead, I managed to bless Nirah. I often blessed my citizens through dreams, but I could also do it personally, some type of show of affection was needed though, like a kiss or a hug.

"Mama! Nirah?" asked Nirah.

"Yes, you're Nirah"


Nirah seemed full of innocence and cheerfulness. She was not at all like her former self, someone that would probably grow completely different.

"I suspect that she may develop the ability to generate and control Divine Energy. But it may take a lot of time for it, as she is far weaker than your children, she may need to mature more," Said Redgaria.

"I see… here, Vajrara, carry her for now, let her get accustomed to you as well," I said, giving Nirah to Vajrara.

"Uwah! My little adoptive daughter! Nirah-chan, you are so cute…! Ouch! Why did you bite me with your tail? Ouch! W-Wait! Ouch! Ouch! Fufu, you are such a devilish girl already! Ouch!" laughed Vajrara. She was immune to poison so Nirah's snake-headed tail should not inflict her any substantial damage.

"Mama! Mama!" said Nirah, pointing at me, she didn't seem to like Vajrara very much.

"Your mommy is me, Nirah-chan! Ouch!"

"Anyways, Redgaria, how is the investigation? Have you found something new? Something to use Divine Energy into?" I asked Redgaria.

"It will take more than a month to get anything. Your children's Divine Energy is outstandingly complex, and I cannot even imagine what would it be for the other gods Divine Energy… But I do have some ideas and insights…" muttered Redgaria.

"Hm? What could this be?" I asked.

"If I can manage to infuse it into materials… we could create our own artifacts. Or even improve upon Magic Technology even further! My end game would be to infuse Divine Energy into my magic circuits and become something similar to you!" said Redgaria.

"So you're just thinking about strengthening yourself?" I asked.

"Ah…! Well, yeah. But I am also putting the development of your Empire in the equation. I was even thinking of upgrading upon my Demon Awakening Rings, infusing Demon Souls summoned through my spells, and then strengthening them with Divine Energy! The power of such accessories could generate incredibly strong armament!" said Redgaria.

"I see… very well then, keep working on your duties," I said, patting on Redgaria's shoulder.

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"Sigh… it's the only thing I am good at anyways. I do not want to become strong because I want to dethrone you, it is to save my sister. I am sure that I will not last much if I go to Helheim like this anyways" said Redgaria, grimacing the far future.

"Don't worry, I won't back down my promise either," I said.

"Heh, you better not," said Redgaria, going back to his desk, while being accompanied by his Zombie assistant, Sapphira Diamantine, a former Champion of Athetosea.

"Uwah! Redgaria-sama, you sounded so cool! I cannot believe it! Master is so awesome!" she said, clinging on Redgaria.

"Get away from me! Ugh…"

"Kyah~ Redgaria-sama is so mean with me~!" said Sapphira… she was not angered or annoyed by Redgaria's response at all, she seemed to become even more excited, their interactions were always very funny.

"If you want to stick so much with me, why don't you go to train to the Dungeon? Bring my Skeletons with you! And don't come back unless you gain ten levels!" said Redgaria.

"Alright!" said Sapphira, rushing outside.

"Mama!" said Nirah, she was raising her arms towards me, while biting on Vajrara's face with her snake-headed tail.

"Ouch! Ouch! Fufu, you are so mean, Nirah-chan! But no escaping my grasp!" said Vajrara, she seemed incredibly patient to Nirah's attacks, perhaps because she was already a strong monster herself with thick skin and high defenses.

"Mama! Mama! Nirah, Mama!" shouted Nirah.

"She wants you," said Yiksukesh.

"Sigh… Nirah-chan, how about you stay with your big sister?" I said, grabbing on Nirah as she instantly changed her mood into happy and cheerful again.

"Mama! Mama!" she said, rubbing her cheeks with my face, even her snake-headed tail was happy and affectionate.

I could not deny that she was very cute.

"Ugh… Why do I have a soft spot for babies? Am I being too much of a mother now? Nirah-chan, for now, spend some time with your big sister, she loves you very much!" I said, giving Nirah to Yiksukesh. Unlike Vajrara, she seemed to accept Yiksukesh better.

"Mama…?" she asked.

"I'm not your mother… I am your big sis" said Yiksukesh, playing alongside me.

"Big… Sis!" said Nirah. She was learning new words one after another just a few hours after being born.

She did not hug Yiksukesh or rubbed her face against her like with me, but she seemed okay with her.

"Good, now, Yiksukesh, take care of your little sister, I must go see my real daughter now," I said, going back to check on Belle.

"Mama! Mama…" muttered Nirah.

"Don't Worry your mama is busy, so I'll take care of you for now. Let's go with her anyway, I have to meet with Zehe" said Yiksukesh.

"A-Ah… And what about me?!" said Vajrara.

"You can come too," said Yiksukesh.

"Kyah~! Yiksukesh-chan! You're so nice to me!" said Vajrara, following us.

When we reached my room, the presence of Nirah surprised a few girls.

"Who is that precious baby girl?!" said Nesiphae.

"Mama!" said Nirah, she was pointing at me, but Nesiphae thought that it called to her.

"Mama? Me? Oh my, can I be your mama?!" said Nesiphae, excitedly.

"W-Wait, let me explain first who she is… I suppose you could call her Vajrara's little sister" I said.

"Hm? What?!"

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Everyone was surprised by my words. I explained to them that Nirah was the reincarnation of an exceedingly small split soul left by Megusan, and she was laid by the physical vessel of Megusan. Which was used as materials to revive Vajrara as well. It could be said that they were sisters, or even mother and daughter, as the body that laid the egg became Vajrara new body as well.

"It is very complicated, but it is kind of like that…"

"I-I see… well if she doesn't remember Megusan's memories, and also was but a tiny piece while the original one was completely eaten… then I suppose she could be considered something completely new," said Zehe, analyzing the situation in detail.

"Guu… I can't feel any ominous presence from Nirah-chan, she is a completely new person" said Rimuru.

"Even after knowing her true identity… I cannot help but see her as a cute baby girl! C-Can I adopt her?!" said Nesiphae.

"No! She is my daughter!" roared Vajrara.

"Well, that could be discussed!" said Nesiphae.

"Mama! Mama?" wondered Nirah, as she saw many snake ladies fighting for who was her real mother, while me, the one she considered her mother, was elsewhere.

"Don't worry, Nirah. You also have a lot of siblings. This is Amiphossia" said Yiksukesh, who was currently carrying Nirah with her arms, presenting her Amiphossia.

"Kya~ Is she really Megusan?! I can't believe it! She is just a cute little sister!" said Amiphossia, grabbing on Nirah.

"Sister?" asked Nirah.

"Yes! I am your big sister!" said Amiphossia.


Nirah's scarlet eyes gleamed in an excited smile, her six tiny arms hugged Amiphossia's face.

I was currently carrying Belle with me.

"Bah? Bah?" she asked.

"I don't understand what you mean, my love… But she is… your new sister, I suppose?" I said.

"Bah?! Muh…"

She seemed surprised and then lamented something.

This girl was very intelligent for her age.

"She doesn't seem to be angry or anything, but I suppose she is surprised in how fast a new sister appeared," said Adelle.

"I guess so…? I cannot understand her much, she seems to trouble herself trying to tell me something… But I just don't get it" I said.

"Hm, whenever she grows some more and can talk properly, she will be able to communicate her thoughts," said Adelle.

"I can't wait, she will be a very intelligent girl"

"Muh…! Bah!" said Belle, kissing my cheek.

"Ah, you wanted to kiss me…? You're so adorable, Belle-chan!"

"H-Hey! I want some affection as well, give her to me!" said Adelle.

"Hehe, alright. Here you go"

"Bah!" said Belle, giving a tiny kiss to Adelle.

"You're so young and already so lovely~" laughed Adelle.



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