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This black thing came like this, and by the time he reacted, it was already too late.He felt that he was surrounded by a hot liquid, and as if struck by lightning, his whole body twitched involuntarily, and then he lost his will.Everyone under the cliff watched this scene with their mouths wide open, only to see a ball of black translucent liquid hit Fu Hao at the entrance of the cave, and then slowly disappeared.But Fu Hao s body had a strange change, his whole body was wrapped in a layer of electric light, crackling non stop.At this moment, Fu Hao seemed to be an unstable force light bulb, constantly flickering and radiant.This incident made the students of Yongwang No.2 Middle School stop in their tracks.They looked at their boss, Wang Chu, with self evident meaning.Now Jin Qi is the only one left who can pose some threats to them.Of course, his good luck seemed to have run out, and he encountered two first level dark beasts along the way, but as long as a dark crystal formed in his head.Brother Hao, forget it, there will be opportunities in the future.Li Huan comforted Fu Hao with a smile.Fu Hao said bitterly If I hadn t been in a coma, I would have harvested more dark crystals than you.Oh, this is character.Li Huan laughed loudly, Why don t you say that ball of things hit others I want to hit you, but I said Brother Hao, living is more important than anything else, so be careful Look out, I have the guts to share half of your dark crystal with me, Fu Hao said dissatisfiedly I m The loss is too great.Jin Qi looked at Fu Hao speechlessly, and said, I really didn t see that you are still a money fan.Fu Hao shrugged and said, No way, I have been poor since I was a child, and I have always wanted to save money.However, his strength is not below level three, and based on his previous hunting experience in the black mist forest, he really feels like a fish in water at this moment.In the evening, Fu Hao was already more than a hundred why does low blood sugar happen symptoms of high blood sugar in women kilometers away from the Iron Blooded Castle.This range has exceeded the so called safe distance, and the level and number of dark beasts in the jungle have gradually increased.But so far, Fu Hao has not encountered a fourth level dark beast.Along the way, he avoided the third level dark beasts far away, but he could kill the second level dark beasts without mercy.When he got here, he stopped and stopped rushing in.To dark beasts, night is equivalent to daytime for humans.Therefore, the night in the Black Mist Forest is much more dangerous than the daytime.At this time, many dark beasts will wake up from their deep sleep and start to leave their lairs to look for food.The next moment, a beautiful woman with flushed cheeks came down.She was wearing a sexy one piece dress, and her slender waist contrasted strongly with her plump and bulging breasts diphenhydramine and blood sugar and symptoms of high blood sugar in women natural home remedies to lower blood sugar butt.Fu Hao, why does low blood sugar happen symptoms of high blood sugar in women a green young man, immediately swallowed his saliva, secretly thinking that this is called a devil figure The woman s eyes were full of water, her hair was slightly disheveled, she walked past Fu Hao with a lazy style, and threw a charming and extremely ambiguous smile at him.Master Mumu, brother, you are so funny the woman said, and left without looking back.Fu Hao frowned, this woman has a strong fragrance, which makes her body slightly hot, and judging from the satisfaction in the corners of her eyes and brows, it seems that after a moment or so, a woman with messy hair , The old man does quitting alcohol lower blood sugar with a thin body and a rather wretched appearance came .

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down from upstairs.After adjusting their positions, they trembled slightly and exploded suddenly Boom boom boom Three violent bangs sounded, and a fiery red cloud engulfed Yuan Chun s mech.The light shone in the red cloud, symptoms of high blood sugar in women and the astonishingly high temperature spread in all directions.Chapter 81 Golden Thunder Extinction Lava Explosion The fire phoenix mech really absorbed this powerful attack talisman and transformed it into a pattern in the mobile box.After landing on the ground, Fu Hao stuck the huge sword in his hand into the sand, and then took off two huge original energy pistols from his waist with both hands The patterns on the gun light up sequentially, and the original energy is filled in the blink of an eye.Level 2 Golden Pistol There was a flash of light in the fire cloud opposite, and a huge red figure rushed out.The fire lotus turned slowly, and after a few seconds, it finally stopped and disappeared slowly.On the ground, 140 mg dl blood sugar a dilapidated mecha stood in place.The surface of the alloy metal was full of signs of high temperature melting, and the thick left leg was even thinner.The hot red molten iron was sprinkled in the desert, condensing into mottled iron lumps The fuselage of the entire mecha is distorted, which is shocking to see At the last moment just now, Yuan Chun finally called out the origin of the fire lotus.Inverse Red Lotus Battle Formation This fourth level talisman, which is so common that people almost forget it, finally showed its powerful power today.The characteristic of the fourth level talisman is its transformation.In fact, the moment the fire lotus appeared just now, Yuan Tong and the others were thinking, how is this possible How could the fourth level talisman be engraved on that small mobile box However, the facts were before everyone s eyes, and everyone s scalp was numb, imagining what if they were trapped by the fire lotus just now, what should they do If this mecha is driven by civilians, all the third level force warriors in the world will retreat horrible For the original mecha, these young men and women only now have a deep understanding.Family Rune Master Technical consultant of the original mecha department These two titles fall on Fu Hao s head, which is something he dare not even think about.The reason why he agreed to Yuan Chun at the beginning was because of his curiosity and interest in the original energy mecha, and then to earn some extra money, but now Yuan Ziguang seemed to see his doubts, and symptoms of high blood sugar in women said with a smile Don t worry, our Yuan family will never It will interfere with your freedom, on the contrary, we will provide you with a lot of resources to improve your rune level.What about my obligations There is no free lunch in the world, rights and obligations have always been equal, So Fu Hao knew this very well, so he asked.Yuan Ziguang said As the rune master of our family, you need to support us in rune technology.The fire phoenix s mecha slowly raised its foot, and stepped on the head of the Dou Zheng mecha.competition is over.Chapter 103 Advanced to the semifinals Congratulations Tan Xue opened her arms to Fu Hao, the dimples on Xue s cheeks became more and more charming.Now that the beauty has opened her arms to you, there is absolutely no reason to refuse.Fu Hao gently hugged this beauty from Team Yew, and the elegant fragrance came to his nostrils, making him feel charming.Okay, my mission is also completed, let s see you on the field Tan Xue patted Fu Hao s shoulder, turned around and left gracefully.Looking at her beautiful and moving back, Fu Hao suddenly felt a sense of reluctance, so he opened his mouth and said, Hey, your melon seeds Hearing her footsteps, Tan Xue looked back and smiled, No, it s yours Melon Seeds According to authoritative sources, the match between Fire Phoenix and Fighting Raiders is enough to be recorded in the history of the West Moon City Primal Mecha Contest The two strong teams fought to the end, and the ups and downs of the atmosphere were the most ups and downs in this competition, which made people hooked after watching it Fighting Raiders has also become the second team after the Earth Bears to be defeated It s a pity that in many cases, there is no prize for the second place In this game, some people stay and some people quit The former strong team, the third place in the last year, will stop at the top four It s only one step away Everyone 140 mg dl blood sugar is 106 blood sugar normal sighed.If you don t have strength, how can you do it Just when Fu Hao was so humiliated that he could only leave with a wry smile.Yuan Ziguang and Yuan Chun spoke at the same time.Chapter 105 Goodbye Jin Qi Wait a minute Wait a moment The siblings almost spoke in unison.Yuan Ziguang was slightly taken aback, then winked at his sister, and then kept silent.Yuan Chun looked at Jin Wudao, and said slowly Jin Shao, Fu Hao is my boyfriend, have you considered our Yuan family s feelings when you speak like this The Yuan family is in Xiyue City.Although they do not have a title of title, they have strong financial resources, extensive contacts, and influence that cannot be underestimated.Seeing Yuan Chun holding Fu Hao s arm again, Jin Wudao couldn t help sneering, as if he didn t believe the relationship between the two.At that time, no matter how many people challenge Fu Hao and defeat him, it will be of no avail.The complexions of the giants on the long table all changed, and symptoms of high blood sugar in women they hesitated to speak.If it weren t for Fu Shanyue s majesty, with their characters developed in high positions for a long time, they would have turned the table and cursed.The identities of these people on the table are all extremely valuable, and some of them are the city lords of the first tier cities and have the title of viscount The huge Fu family, relying on Fu Shanyue s personal powerful force, symptoms of high blood sugar in women cannot ascend to the position of the city lord of the giant city of Tiandao.But without Fu Shanyue, the status of the Fu family would not be as good as it is now.The two complement each other and are closely related, but the internal power struggle is not humane.Su Ya nodded.Fu Hao stood on the spot blankly, he never thought that after such a short time, the two elders would arrange a marriage for him I Fu Hao was about to speak when he saw Fu Shanyue waved his hand and said, Okay, Haoer, I think you are still a virgin.Although the coming of age ceremony has been held, you are not a real man yet.Look at so many famous Shuyuans, you can find one at random, and complete the transformation tonight Su Ya also added with a smile That s right, your father held the coming of age ceremony for you, on the one hand, it is to tell the imperial edict The world, on the other hand, naturally makes you a real adult, otherwise there would not be so many young girls in the palace at symptoms of high blood sugar in women this moment.Fu Hao suddenly realized that all these women who came to watch the ceremony tonight had already planned , the goal is clear.In addition, what he didn t notice was that his stamina in battle was also getting stronger and stronger, because he had finally entered the realm of delicacy , and the recovery speed of his own original force was more than doubled than before The battle continues Before you know it, the number of Icemen exceeds a what happens to your blood sugar when you exercise thousand Fu Hao s situation became more and more difficult, but every time, he gritted his teeth and persisted.He didn t dare to give up, and he never had this idea in his heart, because he was afraid that once he had the idea of giving up in his heart, he would not be far symptoms of high blood sugar in women from failure.Once he fails, who knows if these icemen will smash him to death So, don t give up The iceman increases by two every time compared with the last time, this increase is not very obvious, so for Fu Hao, this kind of difficulty is accumulated little by little, so after the number of iceman exceeds 1000, for him That said, each time is basically like a repeat.This drop of blood can let her know many things.Because she realized that perhaps Fu Hao s fate would have some intersection with her own.Destiny is intertwined like silk threads, full of magic, without rules at all, and is the most elusive phenomenon in the world.But there are some things, but some clues can be grasped from it, and some fragments hidden in the thread of fate can be obtained.According to legend, the scale of fate, cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar the compass of illusion, and the three life stone all have this function, which can be called a magic weapon.There was a flash of light in Hua Lingyin s left hand, and a perfectly round crystal ball appeared on her palm.A mysterious and unspeakable fluctuation spread out, and a faint mist like white mist cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar floated in the crystal ball, rolling around, very miraculous.The group of them is super strong, and they climb does mucinex raise blood sugar very fast.On the mountain wall, they are like geckos, with colorful, uh, force rays of light, easily surpassing everyone.Fu Hao took a look at Shangguanyi and said, Let s go too When the two came cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar to the bottom of the mountain wall, the suffocation felt overwhelming, as if they were facing a stone pillar reaching the sky.To Heaven Fu Hao took a deep breath, and suddenly exerted force on his feet, and his whole body shot up into the sky like a sharp arrow Not to be outdone, Shangguanyi hastened to catch up.Snapped A heavy pressure came down, Fu Hao stretched out normal blood sugar level for 22 year old female his arms, firmly grasped the protrusion on the mountain wall, and hung in mid air.Looking down, he jumped more than 20 meters, which was already very high from the ground, and the people below were as small as dolls.Behind the table, a middle aged man with a stern face and no expression was sitting upright, like a statue.Fu Hao saluted the middle aged man, and then said Hi, teacher, come and report The middle aged man glanced at Fu Hao symptoms of high blood sugar in women indifferently, and said, Bring the admission letter.He took out the admission notice from Mobei University and handed it over.The middle aged man took the notice, glanced at it, and a strange look flashed across his face.Then, he looked Fu Hao up and down for a while, and then slowly asked Are you from the Fu family in Tiandao In fact, there was no other information on how often should blood sugar be tested the admission notice except Fu Hao s name.What is the basis for the young man to judge that he is from the Tiandao Fu family.But out of respect, he still nodded and said, Yes.The middle aged symptoms of high blood sugar in women man snorted coldly, moved his lips slightly, and continued to ask, Is Fu Shanyue your father Yes.After settling down, Fu Hao came to the window and looked downstairs.In the center symptoms of high blood sugar in women of the three buildings, there is a large flat green lawn, spread there like a green blanket, very pleasing to the eye.Many freshmen strolled there, enjoying the wonderful university life.Let s go, let s go for a stroll on campus Fu Hao looked away, turned and asked Shangguanyi.Shangguanyi looked at his watch, with a puzzled look on his face Brother Fu, when you went to Juntian Academy, I happened to date a girl.I didn t expect you to come to Xuantian Academy again.Fu Hao laughed dumbly, He waved his hand and can zoloft make your blood sugar drop said, Okay, I got it.Damn, did you stay with me all the time Go ahead, can I go shopping by myself Shangguan Yi gave Fu Hao cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar a thumbs up and said, That s good., I ll treat you to dinner again tonight, we ll see you there Well, see you then Fu Hao looked at the back of Shangguanyi leaving, and thought of Jin Qi again for no reason.At this moment, symptoms of high blood sugar in women there was a knock on the door, and Fu Hao swayed and disappeared on the bed.The next moment, he had already appeared at the door, putting on a pair of shorts at the same time.Opening the door, Shangguanyi glanced at the crack of the door, looked at Fu Hao ambiguously, and asked, Brother Fu, didn t you disturb your good business Fu Hao shrugged, but went to block the door, no Let Shangguanyi enter the house.Shangguanyi smiled wretchedly, and took out a beautiful piece of paper from his pocket.Brother Fu, the opening ceremony of our college has just ended, and I m here to convey to you the spirit of the meeting.Then Shangguanyi began to chatter.Okay, let s get to the point Fu Hao couldn t help interrupting him.Shangguan Yi paused, and after a while, he said The key points are all on this piece of paper, why don t you read it yourself Fu Hao took the paper and asked, Is there anything else Shaking his head, he said, Brother Fu, as someone who has been here, let me give you a word.Therefore, Ning Xue felt that there was something wrong with this ancient painting.Fu Hao smiled lightly, and said Sister Ning, you think too much.Ning Xue smiled gently and said, Ah Hao, if you symptoms of high blood sugar in women like this painting, can I give it to you Fu Hao said What is this I m sorry, it s you Ning Xue shook her head and said, You have saved my life, what is more precious than life In this case, Fu Hao no longer refused.He is not a mother in law himself, anyway, Ning Xue doesn t need this ancient painting, so she might as well take it herself.The two chatted and cooked in the kitchen, and the atmosphere was harmonious, as if they had returned to the old days.It s just that Fu Hao always felt that the way Ning Xue looked low blood sugar at 3 am at him was a little weird, and that feeling seemed to be shy.This reminded him of the scene of rescuing Ning Xue in Jin Wudao s room that day.Ye Fei, from the Fu Yuan, has countless talismans on his body.With all kinds of unpredictable talismans, he advances all the way and easily defeats his opponents.Ye Fei won the lottery twice, his luck was overwhelming, and he became a master as famous as Fu Hao s lunatic Mu Huaijin, and he was known as a lucky boy Since the beginning of the lottery, it has ended absurdly.So the contest continued.This time, the martial arts competition will determine the top thirty two masters in the school.Including the lucky boy Ye Fei, there are thirty three in total.Considering the nature of fairness, after these few rounds, Fu Hao did not meet Madman and Mu Huaijin.The strength of the three of them surpassed the current students by a large margin, basically there was no match, and the competition ended soon.During the symptoms of high blood sugar in women fall, Gong Yangyu s body split into two in the air, causing the audience to scream, and many girls covered their eyes.It s just that the few watching teachers on the field remained calm and showed no intention of making a move.bang bang The three crystal balls and the body of the ram feather fell to the ground, and a wonderful scene happened I saw the brilliance of Gongyang Yu s corpse flickering, and then people felt a blur in front of them, and a crystal ball that was cut in half appeared.On the side, Gong Yangyu stood quietly on the ground.He looked at the broken crystal ball on the ground with some distress, with a helpless expression on his face.A black light fell from the sky, and the straight black knife plunged into the ground, and then, a tall and handsome figure floated down, and lightly tapped the handle of the black knife with its toes.However, what should a fasting blood sugar be what I didn t expect was that Fu Hao could easily get rid of her lock, symptoms of high blood sugar in women and her extremely powerful move just fell through fasting blood sugar measurement Mu symptoms of high blood sugar in women Huaijin frowned, and flicked her fingers lightly, the petals symptoms of high blood sugar in women flowed wildly and swept up into the sky, then twisted and rotated, forming a thick symptoms of high blood sugar in women tornado storm, enveloping the entire arena The petals with beautiful and soft colors are flickering at this moment, forming the most beautiful tornado, which is displayed in front of everyone.No attack can be so poetic Beautiful, quiet, dangerous.This is Hundred Flowers Lingering, and it was a female ancestor of the Mu family who created this combat skill.While the flowers were spinning, a silver light quietly appeared.Just as Mu Huaijin noticed it, with a single finger, countless petals surrounded her.However, she was one step too late, and saw a flash of silver light, passing through the whirling petals in the sky, and brushing past Mu Huaijin s snow white and delicate neck.At this moment, the two couldn t help but look at each other, remembering the situation when they were hiding in the tree hole that day.Mu Huaijin s eyes lit up, and he said, Then have you seen the fruit of life The lunatic shook his head and said, No, I was relatively weak at the time, so I didn t continue to search, but the life bean and the fruit of life are associated, so it should be It s not far away.At this moment, Fu Hao spoke.Madman, I want to visit your place this winter vacation, you can be my tour guide Upon hearing this, the lunatic nodded immediately and said, No problem, I am the most hospitable person Mu Huaijin looked at it strangely He glanced at Fu Hao and said, I want to go see it too Ye Fei said immediately after hearing this, Then I ll go too.After saying this, everyone became interested, and Gongyang Yu also gave a call.Fu Hao took a stroll in the courtyard, and went down the mountain with Jin Qi from the other side where there were few people, and then leisurely drew out his long sword to meet the group of mud rock monsters.The sword light flickered, like a downpour, the raindrops low blood sugar after exercise came in a hurry, out of thin air.All the mud rock monsters touched by Fu Hao s sword rain turned into a puddle of fleshy mud, which was too horrible to look at.This is a kind of swordsmanship that Fu Hao just realized some time ago, Jian Yu Swordsmanship is ever changing, but it remains the same As long as one masters the principles of the way of swordsmanship, there will be many different swordsmanship due to different personalities symptoms of high blood sugar in women and perceptions.What is taught in the Qin Ziyi class is the way of swordsmanship.The student who benefited the most from this class is Fu Hao His current swordsmanship has already surpassed that of swordsmanship.After speaking, he got up and left.Mu Huaijin looked at his back, thoughtful.After Fu Hao left, he came to Gongyang Yu s room again and explained the matter, but he didn t say why he wanted to help Luo Yan.Gong Yangyu guessed You are really loyal, you don t want to help the madman win the hearts of beauties Fu Hao patted him on the shoulder and said Madmen like to be crazy, let s accompany him to be crazy this time.Come on, don t worry, I have the means to get out of 140 mg dl blood sugar is 106 blood sugar normal my body.Gongyang Yu spread his hands and said, Okay, I have no problem, you can kill even eighth level masters in seconds, if I don t trust you, who else can I trust Fu Hao secretly said in his heart My buddy can not only instantly kill eighth level masters, but even ordinary black iron warrior buddies are not afraid In fact, Fu Hao s plan is very simple.Cao Di s eyes flickered fiercely, and as soon as cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar he moved, he swung the heavy hammer best juice to raise blood sugar and rushed out the back door, smashing it hard boom The exquisite and beautiful symptoms of high blood sugar in women natural home remedies to lower blood sugar mahogany back door was shattered by a hammer, and the purple shadow of the hammer rushed out ferociously, like a ferocious beast that would choose someone to devour.Chi Chi Chi Suddenly, sharp white arrows shot out one after another, appearing straight in front of Cao does collagen raise blood sugar Di.Cao Di grinned grimly, waved his hand to fend off the sharp arrows, and continued to rush outside.However, as soon as he arrived at the door, a young figure appeared ghostly and stopped him.It is the madman.The madman smiled and popped out a silver talisman, which hit Cao Di s heavy hammer Looking for death Cao Di roared angrily, with a surge of force in his body, he didn t care about the talisman that the lunatic popped up, but increased his strength, trying to smash the lunatic into minced meat with one blow.Its spine is half buried in the ground, and its curved ribs pierce into the sky one by one The skeleton left by some fierce beast has reached more than 500 meters in length.The dilapidated bones have been preserved until now, and the rest are all the hardest parts, and the rest may have been taken away by others, or they may have been weathered into ashes.However, Fu Hao believes that the chance of being taken away by someone is higher, because such a powerful beast, its skeleton is a priceless treasure Fu Hao flew over the skeleton and landed on a rib as thick as a commemorative plate.Suddenly, a heart piercing chill pervaded the air The symptoms of raised blood sugar moment Fu Hao touched the snow white skeleton, a layer of hoarfrost spread out from the skeleton, wrapping Feng Ling s clone.The next moment, Feng Ling became stiff, and then fell with his head down.They stopped far away, just looked at this symptoms of high blood sugar in women side, and did not act rashly.A cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar few minutes later, a man fired a red flare into the sky.Immediately afterwards, a huge convoy appeared on the horizon in the distance, heading towards this direction in a hurry.What s going on Fu Hao asked the lunatic in a low voice.The lunatic shook his head and said, I don t know too well, but it s very possible that this INEIEM symptoms of high blood sugar in women is where .

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blood sugar in the morning symptoms of high blood sugar in women the World of Demon Generals appeared.Huh No way, haven t you been here before Fu Hao asked in surprise.The lunatic shrugged and said, This area is huge, and I used to come from the other side.Only then did Fu Hao remember that if it wasn t for the tide of gerbils, their direction would not have been deflected.It s a pity that the front is still the vast Gobi wasteland, where no grass grows.It s a pity that the people who really don why does low blood sugar happen symptoms of high blood sugar in women t know their own situation are these arrogant masters.The thorny vine strangled a master s neck fiercely, and with a slow twist, he strangled his neck blood sugar in the morning symptoms of high blood sugar in women In front of the powerful thorn vine, this group of people has no room to fight back kill Fu Hao s eyes were cold, merciless, and full of murderous intent.He manipulated the thorn vine to kill these people one by one.The three lunatics each have their own means to protect themselves, so there is no danger of mistakes.In less than ten minutes, the group of people died and only the ninth level master was left He retreated quickly, and after a few jumps, he turned into a small black symptoms of high blood sugar in women natural home remedies to lower blood sugar dot and fled into the distance How could Fu Hao let her go, the thorny vine came out of his hand, like a thin black line, disappeared into the air with a swish.Hu Fei watched Jiang Xinghan take out the roses.Han Xue let out a soft cry, 140 mg dl blood sugar is 106 blood sugar normal and took a step back in surprise, a lovely blush suddenly appeared on her face.Han Xue, I have liked you for a long time, but I have never dared to tell you.Today, please allow me to say four words to you at the highest place in the school Jiang Xinghan held flowers in both hands and looked at Han Xue.Hu Fei s heart beat faster.Reject him Reject him Reject him He yelled in his heart, he was terrified, he was afraid to see Han Xue s nod and Han Xue s smile.Finally, when Hu Fei saw Han Xue shaking his head, he breathed a sigh of relief.At the same time, the black line on the sky became thicker, as if the line was constantly approaching how often should i check my blood sugar type 2 the earth, the closer the distance, the clearer the sight.Han Xue said Student Jiang Xinghan, we should focus on cultivation now.Fu Hao said If I dodge when I encounter danger, then I will never be a master in this life.Dark Blood was silent.The growth experience of any master is not smooth sailing, and a master who has not experienced hardships is not a real master.Dark Blood herself has gone through countless life symptoms of high blood sugar in women and death crises before reaching statins and blood sugar levels this point, so it is difficult for her to refute Fu Hao s words.Fu Hao was silent for a while, and said There are a few people, I want you to bring back to the giant city of Tiandao.Now that things are up, Dark Blood can only agree.Fu Hao wrote a letter for Ning Xue, then handed it to Anxue, saying Take this letter, go to this address, and bring them back to Tiandao.Anxue prodigy blood sugar monitor nodded, took the envelope and put it away.There was a flash of light in Fu Hao s hand, and two blue gemstones appeared, and he said, This is an extremely powerful treasure.He has been living happily these few days.Apart from practicing swordsmanship, he spends the rest of the time with Jin Qi, helping Jin Qi improve his strength.As time went by, the gap in strength between the two gradually became apparent, which made the girl feel a sense of crisis.At the same time, the strong will in the girl s heart was also stimulated.The campus of Mobei University seemed even more empty.Many students who were in other places did not come back because of the holiday, and many local students also began to leave West Moon Giant City one after another.In fact, in the four year university system, the first two years are spent studying at the school, the third year is arranged by the school to enter a trial space to stay for a whole year, and the fourth year is symptoms of high blood sugar in women spent outside the school.A group of people rushed out quickly, like the arrow of a sharp arrow, flying retrograde in the black torrent Alienation seems to be endless, and they rush from all directions from time to time, risking their lives and attacking desperately.Among these aliens, the strongest has reached level six, while the weakest are only level three or four.However, quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes, and countless attacks gathered together, so that everyone present did not dare to easily challenge them Fu Hao waved his fists, and the thunder mark roared.After the alienated person in front of him was hit by the fist mark, his whole body burst open.Sometimes, one fist mark can kill five or six alienated people.This is the level of suppression Everyone present is basically familiar with such a scene, because each freshman class has a course of actual combat drills, and the students spent almost a semester fighting countless mud rock monsters, and they have already developed a strong and resilient body.After all, even he himself was not sure whether Hu Fei would harm him after he reappeared.After a long time, a bright knife light cut through the black cocoon, and the black cocoon dissipated.Hu Fei stood proudly on the spot, his height seemed to have grown, and his promoted body was full of oppressive strength, giving the impression that he was facing a volcano that might erupt at any time.Hu Fei looked at Fu Hao in a blink of an eye, nodded slightly, and said, Thank you.Fu Hao was taken aback for a moment, and he suddenly found that Hu Fei was getting closer to humans.Not only because Hu Fei s language became a symptoms of high blood sugar in women little bit fluent, but more importantly, he learned to be grateful.Of course, Hu Fei s strength had at least doubled.At this time, if Fu Hao didn t rely on the thorny vine, he would no longer be able to defeat him.On the far side of the sky, the thorny vine stretched out and turned into several hundred meter long thick thorny vines, launching a fierce attack on the alienated general.General Alienist was stunned for a moment, but he didn t expect blood sugar 223 after eating that the enemy that appeared in front of him was not of the same kind, but a powerful plant life.With the help of the fruit of life, the thorny vine had already climbed to the peak of the black iron level when it was in the space of the demon general.At this moment, it has almost no pressure to face an alienated person whose strength is at the middle stage of the black iron level.An astonishing wave of air erupted in the sky, and the vines of the thorny vine swayed horizontally and vertically, forcing the alienated general to the front of a building.laugh A vine stabbed like a sharp arrow, and the alienated man roared and punched out with both fists The two came into contact like lightning, but strangely, they didn t make any sound.Seeing that Fu Hao s extremely powerful punch was about to imprint on Shi Weihan s body, the battle armor in front of him flashed strangely and appeared in front of Fu Hao s fist.A smile symptoms of high blood sugar in women appeared on Fu Hao s face, and he slammed his fists on the battle armor, and the battle armor broke in response Shi Weihan seemed to have expected this, the moment he used his armor to block Fu Hao, his figure fell short and his fingers touched the ground A warning sign appeared in Fu Hao s heart, he hurriedly withdrew his fist, kicked his legs suddenly, and shot straight into the sky Swish Swish Swish Countless spears drilled out from the ground, and the dense and sharp spearheads shot into the sky like lightning with fierce murderous intent Fu Hao s body turned around in the air like a puppet on a string, and then he punched down He blasted a huge gap in the dense forest of spears, and he fell like symptoms of high blood sugar in women a meteor, but what greeted him were indeed two sweeping giant blades Fu Hao also didn t expect that Shi Weihan s attack was so weird and fast, if he reacted a little slower, he would be chopped off by these two sharp giant blades I saw him propping up his hands and clapping his left and right palms.In fact, when the second dark beast appeared, he had already left the arena.With his alienated speed, he came not far from the dark behemoth in the blink of an eye.Judging from the aura exuded by this dark behemoth, its strength is about the same as that of a mid level black iron level force warrior.Among the INEIEM symptoms of high blood sugar in women alienated group, it is also a master second only to the lord level.Fu Hao didn t know why so many dark behemoths suddenly appeared in the black mist, but since he saw them, he couldn t let them go He landed suddenly, like a meteorite falling from the sky, and slammed his fist on the head of the dark behemoth The dark behemoth in flight suddenly trembled, its head tilted downward, and then it rushed towards the ground obliquely.The earth trembled, and the dark behemoth landed on the ground and slid out, cars and street lamps piled up like blood sugar level above 300 mountains along the road After stopping, the giant dark beast immediately struggled violently, its tentacles rolled up, and stabbed at Fu Hao on top of its head.The less powerful ones turned into fly ash in the flames.This is still the periphery.At the center of the sword light, the first burst of sword light completely wiped out everything.A silver level symptoms of high blood sugar in women dark behemoth almost collapsed into powder in the blink of an eye Fu Hao rushed out of the flames and bumped into a building in a panic.boom Behind him, the flames receded, and a huge mushroom cloud that occupied most of the sky gradually rose.Fu Hao turned his head with lingering fear, stared dumbfounded at the distant battlefield, and finally understood how strong Qin Ziyi was.When Qin Ziyi taught him swordsmanship, maybe even one percent of his strength was useless, right This is the real master After Fu Hao s alienation, although he feels that his strength is almost the same as that of the peak black iron level force warrior, but in terms of real strength, I am afraid typical fasting blood sugar that there is a world of difference.Fu Hao hurriedly followed, trying to look around.There was a flash of golden light on the ground, and then it dimmed.After a while, the thick dust and smoke dissipated, and Fu Hao s vision was finally clean and clear.A huge pit appeared on the ground, and in the center, a symptoms of high blood sugar in women white haired man was prostrate on the ground, extremely embarrassed.On his back, Hu Fei put one knee on his spine and pressed his head with one hand.This is a shocking picture A silver ranked symptoms of high blood sugar in women force warrior was being pinned to the ground like a dog at this moment And this person was just an ordinary middle school student less than a month ago Fu Hao imagined the scene just now, Hu Fei fell from the sky, and hit the white haired man hard on the back with his knee.The white haired man was blocked by a golden force of light all over his body, but he was still scattered by Hu Fei s heavy blow Just as Fu Hao kept looking at it, the iron sword in his hand let out a loud clang, broke free from Fu Hao s palm, and flew out with a swish.This symptoms of high blood sugar in women woman s demeanor is refined and her appearance is glamorous, she doesn t seem to be an ordinary person.Yes, where did Teacher Qin go Fu Hao asked.The woman didn t answer immediately, but asked hesitantly, Who are you I m his student.Oh, the woman nodded, and said, Dean Qin is out on business and won t be back in a short time.Fu Hao was taken aback, somewhat unexpected.Thank you for letting me know.Fu Hao nodded, turned and went downstairs.The woman looked at his back with a thoughtful expression.After Fu Hao left, she came to the door of Qin Ziyi s office, took out the courtyard badge and symptoms of high blood sugar in women shook it, and the door slowly opened.After leaving Xuantian Academy, Fu Hao came to Haotian Academy again.I found someone to inquire about it.Jin Qi has no class today and is still nestling in the dormitory.The beautiful woman didn t move at all, but smiled lightly, and said Kill me, you will never get the antidote for the spirit transformation.I can remind you that the spirit transformation in you is the result of my ancient potion.I am the only one in this world who can understand it.Like a son, like a mother.Fu Hao couldn t help sighing, looking at the dignified and graceful face of the beautiful woman, he said with a sneer Are you You are stalling for time, so that I dare not kill you, and if I don t get the antidote, then the Lin family can come and take me down, am I right Tang Shuya frowned slightly, as if she was being told Thoughts.When will the people from the Lin family say Fu Hao asked.For this sake, Tang Shuya no longer concealed Three hours later.Fu Hao looked at the time, a strange look flashed in his eyes, and said, Three hours is enough Under Tang Shuya s surprised eyes, she let the thorny vines bind the hands and feet of the beautiful woman, trapping the dignified and noble woman in a humiliating and somewhat evil posture.After all, you know the situation of our mother and son.Lin Yi nodded, took Tang Shuya s hand slowly, and said, Madam, if If you can trust Lin, just ask for something useful in the future.Tang Shuya twitched, but she didn t get what she wanted, and she could only let Lin Yi hold her noble hand.The beautiful woman s pretty face was slightly red, shy, full of the noble and charming style of a mature woman.Lin Yi was overjoyed, and then gently pulled Tang Shuya into her arms.Today is really an unexpected joy.Not symptoms of high blood sugar in women only did he get Fu Hao, who was hunted down by the Lin family many times but failed to fulfill his wish, but he also got such a beautiful and noble woman, which made him feel like a piece of cake in the sky.However, Tang Shuya was slightly startled, she backed up a few steps with her pretty face flushed, and said as if she was at a loss, Well, I ll go find some wine.So to this day, that person is still firmly blocked at the entrance of the canyon.The man guarding the entrance of the canyon is about twenty five or six years old.He is neither fat nor thin.He is well mannered and bookish.He doesn t look like a warlike person at all.There was a gigantic sword about a foot wide stuck on the ground in front of this person, and the height of the sword was almost the same as his height.Just looking at this sword, will drinking water bring your blood sugar down people can know the origin of this man.Except for the students of Jujian University, there are cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar generally few people who use such a giant sword.Jujian University is located in Jiaokang Jucheng City, this man must be a student who graduated from Jujian University.Shall we go around Shasha looked at this man who was a man of one man and one man for nothing, and felt a little apprehensive in his heart.Chapter 324 The Great River is Difficult to Cross It is desolate and silent.The broad streets are still paved with yellow sand, and the wind blows, and the yellow sand is flying among the tall buildings.This is a city of the dead In the center of the city, Fu Hao felt a cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar calling.He put away the demon avatar and strode towards the center of the city.Passing through the dead and silent streets, Fu Hao came to a huge and empty square.There is a gate in the middle of the square.This gate is the source of summoning Fu Hao.His eyes lit up, knowing that he had finally reached the end of the assessment.This door, placed abruptly in the center of the city, is made of stone, ancient and mysterious.Fu Hao walked around the door, and finally stood still in front of the door.The stone pattern on the door exudes faint space fluctuations, Fu Hao stretched out his hand to push the stone door open, and suddenly felt a cool dampness rushing towards his face.The battle on the ball of light is still going on, and the remaining nine battle peaks are constantly staged scenes of guarding and challenging.Among them, on the fifth battle peak, the black robed man s performance is quite eye catching, summoning the bone dragon, sweeping the enemies, almost undefeated.And on the first battle peak, the bald Ding Guang s broadsword finally burst out with bright light, defeating the challengers time and time again, and defending the ring tenaciously Big waves wash the sand As long as you have the strength, you will definitely be able to stay in the ring In the third Zhanfeng, Fu Hao saw that beautiful girl with short hair again, with a childlike face and big breasts, a devil figure and an angelic face, she is simply an ideal stunner in any man s mind.Sure enough, as she said, after failing to challenge Fu Hao, she returned to the third battle peak and firmly held her position.There was a gap in the sky briefly.But soon, countless dark blood bats surged up again, and the existence on the ground finally let out an unwilling roar before dying.There was a loud bang, and the blood mist filled and expanded.The dark blood bat screamed, greedily absorbing symptoms of high blood sugar in women what is normal waking blood sugar the blood mist, and then quickly rushed forward to get more blood food.Fu Hao and the others felt their scalps go numb, and they didn t even have the thought of running away.If Ji Fengshan and Ding Ziyang couldn t resist the dark blood bats, then Haozi s team would die before they left.Space secret art has always been the most profound and mysterious type of secret art, and very few people can master it.At this time, Ji Fengshan and Ding Ziyang cooperated to perform the same space secret technique, and the superposition of the two was more powerful.At the same time, Jianmang cut through his force defense again, as if trying to freeze his soul Huh Lao Wu was startled, light flashed around his body, and his whole body was wrapped in a metal armor A mysterious pattern appeared faintly on the battle armor, which made his aura more than three times stronger Zheng The sword glow struck on Lao Wu s metal glove, creating layers of dazzling frost.The air nearby seemed to be condensed, lifeless.Lao Wu waved his arms, and a lead gray giant tiger emerged from behind him The ferocious giant tiger roared at Fu Hao, and Old Wu punched out This punch was more than three times stronger than the punch just now Fu Hao s face froze, knowing that he was invincible, he simply dissipated the sword glow, and stood motionless in the void without any force fluctuations, welcoming death.The second child symptoms of high blood sugar in women took a deep breath, flew up, and flew towards the iron book.But at this moment, a slender purple light shot out from cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar the darkness, causing a sudden change Chapter 363 Scar of the God of Death Soul Clan Seeing the familiar light, Fu Hao s face suddenly changed, a light flashed in his hand, and a rusty iron sword appeared.At the same time, the eight clones emerged from the wheel of sentient beings Walked out and stood behind him.The fifth child and the sixth child flew up from the spot to support the second child.In mid air, the second child put his hands together, and a blue ball emerged, wrapping him in it.Enchantment Among all the secret arts, the defensive power of the space secret art is also ranked first.Among the offensive and defensive difficulties, among the top three systems, the secret of space is definitely the trump card of the trump card.Fu Hao who was practicing was stunned, even the second child who was sitting aside turned his head curiously and looked at him puzzled.Fu Hao looked carefully, and found the culprit among the messy things A blood red eyeball blazed with invisible flames, burning endlessly, and the eyeball flickered red light constantly, flickering on and off, as if reminding this of something.Magic Eye The second child s eyes lit up, as if he had discovered some amazing secret, he blurted out.It is indeed a magic eye.After Fu Hao obtained this magic eye on the Battlefield of Absolute Demon, he kept it in the space capsule.This magic cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar eye not only contains the fighting experience and skills of the magic general in his life, but also absorbs the entire space of the magic general.Although Fu Hao was able to use this eyeball, it was inconvenient in the territory of the Holy Empire, so it has been hidden until now.She stood there stiffly, only two questions in her mind were to kill or not to kill.Fu Hao greedily tasted her mouth, and hugged her gently with his big hands.After a while, Fu Hao raised his head slightly, looked at her and said, From now on, you are mine A trace of confusion flashed in No.7 s beautiful eyes, but if she didn t care about tonight s matter from the beginning, Promise, then it won t come to this point.In the final analysis, you have to blame yourself One s own bitter fruit shall be borne by oneself.Number Seven didn t dare to look at Fu Hao, and looked away.Fu Hao laughed, let go of No.7, and then looked at Catherine next to him.Baby Fu Hao called softly, Catherine burst into tears of joy, and Ruyan threw herself into his arms.While Fu Hao and Catherine were tenderly present in the why does low blood sugar happen symptoms of high blood sugar in women arena, Karak also recovered with the help of the other two subordinates.Yeah, yes, it just so happens that we are going home too.Fu Hao hurriedly boarded the carriage and said with a smile.Number Seven hesitated for a moment and wanted to get in the car, but Annie glanced at her and said, You follow the car.After speaking, she lowered the car curtain.The carriage turned around and drove towards the Loren family s estate.No.7 froze in place for a moment, then strode to keep up.The people in front of the pink heaven gate were motionless, as if frozen.It wasn t until the carriage disappeared from everyone s sight that people recovered.On the carriage, Fu Hao looked at Annie s icy and dignified face, and felt a little uneasy in his heart.This Annie, could it be that she began to doubt her authenticity I only heard Annie say sternly From today, you will stay in the family library for me for a month, and you are not allowed to go out even once, do you understand After all, a place INEIEM symptoms of high blood sugar in women like the library is second only to the battlefield for Payne.One of the seven ancient demon gods is the invincible powerhouse who controls Anyan.Burn the whole world and turn everything into ashes This is the description of An Yan.An Yan has the terrifying power to incinerate everything, and it also has an extremely magical effect on refining weapons.The ancient book that Fu Hao got contained some important information about An Yan.A map was drawn on one of the pages, and the location marked on it was one of the only remaining dark flames in the world Sartre, so your real source of wealth is this Fu Hao looked at the map with a smile on his lips.He got up and walked to the window, opened the window, looked at the bright sunshine outside the window and the quiet barracks, his heart moved, and he flew out.Luo Jiu, come with me.Fu Hao said symptoms of high blood sugar in women to the castle in the air, and the next moment, a figure flashed out of the castle and appeared beside him.Chapter 399 symptoms of high blood sugar in women Dark Flame Burning the Sky Luo Jiu walked out of Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar In Women How To Keep My Blood Sugar Stable | INEIEM (1) the cave, and the bronze gate behind him slowly closed.He took one last look at the bronze gate, then turned into a shadow and disappeared into the cave.Leaving the cave, Luo Jiu covered up the entrance of symptoms of high blood sugar in women the cave until nothing could be seen before he flew into the sky and returned to the earl s territory.Not long after, Luo 140 mg dl blood sugar is 106 blood sugar normal San, Luo Ying, and Luo Ye all got the news of their master s retreat.Although they were surprised, they didn t say anything, so they could only stay in blood sugar in the morning symptoms of high blood sugar in women the territory and wait quietly.In the cave.The Viscountess gradually got used to the temperature here.She was wearing a thin gauze dress, and her snow white and graceful body was faintly visible in the gauze, outlining a curve that made people s blood spurt.Even so, she was still dripping with sweat, as if she was in a steamer, her cheeks were flushed, and a few strands of hair stuck to her beautiful cheeks, giving 105 fasting blood sugar reading birth to a charming and charming temperament out how do you know if blood sugar is high of thin air.Fu Hao s first demon clone came out of it.It seems that it can be used.Fu Hao smiled slightly, and he was relieved.The demon avatar who had cultivated the Sky Swallowing Serpent looked up at An Yan, then disappeared in place with a flash.The next moment, he appeared next to the blazing dark flame.A huge black hole formed beside him, and the incomparable devouring power spread, and all the dark flames that rushed to his side disappeared.The demon clone flew into the dark flame, and then the black hole around him suddenly disappeared with a flick of his heart.Immediately, the dark flames came from all directions, and the endless high temperature fell on the demon clone.His face was distorted, and all his strength exploded, trying his best to resist.But a few seconds later, a black flame ignited on the body of the demon clone.Not long after, a shadow flashed beside him, and Luo Jiu appeared.The light of thunder flickered, and the sound of thunder rumbled.The faces of the two of them were sometimes dark and sometimes bright, but they were all watching Fu Hao closely.At the critical moment when Fu Hao was advancing, the huge force of heaven and earth within a radius of a hundred miles gathered towards him frantically at this moment.To be precise, they gathered on him and the Dark Emperor Electroshock Dragon.The shape of the Dark Emperor Electric Shock Dragon is getting bigger and bigger, and the lightning on symptoms of high blood sugar in women his body is more dense and terrifying.Fu Hao was bathed in the sea of thunder, and his strength continued to increase.Master s strength seems to be stronger than other family members who practice the Dark Emperor s Electric Shock Dragon Aspect, Luo Jiu said softly.The soldiers of the Eighth Division swarmed in and attacked the city.The war is entering its final stage.Two hours later, Fu Hao and Arthur entered Blackthorn City.The city is full of ruins and ruins, and the battle is raging.The enemy defending the city fought a fierce street battle with the Eighth Division, and they were all wiped out in the end.The city lord s mansion was burning with raging flames.The big and small dignitaries in the city had already fled with their property, and most of the remaining ordinary people had died in the war.Blackthorn City, at this time has completely become an abandoned city.The three of Fu Hao stood on the well preserved city wall to the north of Blackthorn City, watching the soldiers below slowly passing through the city, feeling a little emotional in their hearts.She came to the bed, looked at Fu Hao above, gritted her teeth, gently unbuttoned her pajamas, and let it slip to the floor, then she lifted the quilt and got in shyly.Please be gentle with me.Winnie s voice was weak.Fu Hao smiled slightly and said, Okay After speaking, he reached out and hugged her in his arms.Winnie s tender body trembled slightly, and her whole body was tense, obviously her heart was not as relaxed as she appeared on the symptoms of high blood sugar in women surface.Fu Hao hugged her, motionless.After a long time, Winnie noticed something was wrong.Hello What s the matter Fu Hao asked.Why don t you do that Which one You asked knowingly.Fu Hao looked at Winnie with clear eyes, and said, You think too much, I just want to pills for blood sugar sleep.Winnie was stunned.Okay, go to sleep, we have something to do tomorrow Fu Hao said, patted her smooth back, and continued to sleep with his arms around her.Jacqueline let out a miserable snort, and her whole body twitched under the electric light.Her power was still sealed by the green robed old man.Although she had the physique of a fifth order Dharma Form at this moment, she didn t have the corresponding power.The green robed old man turned his head and glanced at her, a trace of hesitation flashed in his eyes, and with a final wave of his hand, he sent her out of the bone tower.Jacqueline appeared on the boundless sea of bones, and her strength recovered.There was a flash of light on her body, and a white robe was put on her body, covering her snow white body covered with red marks and finger marks.She looked at the sea of bones with hatred, and the hatred in her beautiful eyes burned and intensified.She suddenly took a deep breath, clasped her hands together, and her whole body became transparent.Under the combat power of the ninth level law, even the Marquis of Soros, who is far away from the Purple Sun Alliance, probably cannot surpass the glory of Fu Hao s knife.However, if Marquis Soros also casts madness, that would be a different matter.The light of the sword pierced through the void, smashed all the barriers of space and time, and crossed the blood cloud A slender crack suddenly appeared in the boundless blood cloud, and then split into two halves, revealing a trace of blue sky Fu Hao s figure appeared above the blue sky, standing proudly in the sky.However, only half of his body remained.His lower body disappeared up to his waist, and only half of his body rushed out from the blood cloud.But the boundless cloud of blood was split in half by him.Behind him, the blood cloud slowly gathered and rolled endlessly, but it couldn t help but shot at him again.Although these imprints are already incomplete, Fu Hao has already glimpsed some things that happened in ancient times.The most important thing is that a master of the demon clan realized something with the help of the lines on the bones of the heavenly beast, and then broke through the realm and became a first level 117 blood sugar non fasting existence of the demon god.After becoming a red hot chili peppers blood sugar magik album cover demon god, this demon master blood sugar in the morning symptoms of high blood sugar in women mastered the supernatural power of Anyan, and the Anyan in this cave was inherited from him.It seems that during the tens of thousands of years since the demons came to the demon world, there are still demons who have become demon gods, but I don t know where he is now Fu Hao thought silently.There has never been a demon god.He couldn t help 140 mg dl blood sugar is 106 blood sugar normal thinking of the gods of his own human race.The founding emperor of the Holy Empire was the only existence in the human race who had cultivated into a god.Hahn said seriously, Father, I think you should I made a mistake, I didn t meet Master Payne, only an arrogant boy named Fu Hao, and this person ruined our major event.Andrew s face darkened, he interrupted Hahn with a light cough, and said, Are you sure You didn t meet Master Payne Then how did Master Payne know your name Hahn was taken aback, and murmured, He Where is Master now Andrew asked in a deep voice.He s here Hahn blood sugar in the morning symptoms of high blood sugar in women was speechless for a while, so he could only say, Impossible, I asked Vivienne to ask him, and he said he was not the viscount s.Suddenly, Hahn was stunned.Not the Viscount s men, could it be the Viscount himself Andrew realized that something was wrong, and hurriedly asked the butler, Where is Lord Payne The old butler hesitated for a long time before saying, In prison.The beauty of the Yi clan said I was going to let you go, but now it seems that your greed has ruined you After finishing speaking, the beauty of the Yi clan made a sudden move.With a flicker of her figure, she suddenly appeared in front of Fu Hao, and her slender jade fingers, as tender as peeling onions, slammed down on Fu Hao s forehead.She became ethereal and mysterious, as if she was in another world.Even if she appeared face to face in front of Fu Hao, Fu Hao could not why does low blood sugar happen symptoms of high blood sugar in women feel the slightest power fluctuation.But a warning sign appeared in Fu Hao s heart, knowing that if he endured this trick, a big hole would definitely appear in his head Just when his finger was about to touch Fu Hao s forehead, he suddenly leaned back At the same moment, the bone knife quietly appeared in his hand, with a flickering light, piercing the full bulge of the beautiful woman s chest.This is the momentum that the thirteen giants should have As far as the level of this carriage is concerned, it is already close to that of the Heavenly Demon Soldier, and it is one of the top grade Earth Demon Soldier.It is the kind of thing that cannot be bought with money.It is specially customized by the Loren family and can represent Loren Items of family face Uncle Wu got into the carriage first, followed by Fu Hao and Phyllis, and then the three of them headed towards the pier in Salinas with a hundred well equipped elite guards.At the same time, as if sensing the movement of Salinas, the Ninth Fleet also sent a luxury cruise ship towards Salinas.Both sides maintained a constant speed, heading towards the pier in Salinas unhurriedly, and then arrived almost at the same time.At the pier, Andrew, who is the consul and city lord of Salinas, has already arranged everything.He gathered all the surrounding ships aside, leaving a quiet pier with a red carpet, and guards of honor standing on both sides.The atmosphere is solemn And solemn.Strictly speaking, this time today can be regarded as an abnormal diplomatic activity.The carriage of the Loren family stopped slowly by the pier.Fu Hao had already briefly told the story of how he saved Hank and Fei Liwen along the way.Uncle Wu nodded after listening, packed his clothes and got out of the carriage.My lord, welcome to Salinas, the villain Andrew is willing to serve you Andrew immediately showed a flattering smile, and bowed deeply to Uncle Fifth.Uncle Wu nodded lightly, his aura was extremely strong.Fu Hao and Phyllis followed behind him, and the coke zero and blood sugar three came to the edge of the pier.The luxury cruise ship of the Whip of the God of War slowly docked, and a tall and thin demon man came out.Puffins like to sail at full speed, riding the wind and waves with great speed.After Fu Hao enjoyed Vivian s massage, he lay lazily on the sun lounger enjoying the sunny weather.Vivian, who was dressed in cool clothes, stayed beside him and handed him fruit snacks from time to time.The day passed quickly, and in the evening, the sea was full of wind and clouds, and the waves were high and fast.The Puffin appeared extremely small in front of the vast ocean.The speed of the ship slowed down, and the defensive patterns on it were opened one by one, and the bright white streamer covered the sky above the deck, forming a dome, covering the Puffin.Not long after, big raindrops fell, and thunder flashed in the dark sky in the distance, and the deafening thunder boomed across the entire sky.Fu Hao lay on the big soft and comfortable bed in the cabin, feeling the drop of the Puffin being thrown up and down by the big waves, and fell asleep for a while.Not long after, seventy two beams of light suddenly rose from the giant island These beams of light are majestic and huge, exuding majestic and astonishing force fluctuations.Looking carefully, each beam of light is composed of countless complex runes, flickering indefinitely.Seventy two beams of light stopped in the sky hundreds of meters high, and then, a layer of invisible space ripples spread out from the top of each beam of light.Seventy two circles of ripples spread out, vaguely forming an incomparably huge dome, Protect the base in it.boom At the symptoms of high blood sugar in women moment when the dome was fully formed, the sky of the entire base suddenly lit up, and a radiant spherical light curtain appeared.Seventy two beams of light stood on the giant island, propping up the light curtain.Under one of the beams of light, Fei Liwen was wearing a straight military uniform and stood solemnly on a high platform.Fu Hao never thought that Fei Liwen, marijuana blood sugar who had such a cool and noble appearance, could be so relaxed at this moment This 170 mg dl blood sugar is completely different from her usual performance After some intimacy, Fei Liwen stood up from Fu Hao s arms, looked at him with beautiful eyes, and asked, I m going to take a bath, do you want to come Fu Hao s heartbeat accelerated suddenly, but he still said with INEIEM symptoms of high blood sugar in women his usual expression Of course.Fei Liwen smiled charmingly, stretched out her hand to unbutton her collar, and then took off her military uniform one by one in front of Fu Hao.Fu Hao sat on the sofa, his mouth felt dry for a while.In his heart, a woman like Fei Liwen is definitely different from other women.The young general of the Whip of the God of War, the genius master, the eighth level Dharma, and the INEIEM symptoms of high blood sugar in women peerless beauty, Fu Hao may not care about a single title, but with so many titles added up to one person, Fu Hao can t bear it It can be said that this is the most outstanding master of the younger generation of demons he has symptoms of high blood sugar in women encountered after entering the demon world Although Fei Liwen was slightly older than him, it made Fei Liwen more mature and beautiful.Then there are the two ores of Yanling Golden Crystal and Abyss Cold Iron, as well as the bones of some bone beasts in the bone tower.The strength of these bones is equivalent to the bones of gold level beasts, and they are also extremely symptoms of high blood sugar in women precious in the human race.In addition, he also obtained part of the memory of the INEIEM symptoms of high blood sugar in women ancient heavenly beast in the underground cave, which involves the legendary magic god s method of becoming a god.If Fu Hao can reach that step, this memory will definitely benefit him a lot.Of course, there is also the demon puppet art inherited from the Duke of Bone.Learning and absorbing the civilization of the demon race has always been the strength of human beings, and Fu Hao is no exception.He will combine his own rune art to transform this secret method of refining puppets into a secret method suitable for human cultivation to enhance one s own strength.The surroundings of Fu Hao suddenly became quiet, the flames dissipated, and all of them were swept away by him.In the sky, the woman let out a slight gasp, and hurriedly flipped the pages .

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of the book, and two huge bronze shields flickered out, blocking her.The powerful sword slashed on the shield, and there was a loud noise in the sky, as if a hole had been broken, and the bronze shield burst into pieces Down below, when Fu Hao moved his feet, the boulder shattered, and his whole body, like a sharp arrow, shot up into the sky and appeared behind the woman.The woman was startled, but before she could react, she saw Fu Hao slamming into her shoulder like a rampaging rhinoceros.The woman suddenly fell to the ground like a meteor, and when she fell, the vegetation near the ground was shattered under the impact of energy, and a crater suddenly appeared.After putting away the dark crystals, Tang Linjie and the others had already cleared out the dark apes and dark spiders in the mine.Everyone came to the side mine and found that there were more sunburst stones here, and one of them was a medium grade sunburst stone.Tang Linjie immediately took it out and dedicated it to Fu Hao.The size of this sunburst stone is not much different from other sunburst stones, the only difference is that its light is brighter and purer, and there is a faint triple light in the center of the ore, as if three small suns are hidden in it.According to Tang Linjie, this is the symbol of the mid grade sunburst stone, the top grade sunburst stone should have six layers of rays, and the top grade ones should have nine layers of rays.It is said that the top grade solar flare stone is the favorite of totem masters, a piece of top grade solar flare stone can even elevate a mortal level holy armor to a spiritual rank Fu Hao s heart skipped a beat, how many top quality Sunshine Stones would be needed to raise the Holy Armor of the Spirit Rank to the Earth Rank No matter what, he had the idea of looking for the top quality sunburst stone, so after leading everyone to symptoms of high blood sugar in women investigate, he destroyed all the corpses of the dark beasts, and then left the mine.Fu Hao symptoms of high blood sugar in women natural home remedies to lower blood sugar chose another mine, and when he was about to enter, an astonishing evil spirit suddenly came from a distant mine, the temperature at the entrance of the mine suddenly dropped, and the cold current gathered.So Fu Hao stopped and turned around to stare at the mine.If he read correctly, someone had entered the mine before, but hadn t come out yet.After a while, frost condensed at the exit of the mine, and a huge black The snake snaked out, and the scarlet snake eyes swept the surroundings coldly, and immediately landed on Fu Hao and the group of people.Dark Serpent Late Silver Level Tang Linjie and the others immediately became vigilant and looked at Fu Hao.Fu Hao was also a little surprised, he didn t expect such a dark beast to come out of the mine on its own initiative.Suddenly, a light flashed in his hand, and the long knife fell into his hand, and he was about to step forward to kill it.This is a charming Huaxin young woman, with a slightly glamorous feeling, and a strong aura on her body, which is the kind of aura cultivated by living in a high position for a long time.Behind the young woman, Yang Wei followed in with a gloomy face.Are you two friends of the Storm Squad the young woman asked as she glanced over the two of them.The second child said with some displeasure What s the matter with you The second child had a very bad impression of Yang Wei, and he didn t even have a good impression of this young Huaxin woman.On the contrary, Fu Hao, at this moment, took the time to look up and down the young woman.He had to admit that this young woman had an unspeakable charm, with a graceful figure and elegant temperament, she was a rare and superb beauty.Since Fu Hao came to Crimson Moon Capital, it was the first time he saw such stunning beauty.There was a flash of light in the sky, and a figure with wings on its back stopped over the canyon.This person is Fu Hao, he came from Scarlet Moon Capital in one breath, and encountered many dangers on the way, machine to monitor blood sugar but all of them were saved.At this time, he was wearing holy armor, with a pair of sword wings flaring behind his back, and his murderous aura was condensed and undisturbed.The alien races within hundreds of miles could clearly feel this aura, and did not dare to act rashly for a while.Fu Hao looked intently into the canyon, only to see the black mist churning in it, thick enough to make one s heart palpitate.With a happy expression on his face, he murmured Great, the crack in this space is still there.As he spoke, the wheel of sentient beings flashed out behind him, and a pitch black figure stepped out of the void, as if stepping on solid ground.The middle aged Anzu s eyes were cold, and he said Not only me, but also several people have noticed that although you are less injured than Huo Lan, you are probably less than 40 strong now, right Fu Hao stretched out with one hand He went out and ticked the middle aged Anzu, motioning him to come over and try it out.The middle aged Anzu raised his eyebrows, he didn t expect Fu symptoms of high blood sugar in women Hao to be so direct.After Fu Hao fought Huo Lan, Huo Lan was seriously injured, and several dark people from that force immediately flew over to meet Huo Lan, not giving anyone else an opportunity to take advantage of it.But Fu Hao is different.After rejecting why does low blood sugar happen symptoms of high blood sugar in women Huo Lan s invitation, he is still a loner, and it is easy to be missed by others.The middle aged Anzu shook his head and said It s meaningless for me to fight you.This is a girl who looks sixteen or seventeen years old, but her development is quite mature, her figure is hot, especially her hair almost reaches her buttocks, her long purple waterfall like hair is extremely eye catching wherever she is placed.This girl has white and smooth symptoms of high blood sugar in women skin like milk, a pair of leather combat boots under her feet, tight trousers outline the slender and attractive legs, and a small coat with exquisite workmanship on her upper body, which is quite aristocratic.The purple haired girl had a calm expression on her face, and there was a faint smile on the corner of her mouth, showing a little pride, but more like a kind of self confidence and arrogance.She looked around the training camp calmly, ignoring all the camp masters below.This level of beauties, even Fu Hao, who is used to seeing beauties, is quite amazing, not to mention the masters of the dark race who have been in the death training camp for many years.After the middle aged man dismissed the siege lightly, he ignored everyone and continued to why does low blood sugar happen symptoms of high blood sugar in women walk forward.The purple haired girl frowned, staring at the middle aged man, and was about to make a move.Let s do it, fight with all your strength, or we won t get anything today One of the men besieging the middle aged man shouted, with dazzling light streaks blooming in his hand, and with murderous aura, he rushed towards the middle aged man with a streak of light.After hesitating for a moment, the others blood sugar in the morning symptoms of high blood sugar in women also rushed over.Several people are the best among the major forces, with outstanding strength.Now they are making a move with all their strength.The bone skills they perform are at least gold level.level bone attack.The middle aged man stopped again, turned around, and stretched out five fingers, and then black bubbles flashed out of thin air, and the dark light flowed, creating a strange attraction.Fu Hao is not proficient in using it because he has just advanced to the gold level, but he has been able to express his true intentions.The purple haired girl looked at Fu Hao puzzled, and asked tentatively, Do you want me to tell you to talk Fu Hao nodded and looked at him quietly.The purple haired girl didn t know whether to laugh or cry.After a while, this man s request turned out blood sugar level 127 fasting to be this She subconsciously glanced down at Fu Hao, secretly thinking that this person might have problems in that area, right She was already very good looking, but this look was full of concealment and provocation, which made Fu Hao quite unable to hold back.How dare you doubt me Fu Hao felt a little upset, grabbed the girl s symptoms of high blood sugar in women jade hand, and held her to his swollen place, letting her feel it.The purple haired girl looked like she had been scalded, she quickly retracted her jade hand, her snow white pretty face was also flushed with fire, she quickly glanced at Fu Hao, and hurriedly lowered her head.In terms high triglycerides low blood sugar of beauty, Qian Wan s looks are even higher than that of the princess, but compared with the princess, Qian Wan lacks a kind of temperament, that kind of luxurious and noble, cold as ice temperament Your performance exceeded my expectations.Has your previous memory recovered the princess asked.Her red pupils looked at Fu Hao, as if she wanted to see through him completely.Fu Hao shook his head and said, I don t remember anything about the past.A strange look flashed across the princess s face, because Fu Hao didn t lie under her special perception In fact, he has no idea about the history of the dark crystal that Fu Hao got.As a Dark Race , he really doesn t know the past.The princess nodded and said Very well, since you can t remember the past, then you can follow me from now on.As you wish.After the fight just now, several people at the table were also surprised, even He Yan, the instigator, was a little surprised.He thought he could force Fu Hao s way of time, but he didn t expect that what was shown in front of people turned out to be another Although the bone pattern of a sacred beast is not symptoms of high blood sugar in women as shocking as the Way of Time, it is quite amazing to be able to cultivate to this level.Yuan Shan said Third brother, he is about to be mother s man.If you want, go to Yushan to find mother.Do you dare Afterwards, he returned to his seat and sat down, as if nothing had happened just now.Everyone also looked back one after another.After knowing that Fu Hao was about to be blood sugar in the morning symptoms of high blood sugar in women sent to the Illusory Jade Palace, they all put away their thoughts and stopped fighting Fu Hao s ideas.However, Fu Hao didn t know anything about it.Puppet making workshop Fu Hao was taken aback, he didn t expect the middle aged beautiful woman to bring him to such a place.Follow me.The middle aged beautiful woman lifted her feet off the ground and flew down gracefully.Fu Hao followed her to a stone beam.The middle of the stone beam was dug out to make a huge platform.There were a few dark people standing on it, pointing at the puppet, as if they were discussing something.Seeing the middle aged beautiful woman coming down, several people stopped talking, and the leader, a tall and thin Anzu, turned around and walked over, his eyes swept over Fu Hao, his eyes were what is the ideal blood sugar cold.Master Duan, I brought you the person you want.The beautiful woman said with a smile.Is this the person Lord Duan looked at Fu Hao with an indifferent expression.The beautiful woman nodded, and said, His Royal Highness Yuan Shan personally sent it.A flash in Fu Hao s mind Seeing the beautiful shadow of my aunt, my heart is full of waves.Nie Xiaosang fell silent, and asked after a long time Have you lost confidence in the Central Temple Fu Hao didn t explain, but asked, If I leave, will you come with me Nie Xiaosang is not from the Eastern Region , but from the far southern region, after being selected by the genius association, he finally joined the temple.Nie Xiaosang smiled and said, Wherever you go, I will be with you.Fu Hao s heart relaxed, and he hugged Nie Xiaosang tightly.Captain and the others, Nie Xiaosang murmured, rolling his eyes.They have their own good fortune.Fu Hao said in a deep voice.The night is like water, and the lights in the villa are soft.On the large soft bed in Nie Xiaosang cortisol and blood sugar 140 mg dl blood sugar s bedroom, two bodies are entangled endlessly.The ancient and dilapidated giant city and the buildings full of foreign styles silently tell the past of the ancient years.The city center is shining brightly Fu Hao walked out of the formation, silently merged into the crowd, and observed the situation in Scarlet Moon Capital with Nie Xiaosang.Now, after losing the protection of the temple and Scarlet Moon, the gate symptoms of high blood sugar in women to the human plane is almost open, and the dark and soul races who are eyeing the chaotic land are likely to appear and attack at almost any time.Everyone, guard the Crimson Moon Capital spontaneously, and wait for the return of the saint Venerable Yu appeared in the high sky, and said loudly.The calm and powerful voice was full of convincing power, everyone raised their heads subconsciously, and then saw Venerable Yu s resolute face as sharp as a knife.With a slight movement of the bone tower, a mysterious force landed on Fu Hao, and then passed along the bone knife.Click The bone knife suddenly shattered Fu Hao s hands were freed, and with a pair of wings behind his back, he was about to retreat.The dark woman was stunned, and slashed at Fu Hao with the pitch black long sword in her hand.She dragged Lu Jiongxing towards Fu Hao, trying to stick to Fu Hao with bloody light again.Fu Hao made seals with his hands, thunder was overflowing from his body, and the azure blue thunder liquid surrounded his body, and the dazzling brilliance flickered indefinitely, making him majestic and unstoppable like a god.A small thunder mark rushed out, blocking the dark woman s sword glow.Boom boom boom The thunder flickered, the violent destructive force collided and disappeared, and the figure of the dark woman stopped.And within a few short seconds, five venerables were missing from the dark race, and three were missing from the human race.If you don what is blood sugar machine called t do it, it s over, and if you do it, life and death will be the outcome Chapter 588 Turning the tide, the dark army retreats, symptoms of high blood sugar in women and the human race also retreats to the Crimson Moon Capital.After the war, thousands of miles of land was in chaos.The soldiers silently searched for the corpses they possessed, transported them back to the city, and waited to be sent back to the human world for burial.No one knows what the future will be like, what is waiting for them Fu .

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Hao found other members of the rainstorm team, and they were all injured to some extent, but nothing serious happened.The five returned to the high tower in the city, and Fu Hao used secret techniques to heal their injuries.The four great masters, regardless of whether Lord Yelong can defeat Fu Hao, he has no chance of winning against these four.In addition, he also learned that the Fengfeng Legion suddenly had tens of millions of original energy mechas, each of which could burst out with black iron level strength In just three months, the strength of the Fengfeng Legion doubled All because of this young man in front of him Duke Ye Long looked away, and couldn t help admiring Fu Hao s courage.Under such circumstances, he is still confident enough to challenge himself.Isn t he afraid of making some mistakes and falling short Oh, by the way, I heard that he is good at avatars.The one in front of me may be one of his avatars.Losing a avatar to challenge me, even though I am defeated, is enough to boost the morale of the Jiang family.

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