God of War - The Mountain Collectible Locations (2023)

The Mountaincontains36 Collectible Locations in God of War (2018, PS4).This walkthrough will guide you to all the collectibles inThe Mountain Regioninchronological order. Everything that’s needed for trophies and 100% completion is included. Nothing is missable, everything can be collected after the story.

  • Valkyries: 1
  • Artefacts: 6
  • Mystic Gateways: 2
  • Shops: 3
  • Lore Markers: 7
  • Odin’s Ravens: 4
  • Realm Tear Encounters: 1
  • Legendary Chests: 3
  • Nornir Chests: 2
  • Purple Language Cipher Chest (not tracked): 2
  • Hidden Chamber (not tracked): 1
  • Jötnar Shrine (Ymir, not tracked): 1

When you first visit the area in the story, you are stillmissing the unlockable skills needed to reach some collectibles. The order in which you can reach the collectibles may also be slightly different in the story. This walkthrough is intended for use after the story.

God of War - The Mountain Collectible Locations (1)

Video Guide

How to get back to The Mountain Region (after Story)

First let’s start with how to get back to the mountain area: From the Foothills region, take the same path you took in the story and climb up the wall to the mountain. You can also use the“cable car” (more like a wooden platform attached to a rope) to go from the Foothills directly to the mountain entrance. If it isn’t available you must climb up the walls to reach the top.

Our collectible hunt starts in the mountain section where we first visited the area in the story, the part after clearing out the black fog by usingthe light of Alfheim. After going through the entry gate you come to a puzzle areawith 2 blue crystals and a deer statue across the room. That’s our starting point.

Collectibles Text Guide

#1 – Raven 1/4 – 0:05
We will start collecting by taking the right path from the entrance to “The Mountain” (to the right when facing the deer statue & two blue crystals from the story puzzle, the default linear story path). Go through the tunnels until you come to an area with a wooden bridge that has skeletons hanging down on ropes. There’s a piece of floor missing on the bridge. The raven is under there.

#2 – Artefact 1/6 – 1:06
Same area as raven, there’s a destructible wooden wall and behind it a corpse with an artefact.

#3 – Lore Marker 1/7 – 1:29
Stillinsame area, throw your axe at the wooden barricade to reveal a blue crystal behind it. Let Atreus shoot blue arrows at it to create a “bridge of light”. Then pick up the 2nd crystal that’s on the floor and carry it across the bridge, all the way to the end of the area where you can put it next to a lore marker. Shoot the blue crystal again to trigger the marker.

#4 – Nornir Chest 1/2 (Rage Upgrade) – 2:39
This Nornir Upgrade chest is in the same place as the lore marker. You can light the torch next to the chest by having Atreus shoot a blue arrow at it. Then you can see the gylphs written on the wall that are required to open the chest. There are 3 signposts in the area that you need to spin to show the glyph icons (two posts can be seen from the wooden bridge, one from the light-bridge).

#5 – Lore Marker 2/7 – 3:43
Continue on the main story path, crawl under the cave to reach the big deer statue. The lore is on the back of that deer statue.

#6 – Lore Marker 3/7 – 4:51
Exit the room with the deer statue on the other side. If you haven’t already destroyed the red tree sap, have Atreus shoot electric arrows at it to blow it up (unlocked after finishing Mountain area). Then you can backtrack to the start of the Mountain and pick up a blue crystal. Place the blue crystal in the lore marker that’s located where the red tree sap was.

#7 – Lore Marker 4/7 – 5:52
Continue on the story path, climb up the wall. As you climb this lore marker will be in plain sight, impossible not to see it.

#8 – Legendary Chest 1/3 – 6:23
After using the lever to open the big wooden gate leading to the next area, kill the wolves, and then climb up the golden chain on the left side to the legendary chest. It will only be there after you’ve finished this section. So on your first storyvisit it won’t work.

#9 – Lore Marker 5/7 – 7:32
In the middle of the area there’s lore written behind a big wooden crate with stones in it.

#10 – Shop 1/3 – 8:03
From the last lore, go down into the tunnel where you can see a torch’s light. On the left side at the start of the tunnel is Brok’s shop.

#11 – Raven 2/4 – 8:23
The raven flies in circles next to Brok’s shop (right side of the shop).

#12 – Artefact 2/6 – 8:44
Continue on main story path, go through the spike trap. After spike trap, throw your axe at the spike door straight in front of you (has a little yellow marker where you can throw the axe). If it’s your first visit you must push the big cart first to reveal this door.

#13 – Raven 3/4 – 9:20
Climb up the chain (or cart on first visit) and circle around the top of the area (same as last artefact). The raven is prominently placed in plain sight on the story path.

#14 – Artefact 3/6 – 9:41
Drop back down to the ground level in the main area. There’s red tree sap that you can blow up by having Atreus shoot electric arrows at it. Behind it is an artefact near a corpse.

#15 – Hidden Chamber 1/1 – 10:32
At the end of the main area, next to where you found Lore Maker 5/7 — you can’t go there during your first story visit to this area, must return later after you’ve learned how to open hidden chambers.

#16 – Mystic Gateway 1/2 – 11:06
Inside the hidden chamber.

#17 – Raven 4/4 – 11:42
Inside the hidden chamber, sitting on the left side of the Valkyrie boss room.

#18 – Valkyrie 1/1 – 12:09
Inside hidden chamber.

We are now moving on to the “Summit” fast travel point of the mountain, a new area unlocked later in the story. During the story this fast travel gate may become unavailable. It will be unlocked automatically after completing the story.

#19 – Mystic Gateway 2/2 (The Summit) – 13:45
Unlocked automatically in the story. You can go through the mystic gateway in the hidden chamber to fast travel there after story.

#20 – Language Cipher Chest 1/2 – 14:59
Up the path from the mystic gateway.

#21 – Artefact 4/6 – 15:23
Climb down the mountain and you’ll find it at a corpse in the snow.

#22 – Mythic Clarity Armor Set 1/3 – 15:50
In the red chest near the last artefact. Must use blades of chaos to burn away the vegetation on the chest.

#23 – Lore Marker 6/7 – 16:06
Walk over the mountain pass, all the way to the other side and climb down into the mountain (we’re backtracing the story path now). The lore marker is behind some red tree sap. There’s a red spiky ball across the bridge you can pick up, throw it at the sap, and have Atreus shoot electric arrows at it to blow up the sap. Now you can reach the marker.

#24 – Jötnar Shrine 1/1 (Ymir) – 17:36
Still same area, go back across the bridge and pick up another red spiky ball. There’s more red tree sap in the dark. You can throw the red spiky ball at it and have Atreus shoot it with electric arrows. The Jotnar Shrine (called Ymir) is hidden behind the tree sap.

#25 – Nornir Chest 2/2 (Health Upgrade) – 18:24
Still same area, the Nornir chest is prominently placed on the story path in plain sight where you picked up the red spiky ball. You must shoot 3runes with the axe to open it. 1 is in the room with the Jotnar Shrine where we just went. 1 can be seen from the bridge (when you come from the Nornir chest on the right side), 1 is at the top of the bridge (to get there go across bridge, use the wheel to pull up the bridge, throw axe at wheel to freeze it in place and go back across the bridge).

#26 – Artefact 5/6 – 19:36
Moving on to the next area – go through the dark corridor and climb down the wall. There’s a corpse with an artefact below the red explosive crystal that you had to shoot during the story.

#27 – Legendary Chest 2/3 – 20:08
Still same area, climb down the next wall further into the mountain. Down there is a legendary chest.

#28 – Shop 2/3 – 20:53
Unmissable from Story. You unlocked Sindri’s shop after defeating the dragon boss.

We are now backtracking to the Summit, where we came from (top of the mountain, outside area).

#29 – Language Cipher Chest 2/2 – 21:11
Go back in the direction of the “Summit” Gateway. On the mountain pass you can actually climb down the side of it to reach a well hidden area. It’s hard to see but when you run from the tree where Mimir was trapped in the direction of the Lore Marker 6/7 you can notice a God of War - The Mountain Collectible Locations (2) button prompt on the left side of the mountain pass (the snowy outside area). There you can climb down and find a purple cipher chest at the bottom. Very well hidden area.

#30 – Realm Tear Encounter 1/1 – 22:14
Right next to the last collectible.

#31 – Shop 3/3 – 22:59
Also right next to last collectible when you go through the door in the hidden mountain passage.

#32 – Mythic Clarity Armor Set 2/3 – 23:14
In the red chest next to the hidden Sindri’s shop.

#33 – Artefact 6/6 – 23:39
From the shop, push against the wall and walk over to the other end of the area. There’s a dead body with an artefact, the final one for this region.

#34 – Mythic Clarity Armor Set 3/3 – 24:01
Just after the last artefact, continue on the path and you’ll find some tree sap and red spiky ball. Throw the spiky ball at the tree sap and have Atreus shoot it with electric arrows. This reveals a big square-shaped crate you can push to reach the red chest up top.

#35 – Lore Marker 7/7 – 24:52
Continue to the very end of the area, but do not use the big elevator yet. Instead, look for some wooden boards with blue symbols on them and help lift Atreus up there. He will then lower a chain. Climb up to find the lore marker at the very end of the hidden mountain passage.

#36 – Legendary Chest 3/3 – 26:09
After reading the last lore marker, an Ogre will attack you. Defeat it. Behind it is a gate that holds the legendary chest. In order to open it you must go back down the chain and use the blades of chaos toreveal one of the “green energy ball holders”. You must pick it up by pressing God of War - The Mountain Collectible Locations (3) and carry it in front of the chain. Then destroy the nearby wooden barricade to reveal another green energy. Grab it with the blades of chaos and put it in the energy holder you just carried to the chain. Climb up the chain, pull the energy to you, quickly run to the gate where the Ogre spawned and put the energy in there (10 second timer). Then the door opens and you can grab the last legendary chest, the best-hidden one in the entire game!

That’s 100% of the collectibles you can find inThe Mountainarea in God of War.

Next Up: Volunder Mines

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