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I'm a mess, my life's a mess and I need help. I need to find myself and I feel lost. Someone's probably asked this before but I thought it worth a try. Can someone help me? My boyfriend constantly makes messes which he doesn't clean up on his own. How can I get him to be more responsible and help around the house without being negative? Is it wrong to have created a real different life of yourself just in your mind for 3 years now? A fantasy so good in a parallel universe where you already got settled and imagining family of your own, while in reality you're still single and a mess. How do you escape life's problems and mess? Have you ever been in a relationship that feels too good to be true and you feel like you could mess up at anytime? If there's literally a mess in my head and I'm getting irritated, how do I calm down quickly? I always mess up everything. I won’t ever be worth anything. I hate myself about it. I just want to die so bad that I hurt and push the only true woman I’m in love with away. What do I do? How do I show other people not to mess with me and still be nice at the same time even though I'm a nice person? Do you ever go through periods where you doubt the twin flame connection? The universe gave me signs that he is my twin flame, but everything is such a mess right now. I did something really fucked up. I am really worried now. What should I do? How do I handle seeing someone who hurt me real badly, happy all the time? Why is it when you are at the lowest point in life, everyone you know seem to change, like you have no one at all? Has anyone experienced this before? I’m so tired of living in a messy house. My family does not care at all and always yell at me when I try to get them to tidy up. I’m getting so much anxiety from living here. What can I do? How did people who have had social anxiety overcome it, and what advice do you have? Can exes get back even after a messy breakup? We needed a break, and we couldn’t let go which caused trouble. I know an ex is an ex, but I just feel like maybe one day, in the future. How can I get myself to truly believe in the subliminals I'm listening to? I have some doubt issues and it's really putting a strain on my results. Have you ever made a fool of yourself while talking English in front of a native speaker? I've never spoken to anyone before and I'm sure if I'm given the opportunity, I'm gonna mess it up. Would you get back with your ex if they had a rebound relationship but realised they'd made a mistake? “If two people are meant to be together, they will find their way back somehow.” How true is this statement based on your experience?
I hate who I am, I constantly mess up, and I am super introverted. Sometimes, I want to die, but I can never bring myself to it. How can I fix myself?
I lost the love of my life and there is no chance to ever get him back. I know I'll never get over him and I want him back into my life. What do I do? Did you realise that you loved your ex more than you thought, after you broke-up? What did you do? I joke around a lot and this has caused people to not take me serious. I want to be taken serious but I don't know how to start, also how do I stop myself from messing around too much?
How do you say you are sorry for the mess you have made when sorry isn't good enough? Depression is killing me after my breakup. I lost passion and purpose in everything. I feel that I need someone I can love and who loves me back, and to share our life moments together. I can’t live without it. What should I do? Did you find love after a terrible breakup and giving up on finding someone better? How do I let my roommates know that some of the mess they're blaming me for is theirs?
How did the "cool kids" from your high school turn out? Why do people not like me when I stand up for myself? Did you feel like your life was destroyed after a bad breakup? What's a good example of "never mess with the quiet ones"? Have you ever truly moved on from the one that got away? Did it ever work? If you have ever accidentally revealed a friend's secret, how did you make it up to them?
I date people because I'm bored and want to mess around and because I have nothing better to do with my life. I lie to them and say I love them but I really have no feelings for them. What's wrong with me? Are there any real life stories of getting back together successfully as a couple after a break up?
Do you think the phrase, “the more desperately you want something, the less likely you are of getting it” is true?
Did you feel nervous on your very first day of work? Why do I feel so old at 25? I never thought I'd feel this way. I'm jealous of people even just a few years younger basically the same age. How do I regain feeling my actual age? Do guys ever realize what they've lost after a breakup or do they just never care?
Love: Is it possible to ever move on after breaking up with a true love? How do I get over a guy that led me on and played me all along? Have you ever gotten back with your ex after 4 or 5 months from a breakup? Why do parents get angry about their child's room being messy? As a teen, my room gets messy all the time. It doesn't hurt anyone. No one else sees it unless they're in my room without permission. When do men realize they made a mistake in letting you go if they truly love you? When a person doesn't realize your worth in your presence, what should be done to make him realize? How can you make yourself look more attractive? I made huge mistakes while intoxicated that ruined all my relationships and reputation. I've been off of my phone and social media for three days. What do I do to move on from these mistakes? There are mice in my incredibly messy room and I'm terrified if I go and clean it they'll jump on me. I have traps but they eat food I have left in my room before I found them. What do I do? What is the best revenge you can get on a guy who played you and manipulated you and used you for fulfilling their own interests? What is the best revenge against your ex who emotionally destroyed you? How did you get over your best friend ghosting you? Can you narrate a story when you helped your friend who was in trouble? I keep thinking of the time I ruined the best relationship of my life. Will I ever get another opportunity to love the same way again? How can I get over this? Why do people always say that you find love when you're not looking for it? What can you do if you realize you don't have any real friends at all? How can we stop arguing over what we think others think about us, when in reality nobody may be thinking that way about us at all?

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