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Chapter 439: Silver

Silver shed the outer shell of the Witch of Life like it was a silkworm cocoon, and then turned the entire inverse tree into her own body.

Valace stood beneath the tree, gazing up at the strongest of the Primordial Witches. She was the fabled guardian of all monsters, and just looking at her made Valace feel a shortness of breath, as if he could die at any moment.

The last time he had felt like this was a thousand years ago, when he stood before that evil god.

The massive tree, which was originally fragrant with earthy aroma and lush green shade, now appeared like a blood pillar, with thick veins filled with blood that were constantly pulsating.

Melissa stared wide-eyed at the vines that bound her, which had transformed into rough, blood-red tentacles. Her face had paled from fright as she glanced at the wriggling mass of flesh that used to be the outer shell of the Witch of Trees.

The mass of flesh seemed to notice her gaze, and a head slowly grew out from it, with pale white skin and a pair of eyes that were incomparably beautiful but also cold and cruel.

Melissa gulped as everyone watched nervously as the squirming mass of flesh slowly produced a voluptuous woman. She had on white strap dress, which highlighted her curves like snowdrifts, and her silver hair was gorgeous like moonlight.

She brushed the iris flower on her ear, and every single of her movements seemed graceful and dignified. "Is this body more acceptable for both you and Boss Lin? It's actually my body from when I was in the dream realm," said Silver as she turned toward Melissa.

Her beauty was almost divine, almost not of this world, and more dazzling than the iris flower on her ear. Melissa was taken aback and opened her mouth in surprise, struggling to find her voice before finally stuttering out, "Y-yes..."

What Mu'en said to the Witch of Trees had awakened Fraxinus, and at the same time, awakened Silver. Rather than letting the Witch of Trees go insane and destroy everything, it was better to completely replace her.

Silver then frowned slightly and turned back. A powerful energy coming from the dream realm allowed her to sense the changes in Lin Jie. The corners of her lips curled up slightly, and she gave a polite curtsy in Lin Jie's direction.

After that, she turned her head back toward the frightened and confused members of the adjudication bureau.

"It's about time... Looks like the path I chose was a successful one." Silver touched her forehead lightly, feigning a headache, but in truth, her lips were breaking into a grin.

Walpurgis, Life, Fraxinus... These former equals to her were all dead. Only Silver had chosen to believe in Lin Jie.

As early as the Second Era, when this visitor from the vast cosmos... that is, Lin Jie, arrived in Azir, Silver knew that neither herself nor the other three witches were a match for this traveling existence.

Perhaps 'He' was just tired and only needed to rest for a bit before leaving, so Silver chose to transfer all her underlings to the dream realm to avoid calamity.

This delighted everyone because Silver wasn't really welcomed by humans nor her fellow witches. Silver did want to share her thoughts to everyone, but this was met with disdain and fear.

Moreover, this evil god didn't have any intention of leaving.

Silver vaguely guessed that 'He' was nurturing his own consciousness and thus turned the entire underground of Azir into a massive womb, as if waiting for a certain conception.

If 'He' was conscious, communication with this existence could be possible, and with that, there might possibly be a chance; otherwise, Azir would only be doomed to wait for its destruction.

Silver wasn't afraid of destruction. Contrary to the other witches that were versed in life and vitality, she was born intimate with death.

This sort of waiting was lonely and unpleasant... until that person came to her dream realm.

Thus, the reason that made Silver even more certain about the existence of that traveler's will was actually... She brushed the iris on her ear and couldn't help but smile. Now, the underground shaped by that evil god had become today's Lower District, and 'He' had given birth to 'His' will by the name of Lin Jie.

Lin Jie... Silver mouthed that name silently.

Silver's silvery eyelashes, which were like snow-covered pines, fluttered as she shot an indifferent gaze toward the people beneath that were cowering. With a slight smirk, she said, "I have seen it all. All who dares be an enemy of Boss Lin, whom I respect greatly, shall go to a place where the living cannot approach."

Valace shuddered all over as his eyes widened in surprise and shock—Is Silver actually an ally of Lin Jie? ...No, she's clearly obsessed from the way she talks about Lin Jie.

Valace was once corrupted by Lin Jie, yet he too had honed a strong will. The self-proclaimed Knight King was like a cockroach that just wouldn't die no matter how many times it was struck.

He took advantage of the fact that there were a handful of Supreme-rank adjudication bureau members remaining and recklessly confronted Silver. Then, he stealthily left behind an undead knight in his place, like a cicada shedding its shell, as he tried to escape unnoticed.

"Valace!" Melissa stared at Valace lividly. She wished she could tear apart this once-revered man, who was actually more repulsive than a cockroach.

Silver glanced at Melissa. Though she had been slumbering within the dream realm all this time, her existence within the real world made her close to all-knowing and all-powerful. Thus, she also knew about Melissa's situation.

"I hate humans, though it was them who loathed me first," Silver mused somewhat sadly, "but sometimes, the spirit of humankind can be rather fascinating. I suppose this was what my fellow witches admired?"

Silver sighed softly. "Boss Lin seems to really like being human, so I guess I should try liking them too. I'll start with you then, young lady." Silver smiled and gave a light wave of her hand, releasing Melissa from her restraints. Melissa charged shot forth like a raging forest fire, intent on seeking revenge for her parents at this very moment.

After watching Melissa chase after Valace and disappearing, Silver's gaze fell on to the remaining Supreme-ranks and she spoke in an icy tone, "What about you guys?"

"Our goddess, the Witch of Trees... was killed by you, monster?!" Agathare, one of the remaining Supreme-rank members of the adjudication bureau, manifested a blade of flowing water and charged at Silver.

Silver, despite having lived for a long time and having the profound thinking of a witch, could also be blunt as an individual. She chuckled lightly, and the vine-like tentacles behind her extended out and wrapped around Agathare tightly in the next second, like they were about to wring his blood dry.

The amount of tentacles was astonishing as they wrapped Agathare into a ball as everyone looked on in despair.


A moment later, the ball of tentacles loosened and dispersed. But instead of seeing shriveled limbs or bones, what was inside were ashes...

The ashes were swept up by a current, scattering and falling all over like snow, making Silver to appear even more ravishing.

The adjudication bureau's bunch of noble descendants cried out in horror and wanted to escape, but they saw flames erupt from where they were standing as the screams of Valace echoed through this space.

Silver didn't like those remnant limbs and bones. She often ate her prey thoroughly, turning them to bone ash, which she let scatter from the sky.

She revealed a slight smile, maintaining her elegance as a door appeared behind the nobles. That was a door to the dream realm.

The fragile and dilapidated door shook and seemed on the verge of collapse, as if it was being attacked by countless dream beasts from behind and could be broken through at any moment.

"As I promised, come out, my children..."

Silver's smile widened, and with a slight wave of her hand, the door opened, and a stream of bizarre and terrifying shadow-like dream beasts rushed out.

Any of these dream beasts had Supreme-rank power that most humans could never achieve in their lifetimes. Silver's resonant laughter rang out, and she seemed especially happy.

This laughter wasn't because she enjoyed slaughtering humans, but because she was delighted she no longer needed to stay in the lonely dream realm.

Boss Lin was right. Perhaps I like this world.


A familiar voice from thousands of miles away sounded beside her ears. Silver's laughter came to an abrupt halt, and some worry showed in her eyes as she recalled that Lin Jie seemed to be close with humankind.

"Boss Lin..." Silver uttered softly.

"Don't worry, Silver." Boss Lin's all-knowing gaze could see through everything, including Silver's doubts. Google search 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

"These humans aren't the sort that I like. I care more about you," said Lin Jie gently.

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