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John Ellis Water Review

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John Ellis Water Review

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John Ellis Water Review

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John Ellis Water Review

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John Ellis Water Review

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John Ellis Water Review

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New Testimonial:
This is my own personal Miracle from using John Ellis Water
my eyes have been a problem stemming from a genetic issue in our family
farsightedness things were getting blurry and the eyes were burning me every 3 to 4 weeks I was getting red eye which is a severely painful issue it feels like someone punched you in the eye for about a week before it starts to go away
What I am telling you right here and now is 100% accurate and truthful
I was using eye drops over two years that cost around $20 a week they were very small bottles I would use 1 bottle a week morning noon and night to irrigate my eyes and still getting red eye $80 a month over three years cost me as well as two specialist treatments totalled over $2000 dollars plus the inconvenience and pain
I decided to buy an eye bath and try John Ellis water it took two days to find that when my wife and I were driving to Perth I said to Lyn that I could see road signs further away much clearer and my eyes were not burning
My eyes are now better than they have been in the last three years and to me the burning has stopped and my sight is at least 30% better and no red eye
ps also peripheral numbness in my feet has reduced to being hardly noticeable from a L4 and L5 an issue from a car accident 20 years ago
I swear these things to be true and I have been taking the water for only 3 weeks since we bought our John Ellis system (we also have the worlds best filtration and alkalizing system our water is 8 on the PH scale) in fact around $9000 AUS $6000 USA for both systems to set up
​Will Bayley ND Perth Western Australia

John Ellis has had to have armed protection because of the benefits of this water over the last 40 years, he is 90 plus and looks around 50 to 60. Big Pharma doesn’t like anyone that stops their quest to dominate the world with drugs that can kill and maim as well as the big money angle
This then is simply the purest and most powerful body cleansing system in the world today using Hydrogen the world’s most powerful healing element when harnessed and not deleted from the water we drink.
Doctor Will Bayley ND

John, we’ve had the e4 machine about 10 years, never tried this before. We have a 33,000 gallon swimming pool. The filter is broken and the water had turned DEEP olive green with green foam and scum on it. Chlorine is not working no matter how much I add. The repairman is coming out this week to fix the filter and he said try to clean up the water first. I told him cholorine/shock not working. Today we left for a meeting at 11 am and before we left I added 5 gallons of e4 water to the pool. Upon returning home about 6 hours later my wife said “look at the pool”. Virtually all the green was gone and the water was almost blue. I could not believe it. How does the e4 water do this???? Gord

I recently developed cataracts in my right eye that were getting progressively worse. I came up with an experimental process before I consulted a physician about a surgical solution: every day (2-4 times per day) I would just bathe my eyes in light energized water (I think that is the term you use for the water directly from the distillation chamber). Nothing elaborate, just dip my hands in a bowl of water I keep next to the sink in my bathroom—and just splash it on my face. A couple seconds—that’s it! I continued this for about 3 months and noticed improvement in my vision. Now, 6 months later, I am cataract free!!!

I can’t help but think the medical community would benefit greatly through the use of John Ellis water in treatment of various conditions. After thinking about that further, I realized they concentrate on “procedures & prescriptions” as their main business plan—cures are not really considered.


A friend was concerned about losing her hair in the forehead hairline. Three weeks later she showed me a good sized tuft of new hair!
Fill a 4 oz.mini mister with straight EW and mist on hair and face at least three times a day.
When she feels tired she drinks an ounce of the straight Ellis Water prior to sleep and in the morning she is ready to go!
Using a small cup with straight EW dipping the tooth brush as you brush will help the gums and teeth. Gargle too.
My eyes tire in the evening researching using my iPad. I soak a cotton ball in the straight water and gently soak my eyes. Within a few minutes my eyes are restored.
This is one of the greatest discoveries and invention in history! God bless John Ellis
Our prayers are with him.🙏🏻
– Dr Howard

Testimonial just received: Tuesday unknown to me I ate some contaminated pre grilled chicken and that night I woke up with my stomach swollen and some of worst pain I have experienced in 20 years and not having anything for pain (I do not buy over-the-counter pain relieve stuff) and being out of Ellis water I just had to ride it out for two hours but after the pain was down enough to go back to bed every muscle in my body was hurting so bad and so cold that wrapped up with a space heater in front of the bed I still shock all night long.

I had a severe case of food poisoning that had developed into a stomach virus which can last up to 2 weeks before the average immune system can remove it. later that day after I was able to get out of bed for awhile my reorder of John Ellis e-water was delivered so I immediately started drinking it straight at room temperature every two hours while I was awake. Soon afterwards I started to urinate, which I hadn’t done since being poisoned because of the dehydration, and was so blessed to see that my urinate had turned almost brown and smelly because that meant that the water had already started to cleanse my blood and ex spell the toxins and decease from all the the harmful bacteria that my immune system was overwhelmed with. I had only John Ellis water for 2 days and was back to work completely cured. You can bet that I will make sure that I never run out of John Ellis water again. Tommy Co

I have asthma from severe allergies to airborns that put me in bed and am trying to recover from a 10 day attack that hasn’t responded very well to breathing treatments and steroids and haven’t been able to go outside without a return to wheezing, shortness of breathe and the throat tickle which makes me cough a lot .
I also have stage 4 kidney disease and resulting almost intractable high Blood pressure running 220/100. The medication makes me very sick, nausea, headache, severe fatigue with burning painful upper body muscles on movement. I stay in bed a lot and can only stay up for a very limited time.
This morning I woke with all of that and thought it would be hours before I’d be able to get out of bed as usual.

I received my sample of water last night and put it in a galleon of our well water. This morning 1 drank 2 pints and in a few minutes the lights got brighter, my chest opened up and my throat quit tickling. My headache receded and the other debilitating side effects of the blood pressure medsI have to take subsided by 75%. Wow!

My husband tried it too. He is a farmer and raises cows and has been working them this week but he developed a reoccurring “hot” muscle spot under his left shoulder with pain radiating down his left arm past his elbow. This was bad enough he has had to stop working. So, he drank a pint of the water and rested a few minutes and reported that the radiating pain was gone and then in about 45 minutes he said the ‘hot spot was gone as well. He is now back out in the field working the cows.
He just came in and said the pain is still gone.

G.d. Cull recommends John Ellis Water.
August 27 at 4:31 PM ·
Been using E-Water for some 3yrs now. I filter & process inorganic minerals out of the city tap water Before it enters my E5machine. Keeps my equipment free from mineral buildup. Zero ppm in and Zero ppm out. Best Water I’ve ever consumed. I’ve been in water treatment field for some 25yrs., and nothing compares to John Ellis DDWater. I make my Colloidal Silver with it and my Food Grade H202 with it. Outstanding!. Helps a lot of folks here. Thanks for being there John. You’ve done a Great Service to Humanity.

Water Test Results
Dear John:
In our conversation of this date, I was more than pleased to report that the distilled water from the Electron 4 Machine cleared up a tank containing 255 gallons of my mineral drink product. I purposely retained the material in order to do this test. One percent of your distilled water agitated into the tank contents and incubated for five days brought the mineral water back to well within our quality control standards.
As an independent lab report shows, we started with a total plate count of 6000 cfu’s/ml on 2/6/06. Our QA std. is <10. On 2/17/06 we received a 10 gallon shipment of the Electron 4 distilled water. I immediately inoculated the 225 gallons of product with the water only. Nothing else was added. Five days later, as the lab report shows, the test was completed and our product is, once again, within our QA standard. I have heard stories like this and have been only a half-hearted believer but always with an open mind. Now that my own tests conclusively prove the validity of the verbal reports, I have decided that from this point forward, all of our liquid products will be manufactured utilizing the water produced by your Electron water processors. I am, of this date, preparing our budget to include the purchase of 5 to 10 of the Electron machine units within the next several months. My hat is off to you, John, for your contribution to the health and welfare of mankind.
Yours truly,
Samuel F. Curtis, Jr., CEO

Dog Survived Getting Hit by Car Using John Ellis Water
January 16, 2018


Our eleven-month-old Golden Doodle got hit by a van after chasing a squirrel into the road. When my wife brought him home I carried him off the back of a truck and into our house. I laid him down on a mat, and he was struggling to breathe. I appeared like he had a pneumothorax (fluid in the lungs) which can cause you to suffocate to death. I told my wife we needed to get him to the animal hospital ASAP. After getting there they immediately took the dog for x-rays.

Diagnosis: Our Golden Doodle had a 10%-20% chance of surviving, and he was in the ICU in critical condition for two days while he was at the animal hospital. He had lung contusions, fluid surrounding the lungs, internal bleeding, liver/spleen damage, a ten-inch huge open gash under his right front leg (muscle was showing through the open gash), possible bone fractures, a large open wound on his head, swelling in his right front leg, and scrapes under his back-left leg.

The doctors told us that our dog was not a candidate for surgery due to the lung contusions when we brought him in initially. If they gave him anesthesia there was a chance he might not be able to breathe on his own. The two days our dog was at the animal hospital they ran a bunch of tests, monitored his oxygen levels and overall health. They gave him morphine, pain medication, and a drug to stop internal bleeding. The first night they had him hooked up to oxygen. The next morning when they tried to remove him off the oxygen machine, and his oxygen levels decreased so much they had to hook him back up to it. At the end of the second day I decided to bring the dog home and treat him myself. The vets said there was a chance he might die if I took him home, and they did not agree with my decision. They said to do hydrotherapy three times per day on all the open wounds to encourage tissue growth and healing, give antibiotics two times per day, and give pain killers as needed. If he struggled to breath they said to bring him to an emergency animal hospital ASAP.

I decided to not give pain killers or the antibiotics to our dog since his liver was still healing from the initial trauma. I did not want to give our dog anything which could cause more liver damage. I decided it was ok to leave the dog in some pain if that meant he had a better chance to live. I gave him the homeopathic Surge HP three times per day to take away the shock, reduce pain, and clear the fluid surrounding the lungs. I treated all the open wounds with hydrotherapy once per day, and used Argentyn Colloidal Silver Hydrosol, and John Ellis Water inside the open wounds to promote tissue re-growth, and to keep the wounds clean and sterile. I also gave our Golden Doodle John Ellis LWM-5 Shungite Healing Water to drink in the morning and at night for the five days we kept him at home.

After five days, we took our dog back to the animal hospital, and the vets performed an additional two x-rays on his chest to verify his lungs here clear of fluid. They came back and said he was a candidate to get his wounds stitched up. They were impressed with the amount of tissue re-growth, and how much his lungs had improved in five days. The improvement in five days was supposed to take three to four weeks. I attribute this to the John Ellis Water, Homeopathy, and the Argentyn Colloidal Silver Hydrosol. Since he has been home he has been going for walks on a leash, and is so happy to be alive and with his family!

-Robert A.

Shattered Ankle Heals Weeks Ahead of Schedule
November 21, 2016


I shattered my ankle and had to have reconstructive surgery. The doctors could not believe how fast I recovered. I do enjoy beer, and drink more than the doctors recommends if you know what I mean. Typically, that leads to slower healing and infections, however I still healed weeks ahead of schedule with zero problems by drinking the John Ellis distilled energized water.

In total about 5 people have purchased a machine since we gave them water to try. The machine is expensive, and most people don’t have the money to purchase one. With that in mind, I can’t even put a number on how many people we gave water to that are now just buying the water until they can get their own machine. This water truly does work, and I wish more people knew about it.

-James D.

Bill O. Carotid Artery Blockage Healed
June 27, 2016


A few years ago I was diagnosed with a severely plaque blocked right carotid artery. I immediately started back using the John Ellis (“miracle water”). After 2-3 months of using the miracle water I went through some routine tests at the Doctor. They entered the artery through the groin up to and through the carotid artery. The Doctor reported that the artery was reported wide open, and had no restrictions. Is it a miracle? It’s just good old “Miracle Water.”

-Bill O.

Plants Grow Faster With John Ellis Water
June 15, 2016

This is what happens to plants when used with John Ellis Water. Notice the incredible growth from the center plant using John Ellis Life Water as compared to conventional distilled water! Imagine what this Life Water can do for your body!

John F Blue Veins on Legs Healed
June 15, 2016


Good morning this is Gibgibbers in Venice Beach. I just noticed something new since taking John Ellis water. I’ve had a patch of spidery blue veins on the front of my leg since I was in my 20s, and I noticed the other day that the spidery patch has almost completely disappeared. Amazing!

-John F.

Paul John C. Achy Muscles Relieved
June 15, 2016


I got the water yesterday. Everything came as expected, and I have started using the water. The soap is great and the John Ellis Bath Salts were able to relieve some achy muscles today. I’m looking forward to seeing how the water works for me. I’ll keep you updated on that. Thanks!

-Paul John C.

Dear Mr.Ellis, 6-29-09

I will get one of your machines soon.Your product helps me tremendously! Headaches are gone immediately. Improved vision with the first gallon I drank. Your product is the health plan I need!
G.G. Mississippi

May 26, 2009

Please send me another bottle of that fine water. It helps me alot. I am 85 but it makes me feel like I am 60. Thanks Milton B. Louisiana.

3/10/2009 1:26:38 PM

I am a naturopathic doctor and I have a John Ellis machine. I would not use anything else! I really notice a big difference in how I feel when I run out. While I am distilling another batch I have to drink water from my reverse osmosis machine. It can not compare to the Ellis water. I have had the machine for about 2 years now and love it. Whenever I have had a question, or a rare problem, they are very helpful on the phone. I have never come away feeling as if my question was not answered or that they were not concerned with me as a customer.

Even my dog loves the water. He will drink bowls of it as opposed to the few mouthfuls of reverse osmosis water that he will drink. Come to find out, reverse osmosis water is processed with radiation in order to make the water molecules small enough to go through the holes. NO THANK YOU!! If the Ellis machine ever breaks or wears out, because I use it every other day, then I will certainly buy another one from Mr. Ellis.

1/6/2009 1:02:00 PM

After receiving and using the machine, I have been very happy with the results. Some of them are remarkable and others are just convenient.

Ice cubes last longer
Friends ask if they can take water home after dinner ( I tell no one about this machine)
Everything taste fresher and better
I am stronger and sharper, at almost 50, than ever before
There are many more benefits, but the bottom line is the machine works and a comparable distilling machine is going to cost at least 1300. At this level, the extra few hundred is a product you can afford.

The bottom line is that the machine produces a different type of water that can be tasted. I always get the comment that my water tastes light. Remember, I do not disclose that I am producing the water. In my area the water is hard and nasty. Everyone uses purified water in many forms. We have to.

I am and will be pleased with this purchase for many years. I just do not want to tell folks my secret. I gave away water for the holidays and everyone was more then happy to get the gift. Imagine that. I think that sums it up.

Date: 2/2/2007 8:52:11 PM

Plant root growth is pronounced. I am currently growing a jade plant on my windowsill, for about 3 months, using nothing but the water produced by the Ellis machine. I have added no nutrients. I have not done a side by side experiment, but the water is still crystal clear and the jade is thriving. I also have had aquariums which had their filters turned off for months with no algae growth or smell of any kind. I also have grown an 11 inch ice spike from this water which still amazes most to this day. I can not explain that one, but I have photos!

Comment added by Wg Reed on 5/24/05
I have been using the Number Four machine for 18 months. I used it in France and now in South America. Every morning I have trays of ice with vertical growing icicles growing out of my ice trays.




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