Masculine Soul Signs for the New Earth by Kirem Marnett (2023)

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Masculine Soul Signs for the New Earth by Kirem Marnett (1)

By Kirem Marnett | New Earth Almanac | Instagram | Telegram

A version of this article was originally published in theNew Earth Almanac(Vol. 2, Issue 6).

Let’s face it. Men have been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism over the past several years. While it’s been an uncomfortable but necessary part of the process to find balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine in order to elevate our human consciousness, it’s important to honor and promote positive definitions of healthy male energy so the balance sticks. Ultimately, co-creating the New Earth together means going about it in a way that is cooperative and loving from the start.

To help with this, I wanted to introduce my channeled system of Soul Signs to the Unjected audience. The symbols and signs that I intuitively read, serve as tools to help us navigate relationships with ourselves and each other to build a more loving world—one connection at a time.

By sharing the following guiding signs, I hope to help Unjected men hone in on a few ways to help them further step into their gifts and give them a greater chance to attract a variety of equally evolving women.

The signs below are ones that have stood out in relationship readings I’ve conducted and offer a fresh take on “what women want”.

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The younger of the male deer signs has consistently shown up as the most popular male Soul Sign that New Earth women are seeking for loving partnership! What’s struck me the most is how the frequency of seeing this sign as the ideal partner for many, many women has led me to believe that New Earth women are not seeking the dominant, aggressive male type anymore.

Women are looking for a new kind of Alpha. The Buck offers an alternative to macho male energy. By the very fact that it isnotan apex predator, Buck signals a shift toward a man who is in touch with vulnerability (prey), but is still not one to be pushed around. Buck possesses groundedness and a developed spiritual awareness and/or a great imagination. Horns always signify giftedness in the higher mental realms.

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To activate Buck energy:Improve communication skills. The form of vulnerability that Buck represents is achieved when one is in touch with their emotions and possesses the ability to express oneself in a grounded, non-attached way. Anger, jealousy, stress, etc., can all be transmuted through inner work and communicated in non-aggressive ways that allow for intimacy and stronger relationships. Committing to regular counseling, coaching or other healing sessions to focus on developing strong communication skills could be life-changing.


Another masculine Soul Sign that appears for highly evolved men is the Eagle. Eagles are consistently hard-working, devoted to their families, possess great vision in their work, are not afraid of sacrifice and deeply believe in serving their communities, companies and/or country.

One might dismiss this devotion as simple patriotism or narrow-minded nationalism, but it’s more than that. The Eagle shows up often indicating there is a growing masculine type representing the populist, the spirit of freedom and justice for all. Right now Eagles are needed more than ever in leadership roles. While as predators Eagles have the right to possess so many “boss” like qualities, they would usually rather be a bit more of the everyman, blending in and preferring to boost the team effort vs. their own egos. However, in the New Earth, it’s time for the typical hard-working, humble Eagles out there to step up and into more influential positions that can steer our world on the right track. This might mean leaving the comfort of a career for a switch into politics, lobbying, teaching or community service that promotes New Earth values. While the shift itself might feel scary, the rewards are endless for the inner idealist present in the Eagle Soul Sign type. In other words, on the other side of stepping into that fear is immense confidence and gratification from the new life path you will have taken

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To activate Eagle energy:Up your game into a leadership role—and don’t be surprised if your own sexual allure increases as you do. Eagles have sharp eyesight and soar to immense heights. Combining these two gifts is critical in embodying the spirit of Eagle and reaping the rewards that come from this bird of prey. What must happen regardless is that, in order for Eagle’s big dreams and ideals to come true, they have to opt out of familiar territory or frequencies and get into some altitude that scares them. The easiest way Eagle knows how to soar to new heights is to visualize every move first. Sexual attractiveness naturally intensifies when we embody the irresistible power of total alignment with our highest self and purpose.

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Orangutan is the perfect Soul Sign to reveal a much needed aspect of masculine energy the current times are asking for. One of the strongest characteristics of Orangutan Soul Sign types is their gift for humor and making us laugh. Even more important than making others laugh is not to take things so seriously, developing their ability to find humor in things and to laugh more often. We’ve been surviving a tough leg of the human experience these past few years, and comedy is a much needed medicine. Specific to Orangutan is the ability to muckrake (quite literally in Orangutan’s case is the ability to pick up feces and throw it!)—and make the act of muckraking itself blisteringly funny. Historically, muckrakers referred to “reform-minded journalists who sought to expose corruption and wrongdoing” (hat-tipWikipedia). With Orangutan as your guide, a modern muckraker is someone who can apply the same level of analysis but report it in a way that cleverly entertains as a method for influencing the way people think. Apply an Orangutan’s gift to this and it is exemplified by pretty much any kind of snarky but brilliant humor found on Twitter in response to current events. The magic of this kind of masculine energy is a form of mental and spiritual warfare that can be carried out at the level of wits to wake people up.

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To activate Orangutan energy:Find your funny bone. Use wit and humor to convey the New Earth point of view. Tackle Twitter, YouTube or other social media, even if you’ve avoided it. Writing in short bursts can lead to full essays, articles and even books (remember, you can always submit your work to be published with theNew Earth Almanac!). If writing or social media is not your thing, find another outlet and audience that naturally go together, like comedy club open mic nights or improv groups and classes. Don’t be surprised when you accumulate a fan base!

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Stay tuned for Part Two on Feminine Soul Signs, coming soon!

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Kirem Marnett serves as a clear channel of loving energy, inspiring and helping others to embody their paths and become forces of Light in the world. She is co-founder ofNew Earth Almanacand a reader of Soul Signs, a channeled system for activating and supporting the New Earth consciousness.She is available for personal and group readings via email and Zoom. Contact her atinfo@peachandcrane.comfor more information and to schedule.

A version of this article was originally published in theNew Earth Almanac(Vol. 2, Issue 6).

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Masculine Soul Signs for the New Earth by Kirem Marnett (6)

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