God of War (2018): All 12 Treasure Maps & Digging Spots | Locations Guide (2023)

Kratos marks the spot! There are 12 treasure maps you can find in God of War. We're going to show you where to find them, and how to solve them.

God of War (2018): All 12 Treasure Maps & Digging Spots | Locations Guide (1)

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Go loot hunting with Kratos and the Gameranx team as we dig into all twelve treasure maps hidden in God of War. There’s plenty of places to explore in Midgard once you reach the Lake of the Nine, an expansive area that can be explored fully. On the lake, you’ll want to check out every optional area, because you never know when there’s a valuable treasure map.

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Instead of standard scrolls, many of the papers you find on the lake are treasure maps. They don’t tell you where to go — you’ll have to solve a hint to track every spot down, and they’re not always obvious. If you’re lost and need a point in the right direction, we’ve got all the maps (and solutions) available in the text guide below.

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All 12 Treasure Maps & Digging Spots | Locations Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates as we play through the game.]


Treasure Maps become available once you reach the Lake of the Nine and can begin freely exploring the region. There are 12 treasure maps total — to find a map, look on the ground for a scroll. Atreus will announce it’s a map, and a side-quest will begin. You’ll get clues to the treasure location, but you’ll have to find it yourself.

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  • Map #1: Hunter’s Kingdom
    • Location: Lookout Tower- Probably the first map you’ll find. Find it sitting out on the beach in plain sight.
    • Dig Spot: Veithurgard – Enter the castle itself through the big door puzzle, and you’ll find this heap of treasure next to a lore marker.
  • Map #2: The Boat Captain’s Key
    • Location: Stone Falls – Paddle up to Stone Falls, northeast of the temple in the center of the Lake of Nine. Land at the dock and you’ll find the map scroll on the beach.
    • Dig Spot: Isle of Death – Travel to the largest lone island in the Lake of the Nine, southwest of the temple. Climb up to the top and explore the shipwreck to find this treasure.
  • Map #3: Dead and Bloated
    • Location: Volunder Mines – Follow the inlet to Volunder Mines up past the Mountain’s entranceway. Once you arrive, talk to Brok to start his quest and unlock the mines. Deep inside, you’ll find the treasure map — from the first room, crack the door and stay right until you find a chain to slide down, leading to the scroll.
    • Dig Spot: Cliffs of the Raven – Go to the beach you passed to reach Volunder Mines. On the shore, there’s a dead giant. You’ll find the treasure near the belly of his corpse.
  • Map #4: Don’t Blink
    • Location: Fafnir’s Storeroom – Found on a corpse near the end of Fafnir’s Storeroom, which becomes available during Sindri’s first side-quest. When you reach the vault itself, you’ll find the body beside the altar. Sail west from the Forgotten Caverns to find it.
    • Dig Spot: The Mountain – Return to the mountain after you’ve collect the Bifrost to find a giant face and clear away the smoke. When you’re right under that big face, check down the path for a digging spot.
  • Map #5: Finder’s Fee
    • Location: Forgotten Caverns – From the Lake of the Nine, sail northwest to find the Forgotten Caves beach. The map is on the ground, to the left as you enter the first room. It’s beside a smaller chest.
    • Dig Spot: Northri Stronghold – This castle can only be accessed after (or during) Sindri’s second side-quest. Once you can begin his favor, take the Konunsgard river far north to the stronghold. Dock at the tower at the far, far end of the stronghold and climb up the ladder into a tower alcove.
  • Map #6: The Historian
    • Location: Ruins of the Ancient – After the world serpent moves, you’ll be able to access the northwest part of the Lake of Nine and paddle over to the Ruins of the Ancient. The scroll is straight ahead from the entrance.
    • Dig Spot: Fafnir’s Storeroom – As described above, you’ll need to start Sindri’s side-quest to enter the storeroom, located west of the Forgotten Caverns. Go through two narrow caves and you’ll reach a large forest outside. Find the steps leading into a cave in the back-left of the forest. Near a burning brazier, you’ll find the dig spot.
  • Map #7: The Last Place They’d Look
    • Location: The Mountain – Starting from the Summit fast-travel point, travel to the green garden and climb down to the snowy mountain path leading to the peak in the cavern ahead. Before entering the cavern, drop down the ledge along the left of the mountain path. Down below you’ll find a store. Keep going down until you have to crawl through a narrow cave tunnel. The map is on the other side, you can’t miss it.
    • Dig Spot: The Council of the Valkyries – Start from the Mason’s Channel beach (or the mystic gateway) found directly north of the temple in the Lake of the Nine. Climb up from the beach to reach the Valkyries Council chamber through the doors. Along the left side, you’ll find a dig spot. It’s right inside the Council chamber.
  • Map #8: Island of Light
    • Location: Mason’s Channel – Start from the channel beach, north of the temple. The map is on the beach, just left of the landing spot.
    • Dig Spot: Light Elf Outpost – After getting the ability to extend bridges of light, you’ll want to explore the Light Elf Outpost, just east of the channel. Go up to the ledge (through the gate you can lift) to find the dig spot near a chain.
  • Map #9: Creation Island
    • Location: Iron Cove – Find this optional area southwest of the temple in the Lake of the Nine. It’s right on the beach, near some barrels and crates.
    • Dig Spot: Buri’s Storeroom – Go northeast from the temple, and find this on a beach near Stone Falls. Unlock the gate on the left of the dock and search the sandy open area — the dig spot is there.
  • Map #10: The Turtle’s Tribute
    • Location: River Pass – Finally, a map with a treasure that’s actually hidden nearby. Return to the Witch’s Cave after you’ve unlocked a whole bunch of powers, then create the ethereal bridges beneath the main bridge to reach the Hidden Chamber room. The scroll is in the room with the Hidden Chamber door.
    • Dig Spot: River Pass – Climb out of the Witch’s Cave through the well — or just leave through the witch’s house front door. The dig spot is beside the large tree with red leaves (on top of the giant turtle) on the rocks.
  • Map #11: Njord’s Oarsmen
    • Location: Northi Stronghold – Again, this area in the far north of Konunsgard is only available if you take Sindri’s second side-quest. Paddle to the dock beside the large ship and look inside. The map is near a dead soldier.
    • Dig Spot: The Mason’s Channel – Climb up to the walls until you reach the cracks leading to the Council chamber. To the right, you’ll find a ledge near one of the huge statues. There’s a dig spot on the cliff.
  • Map #12: Kneel Before Thor
    • Location: Landsuther Mines – Reach the mines by travelling south from the Lake of the Nines temple and talking to Brok to take on his second favor quest. Drop down through the hole in the first room, then veer left and ride the lift up to a room with the map.
    • Dig Spot: Lookout Tower – Go to the Lookout Tower, an area you should be familiar with by now. It’s located at the base of one of Odin’s giant statue. Climb the many cracks up to the zip-line and slide down. To the right of the shrine, you’ll find a dig spot.
(Video) God of War - All 12 Treasure Map Locations and Dig Spots - Treasure Hunter Trophy Guide


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