God of War (2018): The Complete 'Father and Son' Platinum Trophy Guide (2023)

God of War (2018): The Complete 'Father and Son' Platinum Trophy Guide (1)

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Nothing brings Kratos and his son Atreus together better than an adventure. In God of War, there’s still plenty to do after the credits have rolled — and it’s all surprisingly painless. There are tons of activities, quests, collectibles, and optional bosses to face when you’re stuck in the post-game, and if you’re willing to invest a little extra time, the Platinum Trophy can be yours.

Here, we’re going to explain exactly what it takes to get the Platinum, breaking down each individual trophy, and linking to the many, many GameRanx guides available to help make the last stage of your God of War session a breeze. You don’t even really have to 100% the game — you don’t need to play on harder difficulties or find all the collectibles in each area. All considering, the Platinum is pretty attainable, even for a 30+ hour game. If you enjoyed the game at all, I think it’s totally worth aiming for Platinum. We earned it, so you can too.

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Complete ‘Father and Son’ Platinum Trophy Guide
  • Father and Son (Platinum)
    • Obtain all other trophies

Collectible Trophies

Grab as many collectibles as you can while completing the game, then go back to all the areas you’ve explored to collect anything you’ve missed after finishing the story. You can explore any area, nothing can be missed.

  • Trilingual (Bronze)
    • Learn the languages of Muspelheim and Niflheim.

There are eight ciphers you’ll need to collect to unlock Muspelheim and Niflheim — the optional realms you can access for bonus challenges in God of War. Ciphers are always found in special purple chests with a skull — once you unlock four, the rest of the purple chests will become normal, standard chests.

For help finding all the chests, check out our text and video guide here.

  • Iðunn’s Orchard (Silver)
    • Fully upgrade your Health
  • Quick Tempered (Silver)
    • Fully upgrade your rage

To fully upgrade your Health / Rage meters, you’ll need to unlock Nornir Chests. These are special gold chests with three runes on them — usually there’s a small puzzle to solve to unlock them. Look for bells, breakable runes, poles you can spin, or other devices you’ll learn about as the game progresses. There are only eighteen chests required to fully upgrade — nine for health, and nine for rage.

(Video) God of War Father and Son Platinum Trophy (Obtain all other trophies)

Find all the Nornir chests with our complete locations guide here.

  • Curator (Silver)
    • Collect all of the Artifacts

Artifacts are trinkets Kratos can find (usually on dead bodies) and sell to the dwarves for a tidy profit. There are plenty of these, and they can be tracked in the map — just check the areas you’ve missed. For a full breakdown, go to the full artifact locations guide here.

  • Allfather Blinded (Gold)
    • Kill all of Odin’s Ravens

Odin’s Ravens are the toughest collectible to find. There are 51 in total — to collect them, you’ll need to look for glowing green ravens that are perched or fly around the environment. When you spot them, usually up high or hidden in a hard-to-see corner of the map, Kratos will need to throw his axe to destroy them. The only reward for getting them all? This gold trophy.

Because this is such an annoyingly tough task, I recommend watching our video guide (or checking out the full text guide) here.

  • Treasure Hunter (Silver)
    • Use treasure maps to find all of the dig spots

Treasure Maps are sort of like mini-puzzle quests. You can find scrolls with hints pointing you to a lost treasure location — after finding the map, a quest will appear, but it won’t show you where to go. You’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

Finding the treasure maps (and the treasure itself) can be pretty tricky. Visit our treasure map locations and solutions guide here for all the details.

  • The Truth (Silver)
    • Read all of the Jötnar shrines

Probably the easiest collectible, and one you’re bound to find as you explore the map. These shrines are large wooden panels that unfold. Atreus will read and interpret — and when you get Mirdir, he’ll have something to say about the shrines too. Find all eleven shrines with the complete locations guide here.

Campaign Trophies [The First Trophies You’ll Unlock]

These are the first trophies you’ll be able to unlock in the game. They’re all super easy, but I’ll explain how (and when) you’ll unlock them.

  • Dwarven Ingenuity (Bronze)
    • Upgrade a piece of armor

You’ll first encounter the dwarf Brok in the River Pass area. From this point on, you’ll constantly run into Brok (or his brother, Sindri) while exploring. At his shop, you can buy items or crafting materials, or upgrade your gear. All you have to do is upgrade one piece of armor to get this simple trophy.

(Video) God of War (2018) - Father and Son (Platinum Trophy)

  • Nice Moves (Bronze)
    • Obtain a Runic Attack Gem

Runic Attack Gems are almost always found in legendary chests — big gold chests that standout from regular grey stone chests. If you explore the world long enough, you’ll encounter these legendary chests. They’re in every single area (practically) and many are very easy to find.

  • Best Dressed (Bronze)
    • Craft an outfit for Atreus

Once you’ve got Brok / Sindri around, you can start crafting up new outfits for Atreus. Go to the armor screen and tab over to the Atreus option — you can use components collected from monsters or chests to build Atreus a suit of armor. Any outfit will do.

  • Enchanted (Bronze)
    • Slot an Enchantment into your armor

One unmissable trophy. Once you upgrade your armor, you’ll eventually get gear that’s good enough to accept enchantments — little bonus gems you’ll find in chests or legendary chests, or from special enemies or bosses. You’ll find at least a few, even if you do the bare minimum the game requires.

Favors & Labors – Side-Quest Trophies

The following trophies are unlocked for completing certain favors or labors — two types of side-quests that are tracked in your menu. None can be missed, and they’re all pretty straightforward. While exploring and completing the game, you’re very likely to earn all of these trophies. Near the end of the game, you’ll be able to access all areas, and finish the last Brok / Sindri favors.

  • All Will Fall (Silver)
    • Kill 1,000 Enemies

Complete the game, and you’ll get way more than 1,000 enemy kills. If you need more, just return to previous areas — or, better yet, go to Niflheim or Muspelheim. Complete challenges or run through the Muspelheim random dungeon. You’ll get your required kills in no time.

  • Dangerous Skies (Silver)
    • Free all of the Dragons

There are three dragons you can rescue in Midgard. Usually, they’re located in optional large zones that either Sindri or Brok will send you to for their special dwarf favors. There are only three dragons, and when you reach the areas where they’re chained up, you absolutely cannot miss them. For a little help, check out our full dragons quest guide.

  • Like Oil and Water (Gold)
    • Complete all of Brok and Sindri’s Favors

As you reach major milestones in the main story, Brok and Sindri will have more optional quests for Kratos to complete. You’ll encounter the dwarf brothers everywhere — just watch for the blue marker over the “talk” option when you arrive at their shops.

  • Unfinished Business (Silver)
    • Assist all of the wayward spirits

Wayward spirits are quest-givers exclusively found in the Lake of the Nine area. There are five wayward spirits you need to find — if you’re lost or need help, get pointed in the right direction with our favors guide.

  • Beneath the Surface (Bronze)
    • Explore all the Lake of Nine has to offer

You’ll earn this trophy naturally while completing quests and hunting collectibles. No need to focus on it too much — if you’re working toward any of the above trophies, you’ll get this one too.

(Video) God of War - Platinum Achieved (Father And Son Trophy)

  • Death Happened Here (Bronze)
    • Fully explore Veithurgard

One of the first large optional areas you can explore. The zone can be opened after starting the first dwarf favor — you’ll also find a dragon. Make sure to explore the depths of Veithurgard castle and defeat the troll stored within. You’ll also want to look around the Veithurgard lake. There is at least one optional island you’ll need to land on.

Crafting Trophies

The following trophies aren’t so easy. Fully upgrading your weapons make for the trickiest trophies in this set. You’ll also need to defeat tough monsters to build unique armor sets.

  • The Best Moves (Bronze)
    • Fully upgrade a Runic Attack

Everything in God of War can be upgraded. Runic Attacks are no exception. Just by completing the game, you’ll get enough material to upgrade a wide range of light / heavy Runic attacks. You’ll get this while completing the campaign — if not, return to Sindri / Brok at the end and start upgrading.

  • Worthy (Bronze)
    • Fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe is upgraded slowly throughout the game. Usually after boss fights, you’ll earn a crafting component you can use to upgrade the level of your axe. The only tricky part is leveling it up to the max — to do that, you’ll need to earn a special item in Niflheim. Unlock all the chests in random maze to get what you need. Return to Brok / Sindri to trade the item for one last upgrade material.

For more details, check out the Leviathan Axe upgrade guide here.

  • Why Fight It? (Bronze)
    • Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos

The trickier weapon to unlock requires a trip to Muspelheim. To get the item that lets you fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos, enter Muspelheim and complete all of the standard challenges — then, at the top of the mountain, defeat the Valkyrie optional boss. For besting the Valkyrie, you’ll get a special item that you can trade to Brok / Sindri for the final upgrade material.

If you need more help, find details on the Blades of Chaos upgrade guide.

  • Path of the Zealot (Bronze)
    • Obtain Traveler armor set

While playing through the game, you’ll eventually start encountering heavy enemies called Travelers. These massive brutes are fully armored and carry giant swords. For defeating them, you’ll earn materials that can be used to unlock the Traveler armor. It’s just that simple. If you need to find more Travelers, try checking out the many realm towers in the Lake of the Nine.

  • Primordial (Bronze)
    • Obtain Ancient armor set

Like the Traveler armor, the Ancient armor set is a monster-based outfit you can unlock with materials dropped by ancients. You’ll encounter a few ancients in the story, but you’ll need to hunt down extras in optional quests and while exploring the Lake of the Nine. You don’t need to kill every Ancient, just enough to build this armor.

(Video) Road to Platinum - God of War Trophy Guide - Steps Required For Platinum (Spoiler Free)

Post-Game Challenges [The Last Ones You’ll Get]

These are the hardest challenges to unlock, requiring plenty of patience and the best gear to survive. Make sure to find all the language ciphers (described in the first section of this guide) to unlock Muspelheim and Niflheim. The Valkyries are the hardest challenge by far, so focus on them last.

  • Fire and Brimstone (Gold)
    • Complete all of the Trials of Muspelheim

The trials of Muspelheim aren’t too difficult — if you wait until the end of the game. I recommend returning to Muspelheim and running through all the Normal / Hard trials once you’re fully powered up. You’ll have a much easier time.

  • Darkness and Fog (Gold)
    • Retrieve all treasure from the Workshop’s center chamber

The workshop is located in Niflheim — a mysterious realm shrouded in deadly fog. To unlock chests, you need to collect a resource that’s exclusive to Niflheim called Mist Echoes. By running through the random dungeon and opening chests, you’ll earn more and more Mist Echoes — but if you die, you’ll lose everything. Just keep completing runs, and you’ll eventually earn enough to unlock all the treasures.

For more farming tips, check out our Niflheim Mist Echoes guide.

  • Chooser of the Slain (Gold)
    • Defeat the nine Valkyries

This is, easily, the hardest challenge in God of War. Save this for last, after you’ve earned the best armor in Niflheim and upgraded your weapons to the max — when you’ve completed the story, most of the Valkyries are pretty easy. It’s only a select few, and the final optional Valkyrie, that are a real challenge.

Valkyries are found in six of the seven Hidden Chambers. The remaining two “normal” Valkyries are found in Muspelheim or Niflheim — at the top of the mountain as the final challenge, or at the back of the random dungeon. After defeating the eight Valkyries, place their helmets on the seats in the Council of Valkyries to summon the Queen Valkyrie.

She’s incredibly tough. Even if you’ve got the best armor and weapons, this fight is insane. To make things easier, try lowering the difficulty — it doesn’t effect any trophies. For more tips to help you take down the Queen, check out our Valkyries guide.

Campaign Trophies [Automatic Unlocks, SPOILER WARNING]

If you complete the story, you won’t miss any of the following trophies. There are plenty of spoilers in this section, so they’ve been moved to the bottom of the list. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay attention to these — you absolutely, cannot miss these. Complete the game to get them all.

(Video) [PS4/PS5] God of War - Platinum Trophy!!! - Father and Son - ALL Trophies EARNED!!!

  • The Journey Begins (Bronze)
    • Defend your home from The Stranger
  • A New Friend (Bronze)
    • Survive the Witch’s Woods
  • Feels Like Home (Bronze)
    • Allow the Light Elves to return home
  • Dragon Slayer (Bronze)
    • Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain
  • Troubling Consequences (Bronze)
    • Defeat Magni and Modi
  • Hello, Old Friend (Bronze)
    • Retrieve the Blades of Chaos
  • Promise Fulfilled (Bronze)
    • Heal Atreus
  • Round 2 (Bronze)
    • Rescue Atreus
  • Past Haunts (Bronze)
    • Ride the ship out of Helheim
  • Twilight Beckons (Bronze)
    • Defeat Baldur
  • Last Wish (Gold)
    • Spread the ashes


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