Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable Chapter 440 (2023)

[Chapter 440, encountering tiger sharks]


“It’s abominable!”

“I was deceived by that kid.”

“I didn’t expect that the strength of those Demon Sect powerhouses were sealed. I should try them at that time. I didn’t expect…”

Deep in the underworld.

In the hall of Ghost Shark Sect, Ma Sheng was full of anger.

Above the hall, there is an old man with deep star pattern clothes, his eyes are cold, and he said slightly: “Sect Master Ma, it’s not too late to know now, our elders are very dissatisfied with you, and you are limited to catch Princess Beiming within ten days. , if he gets angry…you know the consequences.”

Ma Sheng’s face sank, and he immediately said: “I will definitely catch Princess Beiming, and I also hope that the special envoy will speak good things for me in front of the elders, I will not disappoint him, I was trained by him, Even if I die, I will help him catch Princess Beiming.”

The old man smiled slightly and said, “It’s almost the same.”


The old man flipped his right hand, and two inner pills appeared on the palm of his hand. As soon as the capacity was sent, they landed directly in front of Ma Sheng, and said, “This is the inner pill that the great elder gave you as a spare. I believe these two inner pills are enough for you. Your cultivation base will be raised to a new realm, and no one in the entire Beiming City will be able to stop you.”


“Thank you first elder, thank you special envoy, I will definitely not let you down.” Ma Sheng was in a mess, and his heart was too excited. Inner alchemy is a very precious thing, even in Xianmen.

Last time, one inner alchemy killed Qiu Tianji, the king of the North Pluto who had the same level of cultivation as him!

The role of the inner alchemy is really too powerful.

Looking at Ma Sheng’s proud expression, the old envoy’s mouth could not help revealing a cold smile, this smile flashed by, no one noticed, and said: “When you complete the task, there will be more inner elixir. waiting for you.”

“I will definitely catch Princess Beiming as soon as possible.”

“the day after tomorrow……”

“No, tomorrow, tomorrow, I will take the inner disciples to kill Beiming City. This time I will never be frightened by those Demon Sect powerhouses, and I will definitely arrest Princess Beiming.” Ma Sheng was in a hurry. said.

Hearing that there is still a reward from the inner alchemy, he can’t wait to catch Princess Beiming immediately!

The old envoy smiled slightly and said: “Then I won’t leave this time, I will stay here and wait for your good news. As for the inner pill you want, I will take it with me. When you give me Princess Beiming, I will I’ll give you the rest of the inner alchemy.”

“Good, good.”

“Arrange the best accommodation for the special envoy!” Ma Sheng ordered immediately.

“As ordered!”

An elder of the ghost shark sect took the special envoy down.

Several other elders also gathered in the hall, all smiling.

“Congratulations Sect Master.”

“Congratulations to the sect master, with the cultivation of these inner alchemy sect masters, I can improve to a new realm.”

“At that time, you will be the real North Pluto.”

Ma Sheng was very proud, smiled proudly, and said: “Let’s go to Beiming City tomorrow, this time we must catch Princess Beiming, if any of you catch it, I will reward an inner pill, don’t say I didn’t give it to you. You have a chance.”

The voice fell.

Many elders were dazzled.

The saliva almost came out!


Pure immortal power, it is an inner pill that can be condensed by immortal beasts for thousands of years and can only be condensed in ten thousand years.

Ma Sheng laughed loudly, and the corners of his mouth could not help revealing the same gloomy smile as the special envoy just now, and it passed in a flash!

On the sea of the underworld.

Yang Lindao: “Brother Luo, these four people are all guards who have been born and died with me and have experienced thousands of wars. Each of them is at the peak of Xuanzong. The sea will definitely help you a lot.”

talking room.

The four of them clasped their hands together and said, “My name is Wang Fu!”

“Wang Lu!”

“Wang Hai!”

“Wang Dong!”

The names of the four were changed later, and they became four brothers.

Luo Tian couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, and said, “General Yang, I don’t think it’s necessary. My trip to the Ghost Shark Sect this time is extremely dangerous. It’s hard to say whether I can come back. You asked them to follow me, didn’t you let them die?”

Yang Lin smiled slightly and said, “Alas, it is because of the danger that they are allowed to follow you. It can help you to some extent.”

Luo Tian chuckled lightly and said, “I think it was used to spy on me. Are you afraid that I will run away, or that I will inform the Ghost Shark Sect? Is it your intention or the princess’ intention?”

Yang Lin smiled awkwardly.


These four people were deliberately arranged by Luo Tian’s side.

Although Princess Beiming strongly opposed it, he still did it.

Not because he was afraid of Luo Tian escaping, but because he was afraid that Luo Tian would turn to the Ghost Shark Sect. Luo Tian, who was guarding Beiming City, knew all about it. If he told the Ghost Shark Sect about this, then the North Underworld City would be defeated in an instant.

The four people he arranged were very simple.

As long as Luo Tian has the intention to join the Ghost Shark Sect, they will immediately attack and kill!

Yang Lin said: “How can I let them monitor you? This is the first time you came to Beiming City. Do you know the way to the Ghost Shark Sect? In the vast deep sea, you don’t need to lead the way, how can you find the location of the Ghost Shark Sect? .”

“Do not worry.”

“They have all been to the Ghost Shark Sect, and you can save a lot of time with them.”

Luo Tian sneered, glanced at the four of them, and said, “Whatever you want, but I’m going to tell you the ugly, I won’t save you, your death has nothing to do with me, and the power of the Ghost Shark Sect is so powerful. You all know better than me that this time you go to the Ghost Shark Sect with ten dead and no life, and I will not stop you if you follow to send them to death, but you can remember one thing for me clearly, any decision of mine is not allowed to object!”

“We will naturally not object to an accurate decision.”

“But if you make random decisions, we naturally won’t listen.”

The two said calmly.

Yang Lin immediately said: “What’s the matter with the two of you, didn’t I say that you have to obey Brother Luo in everything?”

The two did not speak.

Luo Tian was too lazy to say more, and immediately said: “Go to the sea!”

It has water droplets on its body, just like it is on land in the sea.


Once the water droplets fall off, they will be crushed by the water pressure in the deep sea of 1,000 meters in an instant.

“How long does it take to reach the Ghost Shark Sect here?” Luo Tian asked involuntarily.

“It will take five days at the earliest.” Wang Fu replied, he is the eldest of the four.

Luo Tian frowned and muttered: “Five days, five days, it’s a bit difficult to break through only five realms in these five days, I don’t know if there are any monsters to kill in this deep sea, and there are no monsters. How to break through?”

Ma Sheng’s cultivation is very strong!

What’s more, he might have Neidan on him.

Luo Tian is now only at the fifth rank of Xuanzong, and even if he enters the devil, he is not his opponent. He must improve his cultivation base!


Wang Dong’s eyes tightened, his face changed greatly, and he said, “Brother, there is a large wave of tiger sharks in front of them, and they are extremely fierce. We must avoid them as soon as possible.”

“A big wave of tiger sharks?”

“How many are there?”

“Thousands of heads.”

“Wow, you can’t avoid it, just rush to me.” Luo Tian laughed excitedly…


Thanks to the ‘╰ injured ㄋの who hurts’ brother for the reward and support, the old cow is very grateful!

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