No Gods, No Masters - Wild Card - Walkthrough | Fallout: New Vegas (2023)

Sabotage or Subjugation

You’ll appear at Hoover Dam, where the Legion and the NCR will be fighting it out. If you’re still on good terms with the NCR, you won’t have the fight them. In fact, they’ll be useful fodder against the Legion forces you’ll face, which largely consist of Centurions armed with wicked weapons such as Anti-Material Rifles, Riot Shotguns, Marksman Carbines, Super Sledges and Chainsaws. Yikes. If your reputation is bad with both sides, you’ll have to deal with NCR Rangers and Troopers, as well, who are all well-armed. Either way, you’re best served by sneaking around, letting the two fight, and picking off the survivors. No reason why you shouldn’t let the NCR soak up Legion bullets.

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Yes Man will present you two ways you can achieve victory in the Second Battle of Hoover Dam (left). Whatever your goals, it'll involve fighting your way through plenty of hostile Legion (and also possibly NCR) troops (right).

Your goal on this first stage of the quest is to travel north-east across the top of the dam, past the Visitor’s Center. A large turret will explode as you go, and if you convinced the Khans to perform a suicide attack, they’ll show up here and… well, live up to the “suicide” part of things. If you didn’t break the alliance, they’ll be on the side of Caesar’s Legion, meaning you’ll have to put them down. Make your way north-east across the top of the dam killing whatever Legion (and possibly NCR) foes you come across and letting the Securitrons and NCR take abuse, when possible. As you approach the center of the dam you’ll find a checkpoint built along the path, which is inaccessible. If you enlisted the aid of the Boomers, they’ll also make an appearance and bomb the combatants on the far side of the dam. Turn south, south-east and enter a Hoover Dam Tower, then take an elevator down to the Hoover Dam Offices.

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The Hoover Dam offices has more of the same threats you’ve seen already; NCR Troopers will occasionally engage Legion infiltrators. For now, however, things should be fairly calm. Go through a door to the south to reach a hallway then follow it east, then south, then take the first east two find two NCR Heavy Troopers wearing Power Armor and wielding Heavy Incinerators. If they’re hostile, take them out. If not, talk to one of them and pass a [Speech 75] check to get them to go away. Once they’re gone, enter the door they were guarding and examine a large cluster of terminals at the end of the room. Install the Override Chip onto it and pick whichever option you want; either “Send Power to the Fort” to activate your Securitron army or “I want this dam out of operation” to sabotage the dam.

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You can get past the NCR Heavy Troopers guarding the control room with a ruse, or with violence (left). Once inside, make your decision; do you awaken your Securitron army, or do you sabotage the Hoover Dam? (right)

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Make your decision and, if you want to sabotage the dam head west to reach a door leading to Hoover Dam Power Plant 01. Kill any NCR along the way (if they’re hostile or not - they’ll soon turn hostile) and in the Power Plant dispatch some Legionaries. Once turn find the West Power Plant Control Box on a wall to the east. Activate it and select the option “Overload and blow it up!” and watch Hoover Dam’s ability to generate electricity explode. The NCR back in the Hoover Dam Offices will now be hostile, but you won’t gain Infamy for killing them (although you will get a good bit of Infamy for destroying the generator). It’s still possible that many NCR soldiers atop the dam will not be hostile.

Alternatively if you decided to activate your Securitron army find a door leading to a Hoover Dam Power Plant on the eastern side of the Hoover Dam Offices level. In this Power Plant turn west to find the East Power Electrical Switch on the wall which, when activated, spells doom for the Legion.

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Either way, once your plan has been set in motion return to the Hoover Dam Offices area and find a door to another Hoover Dam Tower on the eastern side of the level, which will in turn allow you to ascend to the eastern end of the dam.

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The Legates Camp

Once you’re back outside, follow the dam south-east… perhaps after enjoying the light show to the north, north-east if you unleashed your Securitrons on Caesar’s camp. If you completed the quest For Auld Lang Syne and set them against the Legion, they’ll be here now, ready to lend a helping hand as you clear the Legionaries off this side of the dam. At the end of the dam your ranks will be further bolstered by some Securitrons. When the road ends turn east and cross a ruined bridge to finally reach the gates to The Legate’s Camp.

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Enter the camp and head east to reach a fortified camp occupied largely by Praetorians. Kill them at a distance to stay out of range of their Ballistic Fists, then continue east through the camp. At the eastern end of the camp ascend some stairs to find Legate Lanius, Caesar’s right hand man and most formidable soldier. It’s easy enough to pick a fight with him, if that’s your intent, and you can loot him for his Legate Helmet and his unique weapon, Blade of the East, which you won’t get much use out of, seeing as it’s the end of the game and all. He’s fairly strong, for a legionary, and is joined some some Praetorians, but if you were able to eradicate Deathclaws, you won’t find him to be too much trouble. If you can pop some Med-X and Psycho and shoot him with a potent weapon like the Gobi, you’ll find he doesn’t put up too much of a fight. Once he’s injured he’ll flee (at high speed!) towards the camp to the west, chucking Frag Grenades at you as he goes, after which he’ll use some of his Legendary Healing Powder to recover a bit before wading back into the fray.

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Witness the destruction of Caesar's camp at the hands of your army (left). Put down Legate Lanius or convince him to withdraw to rid your land of the Legion (right).

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Alternatively you can say “Maybe you’re willing to listen to reason.” where you’ll get a slew of dialogue options. Pass a series of Speech checks [Speech 55], [Speech 65], [Speech 75], [Speech 85] and finally three [Speech 100] checks to convince Lanius that the Legion cannot hold both the east and the west. You can also attempt a series of Speech checks ([Speech 60], [Speech 75], and two [Speech 90] checks). After the second [Speech 90] checks continue talking to Lanius and eventually you’ll end up with a [Speech 80] check to convince him to fight you one-on-one, which removes his Praetorian backup. Finally, if you have more faith in your Barter skill than your Speech skill, pass a series of Barter checks ([Barter 55], [Barter 75], [Barter 90], then either [Barter 100] or [Barter 75]). After passing either the last [Barter 100] or [Barter 75] check you will then either need to pass another [Barter 100] check or [Speech 100] check to get Legate Lanius to withdraw.

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Once the Legion is dealt with, you'll have to assert your soveriegnty at the expense of the NCR (left). Either use diplomacy, or give General Oliver a one-way trip off the top of the Hoover Dam (right).

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When Legate Lanius lies dead or has retreated, make your way back west through the camp, the western gate of which is now sealed. As you approach, General Oliver and some NCR Rangers will make a dramatic entrance and congratulate you before you introduce him to your Securitron army. After this, he’ll tentatively continue, and you can either tell him and his soldiers to leave (in a few various ways) or sic the Securitrons on him. If you go for the latter route, pass a [Speech 100] check and then you can either let General Lee Oliver go, have him thrown off the dam, or just eradicate him and his accompanying NCR Rangers. However you end things, Caesar and the NCR have lost, and you are now the overlord of the Mojave.

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